Sun Square Sun Synastry: Ego Conflicts

In astrology, the Sun signifies your fundamental self, core personality, and the essence of your being. It reflects your ego, personal identity, ambitions, and the drive to express your individuality.

When comparing charts in synastry, the Sun’s placement can tell us a lot about how two individuals will express themselves in the relationship, what they’ll bring to the table, and how their personalities might clash or harmonize.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Trigger And Challenge Each Other

When the Sun squares the Sun in synastry, egos collide! You trigger and challenge each other in ways that are simultaneously exciting and frustrating. At your best, you motivate each other to shine brighter and become your highest selves. But at your worst, you may rub each other the wrong way and bring out petty competition.

With the Sun-Sun square, you stir up each other’s passion and vitality simply by being together. Things often feel lively and engaging with your partner’s presence. But they can also get dramatic and tense when your strong wills clash. Patience and maturity are required to handle the friction productively.

There’s a constant battle between wanting to merge your identities and wanting to assert your independence from each other. Closeness versus autonomy – finding the balance is key with this aspect.

2. Your Strong Egos Can Spark Drama

Let’s face it – you both have BIG egos and dominating personalities! When two strong Sun people come together, expect stubbornness. You may love to be the decision-maker and want things your way. Neither likes conceding or playing second fiddle.

Drama and control struggles can ensue if you’re not careful. You may frequently butt heads and disagree just to prove a point. Trying to “outshine” each other can breed hostility and resentment over time.

With maturity, you can learn to take turns leading and following. Everyone gets a chance to shine if you stop competing. But it requires checking the ego at the door and learning respectful compromise.

3. Passion Sparks – Both Positive And Negative

Sparks definitely fly when your Suns square up! At your best, you ignite tremendous passion, vitality, and excitement in each other. No one makes you feel more alive than your Sun square partner. Life is anything but boring together.

But at their worst though, they may also infuriate you like no one else can. Because your egos are so sensitive, you know how to push each other’s buttons big time. Anger may flare into dramatic blowups.

The antidote is developing emotional intelligence and the wisdom to respond, not just react, in charged moments. When maturity prevails, your rage will be subdued and passion fuels growth. When your egos dominate, destructive drama will result.

4. You’re Both Used To Being “Alpha”

Let’s be real – you’re both “Alpha” energy. Used to taking the lead and being in charge, neither of you is comfortable in the supporting role. You want to be captain of your relational ships, not first mate to someone else.

This can make compromise very difficult. Power struggles often arise as you wrestle for respect, attention, and dominance. Too much head-butting can eventually damage the relationship when both partners insist on steering the ship.

For harmony, you must take turns driving based on your natural talents and abilities, not ego. Let one lead when they’re skilled in that particular area. Be a supportive second mate when it’s not your turn. Your partnership requires balance.

5. Your Personal Styles May Conflict

Because your egos are so different, head-butting often happens. You may have conflicting ideas on important things like parenting, money management, or handling commitments.

One of you may prefer bold risks while the other wants careful consideration of options. This can be a struggle between the planner versus the spontaneous one. These opposing styles can lead to plenty of disagreements and irritation over time.

6. You Have Much To Learn From Each Other

While the friction is clear with the Sun square Sun synastry, so are the benefits. You actually have tremendous things to teach one another. Areas where you clash are opportunities for growth.

For example, the spontaneous one can help the planner take more worthwhile risks. And the planner teaches the spontaneous one to consider options before leaping. You polish each other’s rough edges through genuine understanding.

Say what you will about Sun square Sun connections, but you’ll never be bored! Life is always an adventure with your spirited counterpart beside you. Your differences provide missing puzzle pieces to make you both more well-rounded.

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