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8 Moles That Indicates Wealth (Accurate)

According to Chinese face reading, your moles can be the signs of what you did in the past, do in the present, and will do in the future.

That is, they can indicate what you had done in your previous life, which in turn, creates a tendency for repetition in this lifetime.

Therefore, if you are righteously rich and wealthy in your past life, you will likely have wealthy moles located on your face. These moles mean that you are a very fortunate person who is blessed with abundant material possessions.

Similarly, your facial moles can be unlucky, especially if you were not ethically rich in your previous life. It could also be the lessons you need to learn in this incarnation.

Although money can’t buy happiness, having more money is better than having none!

Therefore, in this post, I will reveal the locations of wealthy moles in your body based on the art of Chinese feng shui!

  1. Moles on Nose Tip
  2. Moles at Middle of Eyebrow
  3. Moles inside Eyebrows
  4. Moles on Ears
  5. Moles on Chin
  6. Moles at the Back of the Neck
  7. Moles below Navel
  8. Moles on Instep

Disclaimer: The meaning of moles in this article is suggestive and is not absolute.

1. Moles on Nose Tip

Mole on nose tip meaning
Mole on nose tip

If you are a keen reader of the art of Chinese face reading, you will know that the nose on the face is the symbol of a person’s wealth. This facial organ is directly linked to a person’s fortune.

In particular, the tip of the nose symbolizes the fortune that the owner has earned from his efforts. By looking at the tip of the nose, it is possible to predict a lot about a person’s monetary resources for the whole life.

Therefore, if there is a good mole on the tip of the nose (the pink color is usually a lucky omen), it signals that the owner has abundant blessings and fortune.

However, it is not possible to just look at the tip of the nose because we have to consider other moles on the owner’s body as well, such as moles on the face, chest, or thigh. 

2. Moles at Middle of Eyebrow

Moles at the middle of the eyebrows meaning
Moles at the middle of the eyebrows

The position between the two eyebrows is known as “The Destiny Path” in face reading. This is the position that shows changes in both happiness and misfortune in a person’s life. 

Usually, The Destiny Path with a mole is not a good feature, because this palace often requires smooth and bright facial features. That is, wrinkles or moles at the middle of the eyebrow are generally not good for the owner.

However, there are some exceptional rules. If it is a red or pink mole, this is an auspicious mole on the face as it will bring luck to your marriage and business.

Chinese face readers say whoever has a red mole located in the middle of the eyebrow is sure to have an extremely prosperous love life. Especially, women who possess this trait will often have an extremely happy and fulfilling married life.

3. Moles inside Eyebrows

In Chinese face reading, a mole appearing in the eyebrow is a sign of wealth and prosperity. The owners of this general trait have virtuous character and are steadfast in what they do. Once these people start something, they will pursue it until the end.

In their youth, people with moles inside eyebrows may face many difficulties. However, as people with moles inside eyebrows get older, they become more wealthy and affluent. These people are very talented and have the needed strength to stand up against challenges.

4. Moles on Ears

According to face reading, moles on your ears are wealthy moles. Your ears also reveal your future fortune, but it mainly symbolizes your inheritance, especially when you are under the age of 14.

If you have a mole on your ears, particularly on your earlobes, you are blessed with good fortune, longevity, and wealth.

If the mole is behind your ears, it indicates that you are very intelligent and have a source of “hidden wealth” that is waiting for you.

5. Moles on Chin

Moles on the chin meaning
Moles on the chin

Moles on the chin are one of the great wealthy moles meaning that you are a very lucky person.

If you have a black mole on your chin, it is an auspicious sign that you will have a lot of luck in terms of land and houses.

Therefore, you will often attract prosperity at investing in real estate or running a business. You yourself may also be the owner of many real estates with high value.

6. Moles at the Back of the Neck

In the art of Chinese feng shui, the mole on the back of the neck is a sign of good fortune. The owner of this mole is often smarter than average people. These individuals have profound personalities and outstanding talents as they know how to deal with people.

If you have a mole on the back of the back, your life will generally be prosperous. Due to the support of noble people, you can do achieve things smoothly and easily. From a young age, you probably have already achieved great achievements. 

If you know how to seize opportunities, you will have a rich and prosperous life for the rest of your life.

7. Moles below Navel

According to face reading, a person with a mole below the navel is a sign of a noble individual. Even if these people fall into a difficult situation, they will eventually be helped and supported by others.

No matter what field or profession people with moles below the navel participate in, they can affirm their position and power. They know not only how to make good money but also how to spend and manage finances. 

Generally, this mole belongs to rich, wealthy, and lucky individuals on earth.

8. Moles on Instep

A mole on the top of the foot (instep) is a good omen. Feng shui masters say people with large moles on their feet were usually born with wealth. As a child, this person excelled in studying.

When they grow up, their career will be successful and fortunate. These people have strong, enterprising, and ambitious personalities. So, they are capable of making things happen.

One special characteristic of people with moles on the instep is that they require a lot of traveling. They always feel the need to go outdoor for a walk. These people also have many good relationships with friends and family.

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