Composite Venus Sextile Lilith: Cravings in the Light of Love

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” These timeless words by Sarah Williams perfectly encapsulate the rich wisdom of astrology.

Indeed, in the constellation of our celestial blueprints lies a captivating tale. Today, we will unlock the intriguing mystery of the Venus sextile Lilith composite!

Note: Composite aspects suggest tendency and potential, not absolute truths. As a rule, you should depend on the entire composite chart for a more complete view of your relationship’s dynamic.

Composite Venus Meaning in Astrology

The composite chart in astrology is a fascinating tool that creates a single chart from two individuals’ birth charts.

It is essentially a map of the relationship, weaving together two destinies. One key player in this connection of the stars is none other than the Goddess of Love, Venus.

Composite Venus beautifully encapsulates the tone and style of love within the relationship. It denotes how love, harmony, and aesthetics are expressed and appreciated by the couple. It signifies the ease, pleasure, beauty, and shared values that bind two souls together.

When Venus shines brightly in a composite chart, it sprinkles a delightful charm and affectionate warmth into the relationship’s dynamics.

Composite Lilith Meaning in Astrology

On the other side of this cosmic equation, we find the shadowy and beguiling figure of Lilith.

In astrology, Lilith is the archetype of raw feminine power, rebellion, and profound wisdom that comes from facing one’s shadow. She symbolizes the wild, untamed part of our psyche that often lurks in the shadows, unseen but intensely felt.

In a composite chart, Lilith brings a spice of sexuality and erotic passion, often manifesting as an undercurrent of unspoken desires and deep-seated issues. Her placement indicates where a couple may face their combined shadows and how they can harness that power to create a deeper bond.

The Meaning of Composite Venus Sextile Lilith

1. You Have an Exciting, Passionate Love

When Venus and Lilith are sextile in a composite chart, the relationship is intense and exciting. You feel an incredible sexual chemistry and attraction between you. Passion can ignite easily and your intimate life together is lively and adventurous. Even years later, the spark remains.

You likely love trying new things together in the bedroom. You enjoy tantalizing and seducing each other. Roleplaying and experimenting with fantasies keeps your sex life fresh. You can arouse each other’s wildest desires and feel safe acting them out together.

Beyond great sex, you share romantic adventures too. Perhaps you’re always exploring new date spots, taking weekend trips, and sharing thrilling experiences. Boredom is rare with a partner who keeps you on your toes. Every day together feels magical.

2. You Allow Each Other Freedom

The composite Venus sextile Lilith allows freedom within the relationship. You give each other space to be individuals. Clinginess and jealousy don’t usually exist between you, because you want your partner to have time for friends, interests, and personal growth as much as you do.

You have a healthy trust in the relationship. Even when apart, you feel secure because you know your bond is solid. Your time together is that much sweeter because you’re coming back to each other intentionally.

With the composite Venus sextile Lilith, you also support each other’s autonomy. You wouldn’t want to change or limit your partner. Their unique spirit and independence are part of the attraction. You love seeing what they create with their freedom.

3. You Inspire Each Other

In this relationship, you inspire each other’s creativity, passions, and dreams. You encourage each other to reach for more. Together, you feel capable of anything.

Maybe you motivate each other to start businesses, take trips, or pursue talents. Or perhaps you inspire growth, adventure, and wisdom in each other. You are muses and cheerleaders for each other’s wildest ambitions.

Through supporting each other’s freedom and dreams, you help each other create the lives you truly want. Your love provides a foundation that makes chasing passions so much sweeter.

4. You Have Mutual Respect

With Venus-Lilith contacts, you respect each other immensely as equals. One person does not have power over the other in this relationship. You make decisions mutually and value each other’s input.

Appreciation also comes naturally with the composite Venus sextile Lilith. You often praise and validate each other for jobs well done. You see each other’s inherent value, not what someone can do for you. You uplift each other’s self-worth.

The composite Venus-Lilith sextile also indicates maturity. You take accountability for yourselves and can handle conflict in an upfront yet caring way. You don’t play games or passive-aggressively punish each other. The respect runs deep.

5. You Share Spiritual Interests

This combination can indicate having metaphysical interests or spiritual practices in common. You both likely have intuitive, mystical, or magical leanings, and these are understood and embraced in the relationship.

