Composite Sun Square Lilith: The Contrasts of Love

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey

This nugget of wisdom, transcendent in its simplicity, embodies the spirit of our exploration into the celestial realm today.

We shall dive into the cosmic ocean and navigate our way through the cosmic dance between the Sun and Lilith in a composite chart, a dance that is as enchanting as it is mysterious!

Note: This article serves as a humble guide to the Sun square Lilith aspect in a composite chart. As a principle, the entire composite chart can provide a more comprehensive view of your relationship instead of one aspect within it.

Composite Sun Meaning in Astrology

Let’s begin our cosmic journey by understanding the Composite Sun. In the wide and wonderful world of astrology, the composite Sun is the beacon of our essence, the illuminator of our joint purpose in a relationship.

A composite chart represents the fusion of two individuals’ energies, the amalgamation of their souls, and the Sun stands at the helm of this union, commanding the ship.

When we explore the composite Sun, we are gazing into the core of the relationship. It signifies the primary drive, the combined life force, and the shared path of growth. Its position provides insights into the areas where the couple will shine, prosper, and exert their collective will.

Composite Lilith Meaning in Astrology

Next on our cosmic itinerary is the intriguing and often misunderstood Black Moon Lilith. In a composite chart, composite Lilith represents the undercurrents of a relationship, the part that is often hidden, suppressed, or undervalued.

Lilith is the raw feminine energy, the untamed spirit, and the embodiment of our deepest fears, desires, and suppressed feelings. In the composite chart, Lilith portrays the shadows of a relationship, the unsaid, the unexpressed.

Yet, despite its ominous undertone, Lilith is not an antagonist. Instead, it is an invitation for couples to embark on a transformative journey, a challenge to confront the shadows together and thus, discover a profound, unshaken bond.

The Meaning of Composite Sun Square Lilith

1. You Feel an Intense Attraction That’s Hard to Explain

With the Sun square Lilith in the composite chart, you’ll likely feel a mysterious, almost magnetic pull toward one another right from the start. There’s an undeniable chemistry between you that makes you feel like this relationship was somehow fated to be. You’ll find each other fascinating in ways that are hard to put into words – your partner is just so alluring to you, and you can’t rationally explain why.

At the same time, this incredible passion and attraction is tempered by feelings of frustration and antagonism. This combination brings out the best and worst in both of you. The raw desire you have for each other can manifest as intense jealousy, possession, and control issues. The special connection you share can turn into power struggles over who should dominate the relationship. You either cling tightly to each other or harshly push each other away.

The composite Sun square Lilith aspect makes it hard to find a balance. You want your partner all to yourself yet feel the urge to resist their attempts to own you. There’s a complicated push and pull dynamic that keeps the relationship alive yet makes it emotionally volatile too. You’re drawn together like magnets yet your egos collide. This causes electrifying passion but also frequent conflicts.

2. Intense Sexual Chemistry and Attraction

The almost primal, instinctual attraction between you is one of the most noticeable things about your relationship. With the Sun square Lilith composite, you have an insatiable desire for one another that goes beyond just physical chemistry – it’s like you want to connect on a core, soulful level. Your sexual relationship will likely be passionate and all-consuming, although it does not satisfy the spiritual aspects of your relationship.

Sometimes, you feel like your partner “gets” you intimately in a way no one else does. In the bedroom, you can be yourselves, unleash your inner wild side, and explore your deepest fantasies. You don’t hold anything back or hide anything from each other. The sex is raw, intense, and uncensored.

Indeed, this sexual combustion can fuel an unhealthy possessiveness and jealousy between you. You view your partner as belonging to you, and you want to posses and connect with them so completely that you shut the rest of the world out. This longing is understandable, particularly if you had sex before marriage or made love with multiple partners before.

You crave an intimacy with your partner that’s reserved only for the two of you. This dynamic enhances your physical intimacy but can isolate you socially.

3. Power Struggles and Ego Clashes

While the attraction between you is irresistible, it also sets the stage for dramatic power struggles and conflicts. You both have strong egos and want to be in control, but only one can be the dominant force in the relationship at a time. Tug-of-war battles erupt as you fight to gain the upper hand over one another.

With the composite Lilith square Sun, neither of you likes conceding or compromising. Instead, you see your partner as a challenge, someone to be conquered and tamed. Aggressive behavior and mind games can ensue as you both seek to upend the other. It becomes an intense, smoldering battle of wills that only heightens the sexual tension between you.

These competitive power dynamics keep the sparks flying but they also destabilize the relationship. You feel threatened by your partner’s attempts to manipulate and overcome you. Paranoia, volatility, and crazymaking behavior can ensue. You must both learn to sometimes surrender your need for control if you want lasting peace.

4. Obsession, Jealousy, and Possession

With the composite Sun square Lilith aspect, obsessiveness and jealousy often become relationship themes. You have an overwhelming desire to mesh your identities and be everything to one another. Even when apart, you are acutely aware of each other in an almost psychic way.

