Venus Square Mars Synastry: Intense Attraction

Let’s start with Venus, the planet named after the goddess of love. In astrology, Venus represents beauty, affection, and our approach to relationships. It shows what we value in a partner and how we express love. When you look at Venus in synastry, you’re essentially peering into the heart of romantic compatibility.

Now, let’s talk about Mars. Named after the god of war, Mars is about action, desire, and how we assert ourselves. In synastry, Mars reveals how we pursue what we want and what ignites our passions. It’s the spark that gets things moving in a relationship, adding excitement and energy.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Passionate Sparks Will Fly

When Venus squares Mars in synastry, get ready for fireworks! The chemistry between you two is hot and heavy. You feel a strong physical and sexual attraction from the start that makes your pulses race. There’s a raw, passionate energy between you that can’t be denied.

Kisses are deep and urgent. Your makeout sessions sizzle with passion and intensity. When you get intimate, the sex is steamy and primal! You bring out each other’s wild side in the bedroom as your heated energies collide.

Outside the bedroom, there’s also lively banter and exciting debate between you two. You spark each other’s fighting spirits. Your romantic connection is lively and fun…though also stormy at times. Boredom is never an issue here!

2. Frustration Will Mount At Times

While thrilling at first, your passionate volatility may ultimately frustrate you both. With Venus square Mars synastry, your differences and opposing intimacy needs often lead to conflicts.

For example, you may crave more affection and romance while your partner wants more independence and less “smothering.” Or your partner’s ambitious nature may seem uncaring and insensitive to you. Your styles and paces around intimacy, goals, and fun often clash.

Over time, your explosive passion may start to feel draining rather than exciting. The exhilarating highs are matched by bitter lows. You may have trouble finding a peaceful rhythm together. Patience often wears thin.

3. Attraction/Repulsion Flip-Flopping

With this synastry square, your feelings may flip-flop between intense attraction and repulsion. One day you feel dizzy with desire for each other. The next, everything they do can irritate you.

You tend to be polarized into opposite emotional extremes together – never lukewarm. Passion, panic, and urgent longing can all get triggered in each other’s presence. You may want to devour your partner in the wrong way, such as sleeping with them prior to marriage.

When positive, it’s electric playfulness. When negative, it’s explosive fights. The volatility and drama can become exhausting in the long run. The nonstop friction may tax your nerves and patience over time.

The highs are glorious but the lows are crushing. Finding some neutral ground about your shared values is essential for this aspect to work.

4. Love Feels Like A Tug-Of-War

Venus-Mars square can make love feel like a battlefield or tug-of-war at times. Who has the upper hand can become more important than mutual understanding as you struggle for control and dominance in the relationship.

Power struggles may arise as you compete over whose needs matter more. You may guilt or shame each other when you don’t get your way. Underhanded tactics can be used to gain the advantage.

Ideally, you’d collaborate with equal power and compromise. But your Mars and Venus signs are not aligned, feeding an endless tug-of-war between you. Until a mature agreement is reached, your love may feel like a win/lose sport.

5. Anger Can Get Destructive

With Venus square Mars synastry, anger and jealousy tend to fester just under the surface, which can lead to ugly blowups if unaware. You often unintentionally provoke each other’s insecurities and irritations.

The tension of this square may lead one or both partners into frequent fault-finding, judgment, and nitpicking each other’s flaws. Passive aggression often follows, with attempts to “improve” or “fix” each other.

For example, you may constantly criticize your partner’s romantic gestures as not thoughtful enough. Or they nag you about getting healthier habits while ignoring their own. Hyper-focusing on each other’s shortcomings instead of being self-aware can lead to nowhere in this relationship.

6. Jealousy Can Consume

With Venus square Mars synastry, intense passions and insecurities often combine in a volatile jealousy powderkeg. Suspicions may come easy to both of you when you already doubt the other’s intentions and loyalty.

You may overact with intolerance and attempt to control your partner’s social connections due to your own fears. Or they may irrationally accuse you of cheating simply because you had coffee with a colleague. Mistrust can poison things quickly.

And jealousy can also lead to clinging, spying, or even tirades. All intimacy can get suffocated in the process. You may constantly pressure your partner for “proofs” of love while ignoring their desire for a true mature connection.

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