Venus Quincunx North Node Synastry: You Feel Drawn In, But It’s Complicated

Venus is often considered the planet of love and beauty. Ruling over matters of the heart, this celestial body is about affection, pleasure, harmony, and social grace. If your Venus aligns well with someone else’s planet, you might find that you naturally enjoy each other’s company.

The North Node represents our life’s purpose or the direction we are meant to grow towards. It’s like a guiding star that pulls us towards fulfilling our destiny. When someone’s North Node makes a strong aspect to your personal planet, it often feels like you’re meant to be in each other’s lives.

A quincunx is a 150° aspect, an awkward, tense, and often misunderstood angle that usually requires self-adjustment and adaptation.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Instant Chemistry And Fascination

When your Venus forms a quincunx to someone’s North Node, you feel instantly fascinated by and attracted to your partner. From your very first conversation, you’re spellbound by their way of speaking, relating, and being. Who they are intrigues you deeply.

You feel magnetically drawn to them, like a moth to a flame. When you’re together, you just can’t take your eyes off them. You find everything they do captivating and alluring. A delightful, slightly obsessive infatuation takes hold.

At the same time, they may seem exotic and unfamiliar to you initially. They’re quite different from your usual type. But that’s exactly what makes them so mesmerizing! They represent something new, foreign, and exciting.

Overall, this quincunx creates irresistible chemistry and allure. You’re totally enthralled by each other, though it may take time to comprehend your differences.

2. Your Values And Ambitions May Clash

While the attraction is sky high, your values and ambitions may seem mismatched under this quincunx. What one person longs for, the other may avoid. Your visions of “the good life” don’t naturally align.

For example, maybe they crave excitement and risk while you seek stability and comfort. You may focus on passive income for early retirement while they pursue creative passions that don’t pay well. Your ideas of success can diverge.

In terms of values, you may differ on topics like spirituality, morality, or family. Your worldviews and belief systems don’t mesh seamlessly. You could even doubt each other’s views and motives at times.

Compromise takes self-awareness and effort under this aspect. You must intentionally make space for each other’s differing needs and visions. It doesn’t come naturally, but it will if you’re willing to work through it.

3. The Chase Can Be Thrilling

That clashing, almost incompatible energy breeds an exhilarating chase between you two. You find each other irresistible but also can’t quite “catch” each other, which fuels the fire!

The distance and questioning make the pursuit more exciting. You have to work harder to secure each other’s affections under this quincunx, which provides a fun challenge.

During courtship, you may play “hot and cold” to increase the intrigue. One of you may pull away just as the other gets closer. The tease keeps passions running high in the early stages.

Overall, the chase is lively and stimulating with this aspect. But eventually, you must move into true knowing of each other.

4. Genuine Understanding Takes Time

Due to your different orientations and styles, an in-depth knowing of each other needs time and commitment under this quincunx. You don’t intuitively comprehend each other right away.

Your motivations and responses often seem puzzling or irrational to each other initially. You may misinterpret each other’s loving behaviors or make false assumptions. There’s a need for translation as you may have different love languages.

Developing empathy and truly walking in the other’s shoes takes work here. You come at life from such different angles. But seeking to understand instead of judging your values is key, even when it’s hard.

5. Communication Challenges Can Arise

Because this Venus-North Node quincunx aligns you differently, communication mishaps can happen at times. Signals can get crossed and words can be misconstrued. You may talk past each other or make incomplete connections.

One of you may be very direct, logical, and concrete while the other speaks more abstractly and symbolically. Arguments can happen often, especially early on, due to misunderstandings. You may bicker over semantics because your phrases mean different things to each of you based on your unique backgrounds.

In addition to values and communication, your social lives and external environments may conflict as well. Perhaps one of you is a homebody while the other lives at clubs and parties. Or your career paths occupy vastly different social spheres. One of you may be modern while the other is traditional. Your friend groups may not overlap much too.

6. Avoiding The Hard Work

The quincunx’s awkward structure makes it tempting to avoid the work this aspect requires. It’s easier to gloss over your differences and focus only on the magnetic attraction between you.

You may idealize each other at first and minimize conflicts. Testing moments often get dodged rather than dealt with. One or both partners may fear rocking the boat or admitting incompatibilities.

However, avoiding the deeper personal work just only leaves you stuck going in circles. Your old tensions may keep resurfacing in new forms. The problems you bury don’t actually disappear.

For lasting unity, you must bravely face the worries, doubts, insecurities, and differences so they can be resolved. You learn to support each other’s journeys, even when they differ from what you’d choose. The joy is on the other side of the ego.

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