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The Complete Guide to Chinese Face Reading Ears (2022)

In Chinese face reading, or Mien Shiang, the ears indicate one’s risk-taking ability, longevity, fertility, sexuality, reproductive system, and the basis of physical health. Chinese physiognomy also indicates that the ears correspond to the water element, which is closely related to the strength of the kidneys.

In this post, I will reveal the true meanings of your ears based on their unique characteristics.

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  1. Size
    1. Small Ears
    2. Large Ears
  2. Shape
    1. Round Ears
    2. Square Ears
    3. Pointed Ears
    4. Protruding Inner Ears
    5. Wide Conch Ears
    6. Buddha Ears
  3. Set
    1. High-set Ears
    2. Low-set Ears
  4. Position
    1. Flat to Head
    2. Sticking Out
  5. Elements
    1. Wood Ears
    2. Fire Ears
    3. Earth Ears
    4. Metal Ears
    5. Water Ears
  6. Colors
  7. Earlobes
  8. Moles on Ears
  9. Bonus

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Size

To determine the size of your ears, look at its proportion corresponding to your whole face from forehead to chin.

If your face can fit 3-4 ears, then you would have long and large ears. If your face can line up 5-9 ears, then you qualify as having short and small ears.

But, what if you have a large face and large ears, then would you still be considered as having large ears?

The answer is Yes.

Large ears on small faces and large ears on large faces are the same. They just look different regarding the proportion of the face. As you regularly practice the art of Mien Shiang, you will intuitively know if someone has large ears or not.

Alternatively, standard sizes have been developed to make Chinese face reading easier to understand. According to Patrician McCarthy, the founder of The Mien Shang Institute, the size of large ears are more than 65 mm (2.6″) long and 36mm [1.42″] wide.

Small Ears

Small Ears and Large Ears in Chinese face reading
Small Ears and Large Ears

In Chinese physiognomy, people with small ears are introverted, cautious, and thoughtful. As the size of one’s ears indicates one’s risk-taking ability, the smaller the ears, the more fear a person has when he decides to take a risk.

People with small ears have a desire for perfection. They prefer to take little information to deal with because they are detail-oriented. In fact, they just don’t collect information, but they take it seriously.

These people are likely to be self-critical and contemplative. They have less drive for ambitious goals but are content with what life has offered.

The ancient Chinese people say that children with small ears are very well behaved. They don’t like to displease others while always seeking peace and cooperation.

Even though in most face reading’s books, small ears are viewed as an inauspicious sign, small ears actually indicate the person is very well-calculated before taking any important step. They don’t rush into impulsive actions without having planned them step-by-step before.

Large Ears

Those with large ears are considered natural leaders in Chinese face reading. These people are risk-takers or entrepreneurs who will seek opportunities to prove their strength.

If you have large and long ears, you are an exceptional listener.

Because big ears are associated with one’s boldness, people with this size of ears are often gamblers and like to perform dangerous acts, especially with money. They have a powerful belief in their personal power, which enables them to grab any important opportunities coming along their way.

People with large ears are usually successful in business due to their outgoing and extroverted nature. They are in touch with their intuition, yet, they are vulnerable to commit unthoughtful and hasty actions.

In the art of face reading, large ears also indicate that a person will live long and seldom get sick throughout life.

2. Shape

Round Ears

If your ears are round, you are outgoing, fun, imaginative, and dependable.

In Chinese face reading, people with round ears are also positive, inspiriting, and attractive. They usually attract a lot of good friends and they are people of comfort and happiness.

Those with round ears will not give up on their goals. Instead, they are brave enough to stand up to protect people they love. In relationships, they are reliable, trustworthy, and warm.

Yet, these people are not usually good at managing money.

Square Ears

Square ears belong to people who are analytical and practical in Chinese face reading. These people have sharp minds which helps them easily see through hidden things.

They can run several projects simultaneously because they don’t want to get bored with only one thing. These people need a constant diversion in order to bring their mood up.

People with square ears are also said to possess quick intelligence, dynamic drive, and astute insight.

