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13 Unlucky Moles on The Face (Accurate)

The moles, according to Chinese face reading, can be a symbol of what you did and achieved in your previous lifetimes.

That is, if you do good deeds, you are more likely to have lucky moles on your face, which bring you fortune, success, and money, and vice versa.

Normally, black moles are regarded as unlucky, but red and brown moles are considered fortunate. We must evaluate the colors, forms, and placements of the moles when interpreting them.

Moles on men’s faces may be different from moles on women’s faces due to the yin-yang principle. This condition also applies to the meanings of moles on the body.

In this post, I will talk about the 13 common unlucky moles found in both male and female faces!

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on the Forehead

If the mole is on the left side of the forehead, the person is selfish and therefore does not help others. Others frequently look down on him. Generally, this mole is considered an unlucky mole. The individual is usually stingy with money.

The “Career House” is located in the middle of the forehead in Chinese face reading. A mole on the center of the forehead indicates a profession filled with difficulties, setbacks, and challenges, such as a snobbish employer and uncooperative coworkers.

2. Moles on the Left Eyebrows

When the mole is located on the person’s left brow, he or she will be unfortunate. They are unable to handle their money properly and may have challenges in their work or business.

In face reading, the area between the brows is known as Yintang. A mole located on the face in this location is better if it is not a black and noncircular mole.

Thus, those who have a bad mole between their eyebrows likely to have a difficult life, encounter many failures, have few opportunities at work, and are troubled by many terrible people.

3. Moles between Eyebrows and Eyes

The Property House is placed between your brow and your eye according to Mien Shiang.

A mole between the eyebrow and the eye represents insecurity and uncertainty, whether related to family money or personal emotions. Such a mole may signify property issues or an unstable relationship created by unpredictable fluctuation.

4. Moles inside The Eyes

In Chinese face reading, the eyes are the windows to the soul. A mole in this area is probably not a wealthy mole.

However, those who have a mole on the white of their eyes may have a difficult time falling in love. Even if they marry, no matter how committed they are to a relationship, it will end up in a split or divorce.

5. Moles on Eyelashes

Moles on eyelashes are often undetectable and negative for love relationships, signifying a lack of influence with the opposite sex and a high likelihood of adultery. Such a mole is very harmful to one’s health.

Women with a mole on their eyelashes are more likely to have reproductive difficulties. Males with such a mole are more likely to have kidney problems, especially in their forties.

6. Moles on the Bridge of Nose

In face reading, the nose represents prosperity. A black mole on the bridge of the nose denotes personal financial losses in middle age as well as bad luck with money in everyday life.

Furthermore, such a mole might have an impact on one’s health, particularly the lungs and respiratory system.

7. Moles on the Wings of Nose

Moles on the left wing (for males) and right-wing (for females) of the nose indicate a lack of saving skills and bad luck with investments or inheritances. Those with such a mole frequently lose the majority of money in gambling and choose short-term dangerous investments that result in a loss.

For people with moles on the nose wings, the greatest option is to break even and pursue sustainable development, otherwise, they will receive nothing in return.

8. Moles on Nose Tip

Unfortunate Moles on Nose Tip
Unfortunate Moles on Nose Tip

Those who have a mole on the tip of their nose are more likely to adopt destructive habits, which can be detrimental to personal prosperity and finally lead to career and marriage failure.

This individual is likely to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. He or she will lack financial stability as a result of their reckless spending habits.

9. Moles on Cheeks

In face reading, the cheek indicates power and authority. A mole on the cheeks denotes possible management errors.

Those with a mole on their cheek are unsuitable for leadership and are less confident in romantic relationships. Even if they strive to accomplish everything, things just outgrow their abilities.

A mole on the left cheek denotes people who are introverted and wasteful. They are not very sociable.

If this mole has hair and is located on the right cheek, the owner will suffer a lot of hardships in life.

10. Moles on Philtrum

Unlucky Mole on the Philtrum
Unlucky Mole on the Philtrum

Moles on the philtrum indicate ill luck in children and health. Generally, this mole is regarded as an inauspicious sign.

Women who have a philtrum mole will have reproductive issues and bad luck later in life. A mole like this might also be a symptom of undetected health problems.

11. Moles on Lips

In Chinese face reading, people who have a mole on their lips are more likely to experience unlawful love or adultery.

Upper lip moles indicate a great desire for sex. Those with a mole on the top lip normally follow the one they love with boldness and often reveal their true feelings. Yet, they reject the bonds of traditional etiquette and would rather live for the moment than seek a long-term relationship. Surprisingly, these people are easily injured in love.

Those with a mole on the lower lip will keep their desire deep inside and have a passive attitude toward love. They sometimes annoy their admirers. Nevertheless, once moved, these people will take the initiative and enjoy the partnership.

12. Moles in the Middle of Chin

Inauspicious Moles on the Middle of the Chin
Inauspicious Moles on the Middle of the Chin

In the art of Chinese face interpretation, a mole on the chin represents a continuous change in life, particularly in one’s home and working surroundings.

Those with such a mole frequently run around and have to relocate quickly after settling down. Once the change starts to slow down, they are still unable to tolerate it. In terms of health, those individuals are susceptible to heart disease.

13. Moles on the Tongue

A mole in the middle of the tongue denotes academic difficulties. The native may not be able to communicate effectively. There might be a lot of health problems as well.

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