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Spiritual Meaning of Letter E

Letter E attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolEssence, quintessence, breath of God, window, MAN
Spiritual meaningEnergy, Experience, Ecstasy, Enlightenment, Element, Eye
Numerology value5
Stand forExpansion, Exploration, Exaltation, Empathy, Extroversion, Equilibrium
Spiritual meaning of letter E

Meaning of Letter E

The fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Hé, or letter E in English. Hé is the symbolic breath of God in the Kabbalistic system.

It represents the divine revelation, essence of life, and effortlessness of the world. According to Webster, essence is the fundamental, actual, and unchanging nature of a thing or its significant individual feature.

The numerical value of E is 5, which is the number of MAN. MAN stands for Master-Able-Noble. That is, a man must Master his own 5 senses (E) to be Able to ascend to the heavenly realm. Only then, he is considered Noble.

The nobility of a man is really in his character and virtue, not in his worldly status or position. Thus, the spiritual meaning of letter E is a MAN being developed spiritually.

In esoteric teachings, when we become a master over our own animal nature, we are Enlightened being whose body is light and whose mind is Christ’s.

Letter E resembles our human Eye. The All-seeing eye capstone on the pyramid behind the one-dollar bill is the missing letter A. It is the Eye of God who is always present in our every action.

The lowercase “e” is also the secret meaning of the Internet, which is the small eye that watches our behaviors. Everything we do online left its footprints behind. Thus, we really need to behave properly in the online environment.

In the Egyptian school of esotericism, the letter E symbolizes the Scale of Justice held up on the Day of Judgement. When we die, our hearts are weighed against the feather of Maat (Truth, Justice).

If our heart is lighter than the feather, we get the mark of purity and worthiness to live forever in the Afterlife with Osiris.

If not, we will be devoured by Ammit, which is the “Devourer of the Dead” or the “Eater of Hearts” in Egyptian mythology. Therefore, letter E spiritually means Justice, Balance, and Judgement.

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Meaning of Letter E in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name or your vowel starts with E, you are Expressive, Eager, Energetic, Emotional, and Extroverted in personality. As E’s numerical value is 5, people with E in their names are outgoing people who love to Explore the world to its fullest potential.

When we double letter “E”, we get “ee”, which symbolizes the Expressive and Expansive nature of E people. We see this quality in many words such as Free, Deep, Sleep, Seek, Flee, etc. Life is a school for you and you learn your lessons through Experience.

Spiritually, E is progressive as the letter is facing on the right. E people often look ahead into the future and get Excited about things going to come. As number 5 lies in the middle of 1-9, you need to establish balance as you are changeable, flexible, and versatile in nature.

Negative Traits

On the negative characteristics, E people need to control their energy properly. Otherwise, E is prone to being restless and Exhausted due to overactivity. You frequently change your mind. Thus, it is difficult to get you to be committed to do something.

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