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The Complete Guide to Philtrum in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the philtrum is the area of fertility and creativity. Face readers can tell if a person is sexually strong or not by looking at the philtrum.

Philtrum is the groove located between the nose and the mouth. In Taoist alchemy, this is the place where the Ren and Du channels meet, symbolizing the point between heaven and earth.

The ancient Chinese also call the philtrum “Palace of Immortality”. By looking at the philtrum, we can determine a person’s sexuality, creativity, and fecundity.

In this post, I will talk about the philtrum and its meaning in Chinese face reading:

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Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

  1. Shapes
    1. Wide to Narrow Philtrum
    2. Narrow to Wide Philtrum
    3. Balanced Philtrum
  2. Characteristics
    1. Long and Deep Philtrum
    2. Wide Philtrum
    3. Short Philtrum
    4. Narrow Philtrum
    5. Shallow Philtrum
  3. Lines on Philtrum
    1. Horizontal Lines
    2. Vertical Lines
  4. Moles on Philtrum
  5. Bonus

1. Shapes

The philtrum is divided into 3 parts:

  • First part: close to the nose, signifying the time of childhood.
  • Second part: middle of the philtrum, representing the time of adulthood.
  • Third part: bottom of the philtrum, symbolizing the time of old age.

In Chinese face reading, the shapes of philtrum can be changed according to the amount of Jing, or original essence, that has been used.

Wide to Narrow Philtrum

A wide to narrow philtrum indicates that the amount of Jing is most abundant in childhood. The person who has this kind of philtrum is most active when he is young while having less activity when he is old.

Chinese face reading tells us that people with wide-to-narrow philtrum are very sensitive, which can negatively turn into skepticism and nervousness. These people are not very good at handling money because of their insufficient ambition, patience, and determination.

They usually face difficulty in childhood and really need to work hard to get what they want. If they are not aware of their energy level, this can lead to serious health problems. They should also learn to not to be too self-critical.

Narrow to Wide Philtrum

People who have narrow-to-wide philtrum have the best kind of philtrum in Chinese face reading. This is considered the most auspicious shape as it reveals someone who wants to be highly functional in his old age.

These people usually craft a long-term plan for the future. This is a sign of longevity, prosperity, and health. Individuals who have narrow-to-wide philtrum are said to be taken care of by their children and grandchildren. They are sincere, loyal, and strong in character.

Balanced Philtrum

When someone has a balanced philtrum, which means that the philtrum is rectangle-shaped, then this person has an even amount of Jing distributed throughout life. They tend to live peaceful lives because they understand the nature of harmony.

2. Characteristics

Long and Deep Philtrum

A long and deep philtrum is a sign of fertility and creativity. People with long philtrum love to play around and do not mind being teased.

When the philtrum is both deep and long, a person has a strong drive for having children or expressing his creativity. This is also a good sign for the reproductive function within his body.

The Chinese believe that if you have deep and long philtrum, you can raise a large number of children, like around 6 or 7. Moreover, people who have long and deep philtrum are patient, hard-working, and modest. They most likely will enjoy a good and healthy long life.

Wide Philtrum

People with wide philtrum are blessed with health, wealth, and longevity. This kind of philtrum is a sign of great fortune in Chinese face reading. It reveals someone who is lucky in early age and can make a good amount of money.

These people are usually supported by their friends because they are very loyal in relationships. They are also sincere, generous, and open-minded, which makes them good friends to be with.

Women with wide philtrum are said to enjoy a flourishing career or a highly paid job. However, if the philtrum is too wide, this indicates a lack of patience, ill fortune, and low intelligence.

Short Philtrum

In contrast to long philtrum, short philtrum does not promise a person good health and longevity. Rather, it means bad luck for children and health, which can eventually lead to loneliness in old age.

A short philtrum is a sign that someone needs to change his diet and mental attitude. The lifespan of people with this type of philtrum is generally short. They are inactive, lazy, and hot-tempered. These people don’t have the drive to finish what they had started.

People with short philtrum tend to seek helps from others because they are very dependent. They make no effort to improve themselves, so they usually don’t achieve much in life. These people also don’t like to be teased and can become very irritable if someone does so.

Narrow Philtrum

In Chinese art of reading faces, narrow philtrum is a sign of narrow-mindedness, poor health, and problems with money. People with narrow philtrum are often not good at communication and can be very stingy and jealous.

In whatever way they turn, they always face challenges, especially with money. They can experience professional or personal setbacks due to their unwillingness to broaden their knowledge. It is also said that these people can even suffer lifelong poverty and deterioration in characters, such as meanness and cowardice.

Shallow Philtrum

Shallow Philtrum
Shallow Philtrum

Shallow philtrum means that the line and depth of the philtrum are not very clear. The art of reading faces tells us that shallow philtrum is a good sign for money matters, but a bad sign for creativity and children.

That is, people with this kind of philtrum tend to be very aware of how they spend their money. Discounted prices and free trials mean greatness to them as they love the thrill of hunting for bargains. These people value security so much that they put most of their time and energy into building a good financial foundation.

Therefore, people with short philtrum tend to enjoy financial security in old age. Yet, they are not quite interested in sex. Their reproductive systems are considered weak and they don’t attract luck in marriage and children.

3. Lines on Philtrum

Horizontal Lines

If there is a horizontal line running across the philtrum, this is a sign of a blockage of fertility and creativity. This person is likely to run out of Jing due to his shallow breathing and overworking.

Therefore, a marking here suggests that a person should learn to breathe properly in a basic sense. On a spiritual level, the horizontal line on the philtrum means to expand your consciousness.

Moreover, the horizontal line across the philtrum is a message to free yourself from social restraints and conventions. People with these lines have a tendency of not being true themselves, so they need to open themselves up to their true nature.

Vertical Lines

In Chinese face reading, vertical lines on the philtrum indicate bad luck in childhood, creativity, and children. These lines signify the issues with physical energy and sexual power.

People with many vertical lines on the philtrum usually do not marry. Even if they do, it is very hard for them during the conception period. They may be adopted children themselves or will adopt others as their children, but as a rule, they will not find much satisfaction in this area of life.

4. Moles on Philtrum

Due to the philtrum’s location, you should check the meaning of moles on lips for complete understanding.

When there is a black mole on the philtrum, this indicates a person who needs to work very hard throughout life.

If this mole appears on the face of a woman, she is likely to have problems with the uterus. If the black mole is on a man’s face, he has a tendency to be lecherous and backbite other people.

When the mole appears in the upper lip close to the philtrum, this signifies a person who enjoys eating good food. If it appears below the upper lip, a person is likely to be involved with acting and theaters.

5. Bonus

If you are reading this sentence right now, it means that you are really interested in face reading.

As a matter of fact, it is always better to study the art of reading faces with REAL life examples. Therefore, if you know any famous people whose philtrum can be a great example for this post, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

This is where we can all learn from each other, and I will update my post with the best example I find in the comment.

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