Sun Square Mars Synastry: Passion and Aggression

In astrology, the Sun represents our core essence, the ego, our driving force, and the filter through which we perceive life. It is our conscious mind, and in the context of relationships, it often symbolizes the self of each partner.

Meanwhile­, Mars, the God of War, represe­nts our drive, desire, and determination. Synastry uses Mars to depict how we come­ forward, our combative side, our assertive e­nergy, and our fundamental desire­s.

The square aspect stands for te­nsion, pushback, and conflict. But, much like a well-made movie, this friction often le­ads to the best tales and significant personal growth.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities.

1. Passion Can Lack Substance

When the Sun squares Mars in synastry, passion and attraction can ignite instantly between you two. You seem to can’t keep your hands off each other early on because the chemistry is just so hot and primal. This feels like a “fatal attraction” love – you want to have each other NOW.

But this overwhelming passion is difficult to sustain long-term and doesn’t help to improve your patience. The frenzied fires can cool as quickly as they ignited. What felt like intense soulmate chemistry may start to feel merely hormonal. The dizzying highs can plummet into irritable lows once the honeymoon phase passes.

2. Your Egos May Clash Frequently

With the Sun square Mars synastry, your egos and agendas often clash, as the Sun represents your ego. You want different things and have divergent identities.

You may frequently butt heads because you are both used to getting your way. Neither of you likes submitting or compromising. Stubbornness often prevails when you disagree, making resolution difficult. Patience can wear thin fast during arguments.

3. Anger And Resentment Can Build

This prickly aspect can also breed anger and resentment in the relationship. You may rub each other the wrong way and get on each other’s nerves easily. Little annoyances can turn into huge blowout fights. Irritability simmers beneath the surface.

You may hold grudges over every mistake or offense, big or small. Instead of directly discussing your grievances, you may hide them quietly until lashing out during heated arguments. Defensiveness and criticism often prevail.

For this coupling to last, you must release judgments and adopt compassion. Don’t dredge up the past to throw in each other’s faces during disputes. Tolerance and forgiveness are key – be self-restraint enough to control your anger patiently when it arises.

4. Tension Between Individuality And Partnership

With the Sun square Mars in synastry, balancing your personal needs with the relationship needs can get tricky.

One of you may feel too dominated or absorbed by the partnership. You want more freedom to be yourself. But your partner may feel neglected and lash out when you focus on your individual life.

Conversely, one of you may try to exercise too much control in the relationship, micromanaging the other’s life. Your partner may then resent feeling smothered and rebel against your controlling influence. Their independence threatens you, and vice versa.

Striking the balance is essential. Don’t sacrifice your personal goals for the relationship but also make regular quality time together. Your relationship needs its unique shared goals! Your differences are like a cross, they harmonize at the point of intersection.

5. Sexual Tensions Run High

Sparks fly in the bedroom when the Sun squares Mars in synastry! The atmosphere is often charged with red-hot passion and erotic challenges. Sexually, you dare and provoke each other to extremes. But a lusty power struggle can ensue.

Without sensitivity, sex can become a battleground due to your conflicting styles and dueling egos. One of you may come to feel objectified or used rather than cherished. Sex can feel violent, as one of you may abuse this sacred act to satisfy one’s egotistical tendencies.

This aspect can also indicate you tend to use your sexual tension to resolve any other frictions. No wonder why this is a square, because that approach does not work!

You need to cool down and genuinely talk to your partner about your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, not talk at your partner. Listening skills will be important here, because the one who listens is the one who learns.

If this is a premarital connection, the Sun square Mars synastry can also indicate the potential for eating the forbidden fruit before marriage. Doing so will bring immense spiritual consequences, so you should be aware of what you’re signing up for.

6. Power Struggles May Arise Frequently

The Sun and Mars are about vitality and power. With the square aspect in synastry, beware of power struggles in the relationship. You may frequently lock horns in battles over control and dominance.

Passive aggression and manipulation can result when direct confrontations feel risky. You may undermine each other rather than cooperate.

Or this could manifest as you openly compete with each other in an aggressive way. One of you often strives to maintain the upper hand at all times. Status becomes important.

Beneath the battle lies inner insecurity. This synastry aspect recommends you to compromise when possible and don’t fear your partner’s strengths. If things get too intense, it’s wise to get some help outside of your connection.

7. Exhilarating But Exhausting Dynamic

Overall this Sun-Mars synastry dynamic is extremely invigorating yet draining. You exist in a constant state of tension – running either hot or cold but rarely finding a middle ground.

Passion skyrockets and then plummets. Fights can get explosive and then ice over into cold shoulders and resentful silence. The ups and downs may feel like an intense rollercoaster ride that’s thrilling but also stressful over time.

It’s important to contemplate your past mistakes, not your partner’s faults, through calmer periods between passionate peaks. At its best, the Sun square Mars synastry encourages boldness, genuine communication, and the desire to take action to correct shortcomings.

There’s comfort in knowing your partner always has your back. With maturity and compassion, your differences will strengthen your commitment rather than threaten it. You’ll grow together through this friction.

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