Sharing occult studies, healing modalities, meditation, astrology, or divination brings you closer. Perhaps you enjoy having deep philosophical and metaphysical conversations together. These esoteric interests add depth to the relationship.

With the composite Venus sextile Lilith, you also support and nurture each other’s psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. Together, you create an uplifting spiritual haven where the weirdness is welcome and dreams are possible. You share a universal perspective on life.

6. You Have Lots of Fun and Laughter

In this relationship, you laugh loudly and often! You share an exuberant, childlike humor and constantly joke around. Your inside jokes and ability to crack each other up bond you.

However, your humor is not at each other’s expense. You like to make light and be silly together in a harmless way. Your house of love is filled with laughter, not toxicity.

Indeed, you have so much fun together. Life with your partner is exciting and unpredictable but in a good way. There’s always an adventure right around the corner. With the composite Venus sextile Lilith, you live with enthusiasm and joy.

7. You’re Confident and Comfortable Together

This Venus-Lilith aspect indicates strong self-esteem within the relationship. You feel beautiful, valued, and powerful together. You see each other for the divine beings you are underneath any insecurities.

By loving each other unconditionally, you grow more confident within yourself. There’s no need to pretend you’re perfect around your partner. Your beauty radiates from within.

You feel relaxed and at home together too. All those relationship masks come off. Together, you are free to be your quirky, unfiltered selves. There’s no judgment here – just love expressed transparently.

8. You Allow Each Other Darkness

In a healthy way, the composite Lilith sextile Venus means allowing each other to be human. You accept each other’s dark sides and quirks along with the light. Wholeness can be expressed here.

You don’t shame each other for natural feelings like anger, sadness, or fear. You understand each other’s triggers and support healing. Together, you create a sanctuary where all emotions have their place.

With acceptance comes transformation. By holding space for darkness, you both find the light. This bond helps you each face and love your own shadows. You hold hope for each other’s inner growth.

9. You’re Willing to Work Through Issues

With the composite Venus-Lilith sextile, relating comes with its challenges but you’re willing to communicate openly when issues arise. You address problems with maturity, empathy, and accountability.

For the good of the relationship, you’re willing to get uncomfortable addressing unpleasant topics. You tackle conflicts before resentment builds by speaking up. Yet you discuss problems gently, without blaming each other.

Through working through difficulties, your understanding of each other deepens. You come to know each other’s wounds so you can support healing. Your love for each other helps you overcome almost anything.

10. You Allow Each Other Individuality

This Venus-Lilith aspect supports individuality within a relationship. You don’t try to change or “fix” each other but love each other just as you are. You don’t take each other’s quirks personally.

You want your partner to feel free being themselves, even if you don’t always understand their ways. You give them space to process emotions or be alone when needed. The relationship doesn’t consume you.

Respecting each other’s boundaries and separateness leads to interdependence. You become a true team. You complement each other beautifully.

Tips to Navigate Venus Sextile Lilith Composite

To harness the best that the Venus sextile Lilith composite offers and navigate through the challenges, here are some tips.

Firstly, embrace respectful communication. Lilith’s destructive energy can bring hidden issues to the surface, so it’s essential to discuss these openly, embracing the opportunity for transformation.

Second, balance is key. Harmonize the contrasting energies of Venus and Lilith – while Venus seeks beauty and peace, Lilith urges raw honesty and intense passion. Find a rhythm where these energies can coexist and even complement each other.

Lastly, celebrate the unique bond that the Venus sextile Lilith composite brings. There’s a depth and vigor to this relationship that can be incredibly enriching if embraced with love, understanding, and respect for each other’s self-interests.


Like the dance of celestial bodies in the night sky, a relationship under the Venus sextile Lilith composite is a beautiful blend of love, harmony, passion, and affection.

Through the highs and lows, this composite offers a chance for deep transformation and a love that is as comforting as it is intoxicating.

Remember, just as Carl Sagan once said, “We’re made of star stuff.”

Our relationships, too, are woven from the cosmic threads of the universe.

So, dance with the rhythm of the stars, and embrace the cosmic symphony of your relationship!

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