Sun Square Pluto Synastry: Power Struggles Are Likely

The Sun, in astrology, represents our core self, our identity, and our vital energy. It’s like the protagonist in the story of our lives, radiating warmth and light, and guiding us to our true potential.

Pluto, although smaller and farther away, packs a powerful punch. It rules transformation, rebirth, and the deeper, darker aspects of life. Pluto is about what’s hidden beneath the surface: the underground, the subconscious, the things we don’t talk about at parties.

Disclaimer: Astrological interpretations indicate potentials and tendencies.

1. Intense Attraction, Control Issues

When the Sun squares Pluto in synastry, expect an intense attraction coupled with a desire to control or overpower each other. You’ll feel passionately drawn together, almost magnetically. This compulsive attraction is often coupled with underlying issues of power and authority though.

You each may crave being the dominant force in the relationship. Tug-of-war struggles can erupt as you fight to steer the ship your way. Neither of you likes conceding control or being managed by the other. So power clashes of wills can ensue.

Yet despite the conflict, the electrifying chemistry keeps pulling you back together. The sexual attraction is so strong, you can’t stay apart for long before the magnetic pull resumes.

2. Seesawing Between Intimacy And Resistance

With the Sun square Pluto synastry, your synastry energy can vacillate between the urges to merge versus resisting intimacy. You may swing wildly between wanting intense closeness versus fierce autonomy.

At times, you desperately want to surrender to each other and experience a complete union. But this can make you feel too vulnerable. So then you may recoil and seek more separation and contemplation again. There is an ongoing dance between controlling and submitting that seems never settled.

Moments of incredible closeness can be followed by withdrawals and cold shoulders. You fuse together, then may push violently apart. Over and over the pattern repeats, in a perpetual loop. The intensity is draining, asking you both to solve your problems at the root.

3. Identity Issues Can Arise

This turbulent aspect can create insecurity and identity issues between you. You may struggle to retain a strong sense of self within the intensity of this bond. It’s easy to lose yourself in bad habits and intoxications when you’re merged so powerfully with one another.

By intoxication, I mean issues related to drugs, alcohol, weed, and excessive sex. You may try to control/manipulate your partner as a way to satisfy your selfish desires. Or you resort to toxic tactics like provoking jealousy just to make them pay more attention to you.

4. Transformation Can Be Dramatic, Even Destructive

Sun-Pluto connections often promise deep transformation – but the underworld process is often dramatic and destructive with the square. The relationship forces cataclysmic change, which can breed strong resistance and unconscious reactions.

You want to dig down to each other’s cores, unearthing suppressed emotions and fears that have long lay dormant. It’s a psychological excavation that is purging but also turbulent. Buried darkness awaits the light.

5. Compelling Sexual Chemistry

The Sun square Pluto synastry can create an incredibly magnetic sexual union, often bordering on obsession. Sex represents the ultimate in intimacy and vulnerability in this bond. You may want to strip each other down to pure animalistic instinct in the bedroom.

The chemistry is so intense that it’s nearly impossible to break the sexual bond, even when it feels emotionally chaotic. The sex seems to momentarily quiet all the power struggles – until they eventually resurface outside the bedroom walls again.

The intense magnetism between the Sun and Pluto makes for passionate lovers, but also provokes deep jealousies. With the square, possessiveness and paranoia can strike, destroying intimacy.

You may become highly controlling of each other’s schedules and friendships in an effort to avoid cheating, betrayal, rejection, and abandonment. You may make excessive demands on each others’ time and attention. Jealousy is the symptom of inner fears in this bond.

6. You Witness Each Other’s Ugliness

There’s a blessing within this turmoil if you look for it. You can see sides of each other few others will ever witness – the ugliness beneath the surface, each other’s shadow.

Rather than run away, you stay present with compassion. In this intimacy you realize perfection doesn’t exist – just humanness, in all its messiness. You see your partner as a flawed, struggling human just like you.

In moments of grace, the Sun square Pluto synastry then allows radical unconditional acceptance. You know the worst in each other, yet you still love one another. No more fantasy projections, just reality. Your love dies and is reborn as you shed false layers of ego and falsehood.

Each time you resurrect, you come back stronger in self-knowledge, authenticity, and mutual understanding. In this way, the relationship – however volatile – aids your self-evolution.

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