Pointed Ears

In Chinese physiognomy, pointed ears belong to people who like to plan and do secret things. In fact, these people are like detectives who want to find answers for everything in life.

Pointed ears also reveal that the owner had a difficult childhood. They are prone to extreme emotion due to the fire element, sometimes even to the point of bitterness. Yet, these people are sensitive people and great conversationalists.

Protruding Inner Ears

People who have protruding inner ears are said to be creative and unconventional. Most people who have this kind of ear shape have a tendency to exaggerate. In fact, many people with this kind of ear shape become fictional writers and fantasy storytellers.

Wide Conch Ears

Those with side conch ears are gifted with musical talents in Chinese face reading. Their ears resemble a conch and can catch the rhythm of words and flow of music so well.

It is said that these people are seekers of peace and harmony. They are usually easy-going, kind, and warm-hearted in nature.

Buddha Ears

When a person has Buddha ears, this person is blessed with longevity, luck, and abundance in life. This may be considered one of the most auspicious ear shapes in Chinese face reading. People who have Buddha-like ears are also said to be spiritual-oriented and love to teach wisdom to others.

3. Set

To determine your set of ears, draw a line from the end of your eyebrows and the tip of your nose.

High-set ears are higher than the outer ends of your eyebrows and higher than the tip of your nose, while low-set ears are lower than these two lines.

If your ears fit perfectly between these two lines, then you would have average-set ears, which denotes common sense and average behaviors.

High Set Ears

People with high-set ears are likely to start their careers early in life. Chinese physiognomy tells us that this is a sign of fame, which means that these people will be recognized by their peers. Moreover, high ears signify that the owner has a quicker than average for processing information.

That is, high-set ears belong to computer geniuses like Steve Jobs who are comfortable working at the rapid rate required in the technological industry.

Low Set Ears

Low-set ears reveal a person’s tendency to start their careers late in life. They may look slow to react, yet, they are very action-oriented and practical. These people like to have a lot of friends in their lives.

People with low-set ears and mingle themselves well with a team. They are also said to be idealistic, intelligent, and friendly.

4. Position

To determine the position of your ears, look to see if your ears stand out from the sides of your head.

Flat to Head

When your ears are flat to the head, this means you are an exceptional listener. In fact, you can listen to many conversations at the same time, or hear the “hidden feeling” of other people.

People with ears lying flat to the head are very sensitive to sounds. They are usually introverted, shy, and have a strong desire to belong.

Sticking Out

When your ears stick out from your head, you only hear what you want to hear. In Chinese face reading, people with forward-facing ears are very stubborn and independent. They often don’t seek cooperation but instead want to stand out from the crowd.

Thus, these people are usually pioneers in their field. They like to be the center of attention. Recognition and admiration are usually what they seek in life. People with ears sticking out from the head are also astute, self-assertive, and self-confident.

5. Elements

There are 5 elements associated with the ears according to Chinese philosophy, which are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The elemental ears may be beneficial or unlucky when accompanied with different types of face shapes.

Our ears are categorized based on these 5 elements as followed:

Wood Ears

The inner circle of wood ears extends beyond the outer wheel. The top of the heaven wheel is usually sloped upward and is larger than the middle area of the ears. In Chinese physiognomy, wood ears tend to be thin with small or attached earlobes.

People with wood ears are patient and persistent in nature. They are consistent in achieving their goals. Rewards come to them not by mere luck but by their hard work over a long period of time. These people are determined and will not give up until they achieve their goals.

Wood ears also promise happy, healthy, and lucky old age if discipline and patience are well exercised during a person’s life.

However, if the wood ears are accompanied by a metal face or earth face shape, the happy fate of this face is likely to be decreased.

Fire Ears

Fire Ears are recognized by their pointed upper heaven wheel. Similar to wood ears, the inner circle of the ears extends beyond the outer wheel.

According to many Chinese face readers, fire ears belong to impulsive, spontaneous, and hot-headed people. They tend to be very fiery with their emotions.

However, people with fire ears are also self-confident and independent. These people are natural leaders who are action-oriented, brave, and courageous.

When the fire ears are combined with a fire face, this increases the chance of living a fulfilling and happy life.

