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The Complete Guide to Lips in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the meaning of the lips is similar to the mouth. By looking at a person’s lips, we can tell about their sensuality, earthy pleasures, and emotional nature.

Generally, fuller lips belong to people who are emotionally expressive. They are very romantic and sensual. If a woman has thick, full, and large lips, it means that she is a wonderful playmate who has a strong desire for sexual pleasure.

This is why many women use lipsticks to thicken their lips, which further enhance their sexuality.

In contrast, the best-looking men usually have thin lips because they signify that these people are self-restraint and reserved emotionally.

When we study the lips, we should also learn about the meaning of the mouth because they are similarly significant.

In this post, I will show you the meanings of your lips based on Chinese face reading, organized as follows:

Please feel free to jump ahead to any kind of lips that attract you most!

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

  1. Thickness
    1. Full Lips
    2. Thin Lips
    3. Upper Lips Thicker Than Lower Lips
    4. Lower Lips Thicker Than Top Lips
  2. Characteristics
    1. Protruding Top Lip
    2. Protruding Lower Lip
    3. Pursed Lips
    4. Pouting Lips
    5. Straight Lips
  3. Colors
  4. Moles on Lips
  5. Bonus

1. Thickness

Full Lips

As I stated in the introduction, full lips are a sign of strong sensual desire, emotional expression, and romance. People with full lips can easily express themselves in public. If their mouth is wide, they can even give things freely to strangers who they barely know.

These people are great conversation starters. In Chinese face reading, people with full and large lips find it easy to relax. They know how to have fun and are likely to indulge themselves in pleasures. Yet, they are prone to become lazy and lose their motivation.

Full lips are considered a yin sign in Chinese alchemy with strong earthy energy. This is why many women try to make their lips thicker and fuller so they can appear sexy and attractive. They are great sexual partners who know how to be playful and fun.

However, sex is one of the ways that people with full lips express their sensuality. That is, big and full lips do not mean that a person has a strong sex drive. She could sensually express her desire by eating good food, listening to great music, or bathing in rosy water.

Thin Lips

In Chinese face reading, thin lips are a sign of someone who is emotionally repressive. People with thin lips don’t express their emotions easily and tend to hold their feelings inside themselves. This doesn’t mean that they are not romantic, but it means that they won’t do any kind of emotional expression in public.

When men have thin lips, they appear strong because of their ability to control themselves. Usually, thin lips are found in someone who is conscious of his giving. That is, these people are generous, but they selectively and conditionally give things to others.

They may appear aloof due to the ability to suppress emotions. However, people with thin lips are very logical who can use their heads to rule their hearts.

It is interesting that these people usually have a very strong drive for sexuality. This may be because of their inability to express themselves emotionally, and sex is one of the ways that they can choose to cope with this problem.

Upper Lips Thicker Than Lower Lips

If someone has the upper lip thicker than the lower lip, we have someone who has a burning desire for emotional experience. She is likely to be the one who likes to take emotions to the extreme.

They can be very fun when they are happy while they can be very exhausting when their mood is changed. These people are prone to exaggeration and emotional drama.

Chinese face readers tell that people with upper lips larger than lower lips also have a strong desire for food. They also are romantic poets, yet are not quite lucky in finding their perfect love.

Lower Lips Thicker Than Top Lips

Chinese face reading reveals that people with lower lips thicker than top lips have a burning desire for physical pleasure. They need to be surrounded by good smell, eat good food, and sit in comfortable chairs. These people do not handle discomfort very well.

The thicker the lower lip compared to the top lip, the more comfort a person demands. If the lower lip is very big and puffy, we have a hedonist. This is a sign of over self-indulgence.

2. Characteristics

Protruding Top Lip

When we see someone has a protruding top lip, it means that this person has trouble with insecurity. People with protruding top lips often have a difficult childhood. They have never learned to stand up for themselves as they were taught to put others first in early life.

