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10 Wealthy Moles For Men (Abundant Money)

If you wonder if moles can indicate wealth for men, the answer would be “ABSOLUTELY”.

You do not have your moles by accident, my friend. In Chinese face reading, your moles can be the symbols of your source of money supply, ability to make money, or attitude toward money.

The moles can be related to the deeds that you did in your previous life, which creates a tendency of repetition in this lifetime. Therefore, if you were *morally* wealthy in your past life, you will likely have auspicious moles on your face or body.

Moreover, not only do moles indicate your fortune, but they can also reveal things related to your love relationship, character, and career depending on the location of the moles on the body.

However, your moles can mean bad luck on the face depending on their location. They should be considered in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes as well.

Although money can't buy happiness, having a lot of money is better than having none! 

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In this post, I will reveal the 12 common wealthy moles for women based on the art of Chinese feng shui.

  1. Moles on Forehead
  2. Moles on Eyebrows
  3. Moles on Temple
  4. Moles on Nose
  5. Moles on Ears
  6. Moles on Cheek
  7. Moles on Neck
  8. Moles on Shoulder
  9. Moles on Chest
  10. Moles on Navel

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on Forehead

In the art of face reading, this is an auspicious mole on the face for men.

That is, men with a mole in the middle of their forehead are predicted to have a very bright career. He will have a lot of fortune and his career path is wide open. This man can easily climb the ladder of success.

If you try harder every day, you will achieve a high position in society and be respected by everyone.

Although you may have to endure many hardships in childhood, the older you are, the happier and more stable your life becomes. You are very lucky to be endowed with good health to live a life of not worrying about diseases.

2. Moles on Eyebrows

According to Chinese face reading, from a young age, you may already have lived in happiness and pleasure. Because of your efforts and the blessings from your family, you tend to hold a high position when you grow up.

A family with many good traditions is a solid foundation for you to develop your reputation and career.

A mole on a man’s eyebrow also signals a rich fate. This is definitely a wealthy mole because the older he gets, the more fortune he will enjoy. However, if you do not strive when you are young, then your life will only be enough to buy food and meet your basic needs.

3. Moles on Temple

Moles on the temple are wealthy moles for the career according to face reading. You tend to attract a lot of luck and fortune in your career path.

The special thing about this mole is in its location, which is on the Traveling Palace. It indicates that your work may involve matters of immigration, traveling, walking, etc.

Generally, a mole on the temple is a lucky mole. If this is a black-green mole, it enhances the confidence of the owner. But you have to remember that your success will mainly depend on how hard you strive.

4. Moles on Nose

Mole on nose meaning
Mole on the nose

Moles on the nose on men’s faces are a sign of wealth and prosperity according to the art of face reading. From a young age, they are eager to learn, discover new things, and accumulate knowledge for themselves. 

When they grow up, thanks to their skillfulness in communication, these people are loved by everyone. Not only are they successful in work and career, but they are also people with very good manners.

Men with a mole on their noses are predicted by feng shui masters to become rich after the age of 35. They have huge assets that few people could think of. 

These people also have an extremely favorable love life. After marriage, they will enjoy a happy and peaceful life with their spouse.

5. Moles on Ears

In face reading, men with moles on their ears are intelligent, agile, and clever in most situations. They can do things that others cannot imagine they are able to achieve. However, these people are never arrogant.

It is said that men with moles on their ears are always humble and yielding. These positive traits even make it easier for them to achieve success.

Moreover, a mole in the ear indicates that the man has a predestined bond with business. If you have this mole and invest in a large business, you will surely achieve the desired results. Sooner or later, you will have a rich, wealthy, and affluent life.

6. Moles on Cheek

A mole on the cheekbones on a man’s face signals that its owner is a person of authority and status. They are people who are never satisfied with mediocrity while always striving for the better. 

In Chinese face reading, men with moles on the cheek have the talent to lead and manage people. They are people of principles, so they are respected by people around them

In any group, this man always stands out, attracting all the attention towards him. Although they are lucky when it comes to fame and career, their love life is sometimes not as expected.

7. Moles on Neck

Moles on the neck are wealthy moles in the art of face reading. Whether the mole is located on the right or left side of the neck, it always means abundance in monetary matters.

Owners of these moles are very intelligent. They know how to use “other people’s time” and “other people’s money” to make their dreams come true.

8. Moles on Shoulder

According to feng shui, this mole brings richness and fortune for the owner.

The man with a mole on his shoulder is always sure of what he does. He thinks carefully before making any decision. 

In life, these men enjoy a lot of fortune and luck on the path of career development. Sooner or later, these people will achieve great success and enjoy a rich and prosperous life. 

Men with moles on their shoulders are also humble and well-behaved. They are not arrogant or show contempt for others. This is why the man with the mole on his shoulder is loved by everyone.

9. Moles on Chest

A mole on the chest is considered a wealthy and lucky mole for men. It shows that you are a person who is destined to be rich. Your life will be full of money, happiness, and abundance.

According to the art of feng shui, this mole reveals that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacles in life.

In addition, men with moles on the chest are lucky on the road to fame and fortune. They also have a happy married life.

10. Moles on Navel

Feng shui masters say that men with moles around their navel are usually extroverted. They have an attractive appearance and can easily attract the opposite sex. These people often possess a special charisma, which makes them become the attention of many admirers.

In life, these men are careful, active, hardworking, thoughtful, and very good at diplomacy.

The life of males with a wealthy mole around the novel will flourish like a kite in the wind after marriage. They will have an abundance of money supply with high-respected careers. The older they become, the more fortune they will reap.

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