Sun Sextile Sun Synastry: A Natural Compatibility

The Sun is a big deal in astrology. It’s the center of our solar system and, fittingly, it’s often seen as the center of our personal universe. In your birth chart, the Sun represents your core self, your ego, and your life force. It’s about who you are at your very essence.

When we look at the Sun in synastry, we’re exploring how two people’s core selves interact. This can tell us a lot about the fundamental compatibility in a relationship.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Understand Each Other On A Core Level

When your Suns are sextile in synastry, you understand each other on a deep, intrinsic level. It’s like your souls speak the same language. You just “get” each other in a way few others do. Your essential needs, ambitions, and outlooks make sense to one another.

You can see each other with more empathy, affection, and generosity than most because you understand where the other is coming from. Even if you have different personalities, your core beings resonate. You experience life through a similar lens.

This allows you to “see” each other clearly. You recognize each other’s pure essence and spirit underneath any superficial traits. Your innermost selves align and comprehend each other.

2. Your Energies Flow Smoothly Together

With your Suns in a sextile, your natural energies blend gracefully. The solar life force flows smoothly between you. There’s a natural syncing up that happens energetically.

Your natural rhythms and cycles work in tandem. You intuitively “get” when the other needs more quiet time or socializing. And you can pick up on each other’s moods without words. An intuitive perception connects you.

As a result, you know how to replenish each other. You help balance and ground one another’s solar energy. Rather than compete or clash, your vitality cooperates to form one powerful creative circuit.

3. Mutual Respect Comes Easy

The Sun sextile Sun synastry breeds natural respect and appreciation between you. You recognize each other’s inherent value as individuals. Instead of being jealous, your attitudes are admiring.

Because your basic drives mesh well, you don’t feel threatened by each other. You recognize your similarities without feeling a need to compete or dominate. Each of you has space to shine.

The dignity and humanity you see in each other also foster maturity. There’s little room for pettiness or ego-battling with this gracious aspect. You uplift each other with sincere praise and validation.

4. Your Goals Support Each Other

With the Sun-Sun sextile, your life goals tend to work in mutual support rather than opposition. You move in the same general direction and help further one another’s work.

Rather than force the other to conform to your life plan, you can naturally align or adapt to one another’s. You see helping your partner achieve their solar purpose aids yours too. You don’t compromise individuality for partnership.

As a duo, your combined energies make you more impactful. Standing side-by-side gives you the confidence to reach for more than you could alone. Having a supportive teammate inspires you to shine your strengths brighter.

5. Laughter And Play Come Easy

This synastric sextile creates a playful, sunny vibe between you. You bask in each other’s glow and benefit from two bright live forces coming together. A spirit of fun prevails when you’re united.

You share plenty of laughter, amusement, and good humor in this connection. Even during life’s serious moments, you help change each other’s mindsets with comedy and light-hearted play. Your shared joy is healing and renewing.

With your rejuvenating Sun energies in harmony, childlike wonder and creativity flourish between you. The inner kid in each of you comes out, inviting delight and inspiration. Everything seems more colorful together.

6. You Align On Values And Purpose

The Sun sextile Sun synastry reflects shared values and life purpose. At the core, you resonate with each other’s principles and ethics. You have a similar moral compass guiding you.

You may have common causes you’re passionate about or volunteer together. You may share philosophical, spiritual, or political views that provide a firm foundation of compatibility. Your inner truth aligns.

This provides a strong nucleus for friendship first. You genuinely like and respect each other for who you are. Combined with the inherent attraction, your bond forms solid roots with both passion and dedication.

You care about each other’s character. Your relationship stands for something meaningful because you’re united in service of something bigger than just romance.

7. Your Leadership Styles Work Together

With this positive Sun link, your leadership styles complement rather than compete. You can coordinate, collaborate, and problem-solve amicably as a team.

Perhaps one of you leads with an inspiring vision while the other manages logistics and details. Or one motivates the team while the other focuses on strategy and planning. However it turns out, you work better together than either of you could alone.

Your primal drives sync up rather than clash for dominance. Mutual understanding breeds effective teamwork, not ego conflicts. You shine brightly in your distinct ways without trampling each other’s light.

The path won’t always be easy, but you’ll walk it with your heads held high and the sun on your shoulders. Your rays of sunshine brighten each other’s skies.

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