These people also have problems with intimacy. They are not willing to share with others who they are, even with the lovers. Yet, they don’t want to confront or be aggressive to others.

People with protruding top lips appear timid in front of others. Chinese masters say that these people have a pessimistic tendency. They are likely to suffer from allergic diseases caused by their psyche rather than from organic causes

For them, love is a taboo subject, even though they enjoy it.

Protruding Lower Lip

In Chinese face reading, protruding lower lips indicate reserve personality. They can be assertive in a rude way and can even climb to the top at the expense of others. The Chines say that women with protruding lower lips will bring their possessions back to their own homes.

Even though these people are not romantic, they are adventurous to explore sexuality. It doesn’t bother these people if their partners have a different affair as long as they can satisfy their sexual desire. In fact, many people with this kind of lips tend to go to swinger parties.

One of the positive traits related to protruding lower lips is cleverness in business. These people are great businessmen, yet they value financial rewards more important than reputation.

Pursed Lips

Pursed lips are lips that are tightly closed when the mouth is relaxed. Chinese face reading tells that people with pursed lips are very conscious about the way to give out money. That is, they need a good reason to prove that another is worthy enough before they send their gifts.

If the lips are held tightly, this is a sign of great self-control. These people might have been repressed emotionally in childhood, so they learn to pay close attention to what they say. There is a blockage of true inner expression in these people.

People with pursed lips have excellent ability to control themselves and their emotions. When the lips are pitched, then the owner is a stingy person, both financially and emotionally.

Pouting Lips

Pouting lips belong to people who want to hide their vanity and arrogance. They have a great desire to prove themselves and how wonderful they are in front of others.

In Chinese face reading, people with pouting lips possess open minds. They rarely feel bored in learning new things, but we should not expect much intelligence from them. Rather, these people have great talents for arts and acting.

In a relationship, intimacy is their main issues as people with pouting lips don’t like to show their feelings. They need to be patient in love. It really takes time for them to understand that making love is the best experience in the world.

Straight Lips

People with straight lips are considered powerful in Chinese face reading. They have a thirst for knowledge and intelligence. These people have a very strong sense of self that they can be unshakable fighters, who will never give up until they reach their goals.

Therefore, you will usually see people with straight lips in leadership positions. They even don’t mind deceiving others if it looks like they will gain some advantages when doing so.

These people are ruled by their heads instead of their hearts. Therefore, straight lips indicate that a person doesn’t have much interest in sex. They understand the value of harmonious relationships rather than mere eroticism.

3. Colors

The Chinese art of reading faces tells that the lip’s colors represent health, stamina, and vigor. The table below shows the general meanings attached to the color of the lips:

Lip’s colorMeanings
RosyNoble quality, good health.
PaleBad luck in marriage, unhealthy lungs and spleen.
Dull RedUnfortunate in marriage and children.
DarkMaterialistic tendency, weak heart.
Very PinkLack of vital energy – Qi.
PurpleSerious health problems related to the heart, unhealthy relationships
Meaning of the lip’s color

4. Moles on Lips

Moles on the lips hold very similar meanings with moles appearing on the mouth.

If there is a mole on the lips themselves, this indicates problems related to the digestive systems, especially the stomach and intestines. This mole also shows a person who doesn’t think twice before speaking and is likely to suffer from allergic diseases.

When you see a mole on the upper lip, this is a good sign as it shows a person with a good personality. Yet, the individual may not be sexually attractive.

A mole on the lower lip reveals a strong desire to eat good food. The owner of this mole is also likely to be involved in acting and theaters.

If the mole appears around the lips, this is a sign of trouble to relate to other people due to stubbornness. People with this mole like to win an argument and can be aggressive. The mole also signifies a sudden loss of money which can happen unexpectedly.

5. Bonus

The last part here belongs to learners who want to go extra miles to be proficient at face reading. This is where we can all get benefits by learning from each other.

In fact, it is always best to study Chinese face reading with REAL life examples.

So, if you know any celebrity or famous people whose lips can be great examples for this post, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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