Venus Sextile Venus Synastry: Enjoy Pleasing One Another

Venus is about love, beauty, pleasure, and harmony. It’s the sparkling gem of the zodiac, representing what we value in relationships, what attracts us, and how we show affection. In our birth charts, Venus tells us a lot about our romantic inclinations and what makes our hearts flutter.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. You Naturally Appreciate Each Other

With Venus sextile Venus in synastry, you and your partner naturally appreciate each other’s personal values and ways of expressing love. You likely admire one another’s tastes in art, music, fashion, and romance. You tend to have similar ideas about relationships, from showing affection to defining commitment. This laid-back connection makes it easy to accept each other just as you are.

There’s a gentle glow to your connection that feels pleasant and reassuring. You feel at home together, even if you come from different backgrounds. Your Venus energies meld beautifully, helping you harmonize your desires, preferences, and relationship needs. Mutual understanding comes easily; you just seem to “know” each other in a comfortable way.

2. You Enjoy Pleasing One Another

In astrology, Venus represents pleasure and enjoyment. With a sextile between your Venuses, you both enjoy making each other happy. You might often surprise each other with sweet gestures, small gifts, or creatively romantic dates. Because your styles of giving and receiving love mesh well, you intuitively know how to make each other feel special, emotionally fulfilled, and appreciated.

You’ll find endless ways to create enjoyment together – whether dressing up for a fancy dinner out, snuggling on the couch with takeout and movies, or embarking on exciting adventures side-by-side. Making new memories and living in the moment comes easily. There’s a pleasant Venusian glow around your relationship, and an eagerness to share life’s beauty and delights with your beloved!

3. Communication Flows Harmoniously

Because Venus also rules how you connect and converse, the sextile makes your communication smooth and drama-free. You likely share a similar communication style that makes conversations pleasurable. You know how to listen, validate, and respond to each other in a receptive, open-minded way.

Even when you have different opinions, you discuss them thoughtfully and respectfully. You can compromise graciously and give each other the benefit of the doubt. It’s easy to see each other’s perspective, which prevents heated arguments. Your disagreements often get talked through in a reasonable, fair manner. You build each other up rather than tear each other down.

4. You Share Happy Times Together

The Venus sextile’s gentle ease fosters an environment for happiness to grow. Laughter, amusement, and lighthearted moments can flourish naturally between you. You genuinely enjoy each other’s company and exude a positive, optimistic vibe when together.

Even during stressful times, you can lift each other’s spirits with jokes, affection, or fun distractions. Your relationship may have a playful, youthful quality about it, keeping life vibrant. You celebrate the good times, follow opportunities for new adventures, and don’t take yourselves too seriously. This sextile’s energy tends to flow in an easygoing, forward-moving stream.

5. You Take Pleasure In Small Things

With your Venuses cooperatively sextile, you and your partner often find joy in simple day-to-day things – a bright blue sky, flowers blooming, a perfect cup of coffee, and a smile from each other. You don’t need grand gestures or over-the-top experiences to be content. In fact, you may bond most over life’s ordinary moments together.

The heart is what matters, while the eyes can only enhance your inner experiences. Taking a slow walk and chatting, doing a puzzle on a steamy night, and cooking dinner side-by-side – small pleasures like these are incredibly satisfying. Your Venus energies come together to help you appreciate the little things you share and be grateful for what you have. You live in the present and find extraordinary fulfillment in ordinary moments with your love.

6. You Make Each Other Feel Attractive

Venus rules physical appearance, beauty, and attractiveness. With your natal Venuses in an easy sextile, you make each other feel beautiful simply by being appreciative and affectionate. You don’t have to go overboard with compliments, because it shows in your body language, gaze, touch, and tone of voice. Just a smile, a caress, or a wink can speak volumes about how you find each other appealing.

This natural validation keeps your self-esteem up, on both sides. With Venus sextile Venus synastry, you accept any perceived flaws, love each other as you are, and focus on the positive qualities you admire in your partner – inside and out. You know just how to make each other glow, feel sexy, and walk with more confidence. The sextile energizes your attractiveness.

7. You Support Each Other’s Social Lives

Venus-Venus sextile allows cooperation, teamwork, and diplomacy. So socially, you can gracefully balance couple time and individual time with friends within proper boundaries of trust. If one of you wants a night out while the other needs downtime at home, you can easily flex and understand. The sextile aligns your needs enough to prevent jealousy, possessiveness, or control issues around social lives.

With your cooperative Venuses, you may also have the same friends and are happy to sometimes join in social plans. But you’re not overly attached or clingy. You allow freedom, knowing your bond is secure. The outgoing Venus energies mesh in a way that encourages comfortable socializing with trust, both together and separately.

8. You Share Finances Fairly

Your money matters may flow harmoniously when your Venuses sextile each other. You may have a similar approach to finances – neither is too impulsive or too controlling. You’re able to discuss budgets, investments, and money goals without drama or stinginess. As a couple, you can make financially wise decisions that you both can happily live with.

Neither of you likely feels taken for granted or exploited financially in the relationship. You don’t nickel-and-dime each other over who paid for what last time. You contribute fairly as a team, avoiding score-keeping. Though your incomes may differ, you view finances through an egalitarian lens that prevents conflict or resentment. Sharing resources comes easily under this aligned aspect.

9. Intimacy Feels Natural And Enjoyable

With the planets of love and attraction in an easygoing sextile, your physical intimacy feels natural, playful, and very pleasurable between you. Sextiles create comfort and natural chemistry. The vibe between you is flirtatious, affectionate, and passionate when the mood strikes. You intuitively know how to please each other and happily oblige!

With Venus sextile Venus synastry, neither of you needs to overthink intimacy or obsess about performance. You follow your feelings in the moment, indulging your senses and attractions. There’s a lightness about your physical connection; you thoroughly enjoy each other without getting heavy or overly insecure. This is a relationship of peace, pleasure, happiness, harmony, and mutual understanding,

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