You want to know your partner’s every move and thought. Yet, demanding total honesty, loyalty, and transparency provides a false sense of security for your relationship. In reality, these controlling behaviors stem from your own insecurities. You must guard against the urge to “possess”, monitor, and micro-manage your partner.

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A true relationship allows freedom within the boundary of commitment. Setting healthy boundaries is key. You need time together but also apart to maintain your sense of self outside the relationship. Possessiveness will only breed resentment if taken to unhealthy extremes. Cultivate mutual trust and understanding.

5. The Drama and Intrigue Keeps Things Exciting

For better or worse, your relationship is sure to be filled with dramatic ups and downs when Sun squares Lilith in the composite chart. The intensity keeps things wildly exciting, yet the chaos can spin out of control if you’re not careful.

Life with your partner has a way of becoming a melodramatic rollercoaster ride full of intrigue, passion and turbulence. You inspire extreme emotions in each other that are anything but superficial. Your connection is complex and multi-faceted.

The thrill of the drama and passion keeps pulling you back together just when it seems the relationship might self-destruct. But eventually too much intensity can burn you out. The key here is to genuinely say what you need for the long-term potential of the partnership. Remember, saying what you genuinely feel will never destroy a real relationship!

6. Dig Deep to Understand Your Core Wounds

The Sun square Lilith composite aspect can bring out each other’s inner wounds and unresolved issues from the past – if you let it. You may unconsciously play out painful relationship patterns from childhood or past lovers with your current partner.

Deep insecurity, abandonment issues, jealousy and control dramas will likely get triggered. But instead of blaming each other, use this opportunity to share your vulnerabilities and learn more about what incurs your karmic debts.

By being radically honest about your fears, shame, and weaknesses, you build intimacy and understanding. You each hold up a mirror that reflects back the other’s inner shadows. Develop compassion rather than judgment. Find strength in admitting where you are broken.=

7. Cultivate Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

With Sun square Lilith in your composite chart, you have the chance to evolve profoundly through your relationship – if you embrace self-reflection and a willingness to change. This aspect can escalate destructive tendencies, but you can also uplift each other to become your best selves.

Developing self-awareness is key. When you notice ego battles starting, be the first to surrender. Don’t just blame your partner – see how you might provoke or project your own inner issues onto them. Take responsibility for your own jealousy and reactions.

Rise above petty power struggles by acting from a place of maturity and inner security, not ego and fear. Let this relationship challenge you to grow.

8. Explore the Light and Dark Within Each Other

The composite Sun sextile Lilith can attract you to the forbidden, taboo sides of each other that society tells you to hide, repress, or deny. The animalistic, primal passion you share opens up a portal into your unconscious minds and souls.

You see one another’s light and darkness, wounds and gifts, greatness and flaws. Instead of just focusing on problems, have the courage to explore this inner world you’ve exposed to each other with wonder and curiosity.

Let down your walls, take off your masks, and trust in radical vulnerability. Don’t judge what you find – accept and integrate the discoveries you make about yourself and your partner. You have so much to learn from one another if you bravely plumb your psychic depths.

9. Harness the Transformative Potential

The composite Sun square Lilith aspect gives your relationship an almost fated feeling, like you belong together for a reason. This divine discontent you feel demands transformation. There is great potential for spiritual and sexual alchemy.

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Use the tension generated between you for positive ends – deep healing, empowerment, and rebirth. Channel possessive urges into unconditional love and acceptance for your partner. Rather than controlling, set each other free.

Instead of reacting from old wounds, act from your highest self and vision for the relationship. You can help each other shed limiting skins and evolve. Fully embraced, the challenges this aspect brings ultimately deepen your bond exponentially.

Tips to Navigate Sun Square Lilith Composite

Navigating the turbulent waters of the Sun square Lilith composite requires courage, honesty, tolerance, and acceptance.

  • Embrace vulnerability: Embracing your shadows is the first step towards accepting yourself. Don’t shy away from expressing your fears and desires.
  • Open communication: Foster an environment that encourages honesty and transparency. Make it safe for each other to express the suppressed emotions and desires.
  • Mutual understanding and respect: Recognize that the process of revealing and accepting one’s shadows can be difficult. Be supportive and patient with each other during this transformative journey.


The Sun square Lilith composite is indeed a cosmic dance filled with tension and intrigue, challenge, and transformation. While it may seem daunting, this aspect encourages profound self-discovery and fosters authenticity in a relationship.

As Oprah Winfrey said, we have the power to change our futures simply by altering our attitudes.

By embracing our shadows and fears, we can turn the Sun-Lilith cosmic dance from a battle into a harmonious ballet, changing not just our relationships, but our lives as well.

And isn’t that what the cosmic dance is all about?

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