546 Aspects in Synastry: A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered why you connect so well with some people but seem to clash with others? Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a relationship that seems “destined” for success, while another romance was “doomed” from the start?

Synastry is the comparison of two birth charts to analyze the strengths and challenges between two people. It involves looking at why you’re attracted to each other, how you treat one another, and what potentials lie between the two of you.

In other words, synastry shows how your energies combine and what you can learn from each other.

I’ve compiled a complete list of 546 synastry aspects for you to contemplate. Please use this table of contents for easy navigation.

Table of Contents

Sun Aspects in Synastry

Sun-Sun Aspects

Sun-Moon Aspects

Sun-Mercury Aspects

Sun-Venus Aspects

Sun-Mars Aspects

Sun-Jupiter Aspects

Sun-Saturn Aspects

Sun-Uranus Aspects

Sun-Neptune Aspects

Sun-Pluto Aspects

Sun-Chiron Aspects

Sun-Lilith Aspects

Sun-North Node Aspects

Moon Aspects in Synastry

Moon-Moon Aspects

Moon-Mercury Aspects

Moon-Venus Aspects

Moon-Mars Aspects

Moon-Jupiter Aspects

Moon-Saturn Aspects

Moon-Uranus Aspects

Moon-Neptune Aspects

Moon-Pluto Aspects

Moon-Chiron Aspects

Moon-Lilith Aspects

Moon-North Node Aspects

Mercury Aspects in Synastry

Mercury-Mercury Aspects

Mercury-Venus Aspects

Mercury-Mars Aspects

Mercury-Jupiter Aspects

Mercury-Saturn Aspects

Mercury-Uranus Aspects

Mercury-Neptune Aspects

Mercury-Pluto Aspects

Mercury-Chiron Aspects

Mercury-Lilith Aspects

Mercury-North Node Aspects

Venus Aspects in Synastry

Venus-Venus Aspects

Venus-Mars Aspects

Venus-Jupiter Aspects

Venus-Saturn Aspects

Venus-Uranus Aspects

Venus-Neptune Aspects

Venus-Pluto Aspects

Venus-Chiron Aspects

Venus-Lilith Aspects

Venus-North Node Aspects

Mars Aspects in Synastry

Mars-Mars Aspects

Mars-Jupiter Aspects

Mars-Saturn Aspects

Mars-Uranus Aspects

(In Progress)

Mars-Neptune Aspects

Mars-Pluto Aspects

Mars-Chiron Aspects

Mars-Lilith Aspects

Mars-North Node Aspects

Jupiter Aspects in Synastry

Jupiter-Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter-Saturn Aspects

Jupiter-Uranus Aspects

Jupiter-Neptune Aspects

Jupiter-Pluto Aspects

Jupiter-Chiron Aspects

Jupiter-Lilith Aspects

Jupiter-North Node Aspects

Saturn Aspects in Synastry

Saturn-Saturn Aspects

Saturn-Uranus Aspects

Saturn-Neptune Aspects

Saturn-Pluto Aspects

Saturn-Chiron Aspects

Saturn-Lilith Aspects

Saturn-North Node Aspects

Uranus Aspects in Synastry

Uranus-Uranus Aspects

Uranus-Neptune Aspects

Uranus-Pluto Aspects

Uranus-Chiron Aspects

Uranus-Lilith Aspects

Uranus-North Node Aspects

Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Neptune-Neptune Aspects

Neptune-Pluto Aspects

Neptune-Chiron Aspects

Neptune-Lilith Aspects

Neptune-North Node Aspects

Pluto Aspects in Synastry

Pluto-Pluto Aspects

  • (In Progress)

Pluto-Chiron Aspects

Pluto-Lilith Aspects

Pluto-North Node Aspects

Chiron Aspects in Synastry

Chiron-Chiron Aspects

(In Progress)

Chiron-Lilith Aspects

Chiron-North Node Aspects

Lilith Aspects in Synastry

Lilith-Lilith Aspects

(In Progress)

Lilith-North Node Aspects

North Node Aspects in Synastry

North Node-North Node Aspects

(In Progress)

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