Venus Square Venus Synastry: Your Different Love Languages

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. It’s about what we value in relationships, how we express affection, and what makes us feel appreciated and loved. In synastry, Venus can reveal a lot about the romantic potential and emotional connection between two people.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Love And Values May Clash

When Venus squares Venus in synastry, your romantic styles and values may clash. The ways you give and receive love can differ greatly. You both may want and need different things from a partner.

You may crave security while they want freedom. You may desire more emotional intimacy while they prefer a physical partnership. Your Venus signs are in incompatible elements.

Because Venus rules values, you may also have conflicting values, ethics, and beliefs. What feels secure for you may feel boring for your partner. What feels morally right for you may not be accepted by your partner. You learn to stand strong for your moral principles in this bond.

2. Love Languages Don’t Match

With this square, you and your partner may speak different Venusian love languages. You may have contrasting ways of expressing affection which can create disconnects.

Maybe you cherish verbal praise and thoughtful gestures but they show love through acts of service and quality time. You may feel loved when they show affection daily yet they may prefer one-big affection.

You wish they would show up how you want. They likely wish you would appreciate their natural style too. It’s important to understand and harmonize each other’s preferences rather than judging them.

3. You Don’t Find The Same Thing Pleasurable

Venus governs pleasure, so Venus-Venus square means you don’t find the same thing pleasurable. You tend to have opposing ideas of having fun and enjoying life.

Your partner’s favorite activities – sports or video games, for example – may have no appeal to you. And they can’t stand your interests, like book club, beauty, or gardening. Your social lives may also stay separate in this connection.

4. You May Handle Money Differently

Money conflicts often arise with Venus square Venus synastry. You may have contradictory values and habits around finances. One of you may be responsible and thrifty while the other spends impulsively.

Or your attitudes towards work and wealth differ. You may believe in chasing ambitious careers and accumulating wealth. Meanwhile, they may think money can’t buy happiness and just want a simple, fulfilling life.

You may argue over budgeting, spending, and what to splurge or save on. Money often becomes a point of contention that reflects your opposing values. Financial harmony requires a win-win compromise.

5. Attraction Can Fluctuate

Physical and emotional attraction may ebb and flow when Venus squares Venus. You’re super into each other yet can be completely turned off at times.

Maybe you only desire your partner when they’re playing “hard to get” but lose interest when they’re fully available. Or the chase thrills you, but later on your domestic life may feel challenging. Your chemistry tends to fluctuate like a tide in this bond.

The initial infatuation may fade away quickly, leaving you unsure if you’re a good match after all. The relationship may lack stability, security, and commitment as a result. There’s always a bit of uncertainty, which requires you to prove loyalty to one another through actions.

6. You May Trigger Each Other’s Insecurities

In relationships with Venus square Venus synastry, you tend to poke at each other’s sore spots and trigger old wounds around love, self-worth, and values.

Maybe you make an offhand comment about their appearance that secretly devastates them. They may flirt with someone else, making you feel very jealous and insecure in the relationship. Possessiveness also stems from insecurity here.

You don’t intend to hurt each other. But your differing values and Venusian sensitivities can leave you some hurt feelings if you’re not willing to empathize.

It’s important to proactively reassure each other of your love and commitment. Don’t “ban” your relationship but communicate sensitively around your triggers. The power of words can either heal or wound in this bond.

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