Venus Sextile Pluto Synastry: Intoxicating Passion

In the realm of astrology, Venus symbolizes love, beauty, pleasure, and values. It governs what we are attracted to and how we relate to others, setting the tone for our romantic and social interactions. Venus is about building bridges, fostering understanding, and creating harmony.

Pluto, on the other hand, is not about peace and harmony. It’s the maverick planet of the underworld, the harbinger of profound transformations and intense emotional experiences. It’s the force that strips away falsehood, revealing our raw and authentic selves.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Have A Magnetic Connection

When you have Venus sextile Pluto in your synastry chart, you and your partner share a magnetic and intense connection. There’s an almost hypnotic attraction between you two that feels intoxicating and all-consuming!

You’re likely drawn to each other in a way that feels powerful and fated. You know this relationship is going to have a profound impact on both of you. When you come together, deep emotions are stirred up and passion skyrockets!

Perhaps the sexual connection between you is unlike anything either of you has experienced before. It’s like you can’t keep your hands off each other! The chemistry is irresistible and explosive.

This aspect indicates your relationship will have a deep psychological, spiritual, and emotional impact on you both. You can connect on a soul level, which can be scary but also exciting. This relationship has the power to heal old wounds and transform you two in the most positive ways.

2. Your Values Are Aligned

With Venus sextile Pluto synastry, you and your partner likely share fundamental values and perspectives on life. You tend to view the world in a similar way and appreciate the same kinds of experiences.

There’s a telepathic understanding between you that doesn’t require many words. You just get each other on a core level. This takes your bond beyond the superficial and into something with more depth and meaning.

While challenges still arise at times, at the end of the day, you’re committed to growing together. You share similar values of trust, commitment, dedication, and complete fidelity in this bond. This shared system of values cements your relationship over time.

3. You Transform Each Other

Pluto sextile Venus synastry indicates deep personal transformations are in store for you two! You and your partner have a life-changing effect on each other.

Being together can stir up your past traumas, unresolved issues, and even obsessive thoughts or behaviors. But this is an opportunity for tremendous soul growth as you learn to let go of your bad habits.

You’ll feel empowered to face fears, heal wounds from the past, and develop your highest potential. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but you’re utterly invested in each other’s evolution.

This relationship provides a safe space for you to be vulnerable and be your true self. You know your partner will love and accept even the shadow aspects you try to hide from the world.

4. You Understand Each Other’s Dark Side

With this synastry contact, you intuitively understand the hidden depths, fears, insecurities, and even the destructive behaviors of your partner – and they understand yours.

You don’t shy away from each other’s inner demons or judge one another for them. Instead, you create a safe space to lovingly accept and try to uplift each other. An important key is that you don’t try to change your partner, but you support them to change themselves.

You can see each other’s greatness, even when you’re struggling through the hard times. This acceptance cements your devotion and reliability.

5. You Share Financial Values

As you know, Venus and Pluto govern things related to money and resources. With the sextile aspect between them, you and your partner likely have similar perspectives about how you think about wealth.

You may have similar ideas about saving versus spending or what you want to achieve when you pass away. This financial compatibility helps minimize your conflicts about money matters.

Even if you differ in your financial styles, you are willing to communicate openly and compromise. You don’t try to control how each other spends money or use money as power leverage in the relationship.

Instead, you respect each other’s intrinsic values and self-worth. Money should be the cheapest thing in your relationship. You want to build inner abundance together as a team.

6. You Make Each Other Feel Sexy

With Venus-Pluto sextile in synastry, you and your partner have an incredibly sensual effect on each other’s self-confidence and erotic nature. Together, you feel attractive, desired, passionate, and alive.

You make each other feel beautiful and appreciated – not just for your looks but for your hearts and spirits. This boosts your true self-esteem and values.

Through each other’s loving eyes, you get in touch with your inner god/goddess. You feel comfortable expressing your playfully romantic sides.

Sex becomes a merging of spirits – a medium of profound intimacy. It’s a full mind, body, and spiritual experience. Through passionate union, you know each other deeply.

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