Earth Ears

In Mien Shiang, earth ears are relatively large and fleshy. This type of ears are often rounded and full in both outer and inner rings.

Earth ears are regarded as auspicious ears in Chinese physiognomy because it indicates a long, fulfilled, and fortunate life. People with earth ears are loyal to their friends and family and feel happy when there are others around them.

These people will generally be respected and loved throughout life.

However, when the earth ears go together with a wood face, the luck of this kind of ears is reduced.

Metal Ears

Metal ears are quite similar to fire ears in a way that they are usually pointed. Metal ears are angular and sharp. Often, these ears have hard lobes and are paler than the overall facial skin. The inner and outer circles of metal ears are so close that they also touch.

In face reading, people with metal ears are curious, intellectual, and creative. They can perceive things differently which can help them gain success and wealth easily.

Yet, metal ears reveal that the person has a tendency to be selfish. He is willing to sacrifice personal relationships in exchange for personal benefits. This type of ear also signifies difficult childhood from within his family.

Many ancient Chinese masters say that if metal ears are accompanied by a wood face shape, then bad luck seems inevitable.

Water Ears

In Chinese face reading, there is a softness associated with water ears. These ears usually rise above the eyebrow line and have large, rounded earlobes. The color of water ears tends to be lighter than the color of the face.

Water ears belong to people with exceptional listening skills. These people can listen to the utmost depth of other people’s feelings. People with water ears are also quick-witted, calm, and intelligent. They are the best negotiators and are likely to do well in business.

However, when water ears are attached to a fire face, this indicates sudden misfortune and financial losses in the person’s life.

6. Colors

In Chinese face reading, the color of your ears indicates your luck, ability, and overall state of health. Generally, the darker the color of your ears, the weaker the strength of your kidneys.

The meaning of your ear’s colors are shown in this table:

Ears’ colorMeaning
BlackUnhealthy body, confused thoughts, weak kidney, wandering mind. The worst color of ears.
GreyStronger than black ears but still have weak kidneys and body, lack of energy, tend to be lazy. Sudden illness and misfortune.
RedHard life, usually not get what deserved to be received, have limited achievement in life. Irritable, sensitive to criticism, and have high blood pressure.
PinkGood luck and can attain great achievements. Life is usually happy. Good memory and possess great patience.
WhiteFortunate throughout life. Strong kidney, excellent brain-power, noble quality, high status, and have refined mind.
The meanings of your ears’ colors

7. Earlobes

In Chinese face reading, earlobes represent longevity, wealth, wisdom, and health. Thus, the bigger the earlobes, the better wealth and health that a person has.

According to the meanings of moles on your ears, people who have big earlobes are usually taken care of when they are old. These people possess wisdom and are excellent at long-term investors. Therefore, they tend to attract luck in acquiring real estate.

In contrast, small earlobes don’t indicate anything related to lack of knowledge or inability. Rather, small earlobes demonstrate that the person is present-oriented. This person is spontaneous and wants instant gratification. Thus, the individual is usually content with life.

8. Moles on Ears

Moles on ears in Chinese face reading
Moles on ears

The Chinese face readers point out that moles on ears are signs of fortune and luck. In women, moles on ears mean that the woman’s life is auspicious. She is also highly intelligent and is able to make quick decisions.

If both the female’s ears have moles, this means she will live the most pleasant life and can easily influence others. If the mole is only on her left ear, it indicates that she is likely to have a lucky marriage.

When a mole appears in the earlobes in either male or female, this shows the person’s strong commitment to his family. In Chinese face reading, mole on earlobes also signifies good character and fortune in general.

9. Bonus

The fact that you read my post until the end means that you are really interested in the art of face reading!

I call this section “Bonus” because this is where we can learn from each other!

As you recognize that it’s better to learn this art with the REAL person, you would naturally realize the importance of contributing REAL life examples to the art of face reading.

Therefore, if you know any famous people whose ears can be great examples for our post, please let me know in the comment section down below.

I will update this post with the images of these famous people so we can all grow and prosper TOGETHER in the ancient art of face reading!

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