Venus Sextile Chiron Synastry: Valuing Each Other

In astrology, Venus is about love, beauty, and pleasure. It’s the planet that tells us how we express affection, what we find attractive, and how we enjoy ourselves. When Venus is prominent in a synastry chart, it usually means that there’s a lot of affection and mutual enjoyment between two people.

Chiron is known as the “Wounded Healer”. It represents our deepest wounds and the healing journey we go through in life. Chiron’s placement in a chart shows where we might feel vulnerable or hurt, but also where we have the potential to heal and help others with similar wounds.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Help Heal Each Other’s Hearts

When Venus and Chiron are sextile in synastry, you help heal old emotional wounds in each other. Through your loving presence and sincerity, you provide a safe space for painful romantic issues to surface and begin healing.

Past heartbreaks or rejection may have caused inner scars or lingering insecurities for one or both of you. But together, you compassionately address these hurts, helping restore confidence and self-worth.

Rather than judge each other’s vulnerabilities, you lend a caring ear. You listen with undivided attention to cultivate openness. Over time, tender parts of the heart begin to heal through the comfort of this bond.

You intuitively know how to nurture each other’s sensitivities. With soothing care, you help transform old emotional pain into wisdom. Your hearts beat as one with the vibration of trust and dedication.

2. You Have An Ease Around Each Other

When Venus and Chiron are in a flowing sextile, you just feel at ease around each other, right from the start. There’s a soothing, peaceful energy between you – like you’ve known each other for ages.

You naturally relate to and understand each other’s emotional rhythms. One doesn’t force the other to open up before they’re ready. You’re patient and let things unfold naturally.

Being together feels comforting and familiar, never stressful. You can both be yourselves without pretense or hiding. There’s no shame about being vulnerable when needed. You create a healing haven for genuine authenticity.

Indeed, an innate harmony exists between you when Venus sextiles Chiron in synastry. Despite any difficulties, you share an unspoken emotional language that bridges gaps and facilitates mutual understanding.

3. Romantic Compatibility Just Works

Romantic compatibility comes easier with this synastry aspect. You two share a natural affinity in Venusian matters like socializing, affection, beauty, and most importantly – love.

Your romantic styles and preferences naturally complement each other, rather than compete. One person’s strengths fill the other’s gaps beautifully. Your differences create balance, rather than discord.

For example, if one of you tends to be logical while the other is emotional, you help balance each other out. If one desires more intimacy while the other needs more freedom, you compromise to find a common ground.

Your differing romantic needs and love languages don’t clash. Expressing affection comes easily and feels comfortable for both of you. Your hearts operate in sync.

4. Forgiveness Flows Freely

Venus sextile Chiron synastry fosters forgiveness and grace within the relationship. You are each empathetic about sympathizing with the other’s past hurts that may unconsciously affect the present.

Rather than take offenses personally, you try to understand through your partner’s lens. Hurts from the past or childhood experiences may be causing reactions today, but your forgiveness prevails over all.

You don’t hold grudges over each other’s human mistakes or emotional triggers. The spirit is one of generosity and mutual respect, not petty score-keeping. Compassion comes before the ego.

Overall, Venus-Chiron sextile creates an atmosphere of mercy, goodwill, and moving forward together. Forgiveness comes easily once empathy is cultivated.

5. You Bring Out Each Other’s Artistic Side

With Venus sextile Chiron synastry, you evoke latent creativity in each other. Your self-expression flourishes in unexpectedly beautiful ways.

Together, you unlock newfound confidence to explore artistic talents like painting, writing, music, or photography. Or you try creative pursuits neither of you have attempted before, like poetry or dance.

Even in everyday conversations, you think more imaginatively and colorfully. It’s easy to get lost in fantasies, ideas, and creative roleplays when you’re together. Mental inspiration abounds.

Essentially, you make the mundane magical for each other. There’s a poetic, spiritual quality to your connection that keeps life colorful. You see art everywhere with your partner.

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