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The Complete Guide to Nose in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the nose is the reservoir of wealth and importance. We can see a person’s ego, ability to make or spend money, and sexual powers by looking at his nose.

Chinese masters call the nose the “center of life”. The larger the nose, the more power, drive, and leadership skill a person has.

Not only the nose but the nostrils are also important. In the art of reading faces, the nostrils are closely related to financial success. They indicate how a person spends money and how much wealth a person is likely to amass during his life.

As you can see, the nose and nostrils are very important indicators in Chinese face reading. In this post, I will reveal their meanings based on the below organization:

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Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

  1. Size
    1. Large Nose
    2. Small Nose
  2. Shape
    1. Flat Nose
    2. Protruding Nose
    3. Thin and Narrow (Aquiline) Nose
    4. Bony Noses
    5. Pointed Nose
    6. Straight Nose
  3. Length
    1. Long Nose
    2. Short Nose
  4. Position
    1. High-set Nose
    2. Low-set Nose
  5. Nose Tip
    1. Rounded Tip
    2. Fleshy Tip
    3. Split Tip
  6. Nose Bridge
  7. Nose Wings
  8. Nostrils
  9. Moles on Nose
  10. Bonus

1. Size

Large Nose

J.P. Morgan has a big, large, and fleshy nose
J.P. Morgan has a big, large, and fleshy nose.

In Chinese face reading, a large nose is related to the ego and its healthy needs, which give a person enough ambition to succeed. People with large noses are powerful and are individually strong.

As the nose is related to the lungs, a large nose means that a person also has large lungs. The larger the nose, the more drive, leadership ability, and desire to work independently. Large noses indicate a person who is ambitious and can stand out from the crowd.

Small Nose

People with small noses like to live in groups. They are not as independent as people with large noses, so they have great social and cooperative skills. That is, they want to blend in rather than to stand out from the crowd.

These people are easy-going and want an easier life. At work, people with small noses like a relaxed environment. They are spontaneous, imaginative, and not so much ambitious.

2. Shape

Flat Nose

In Chinese face reading, people with flat noses are content with life. They prefer whatever belongs to the old days and seem to be slow to adopt new innovations. They are not much adventurous as they value security.

These people make great teammates due to their diplomatic nature. They are cooperative, friendly, and group-oriented.

Protruding Nose

Protruding nose belongs to pioneers, leaders, and trendsetters. People with protruding noses like to do things in an innovative and different way. The way they work and think is progressive.

These people don’t like to follow orders and routines. Instead, their lives are full of adventurous journeys.

Thin and Narrow (Aquiline) Nose

Aquiline, or thin and narrow noses, are a sign of idealism. These people value ideals over money and quality than quantity. They want to have exactly what they want for a long-term rather than having something temporarily.

People with aquiline nose like tactics and possess a business mind. Yet, they can be aggressive sometimes.

Bony Nose

In Chinese face readings, people with bony noses always try to abstain from material things. Instead, they value a simple life based on values rather than the appearance of things.

These people are likely to escape from the world to a monastic-type life. They are not seekers of pleasures but they seek important lessons gained from real experiences.

Pointed Nose

If your nose is pointed and sharp, you have a nose for news. You are curious about things happening around you and want to find answers for everything. You are the ideal candidate to be a popular person in your group as you know all the stories and details about everyone.

Chinese face reading tells us that the pointed nose also indicates great ability to make decisions and clear thinking. These people can reach great positions in scientific fields, or oven in business negotiations.

Straight Nose

John D. Rockefeller has a straight nose
John D. Rockefeller has a straight nose.

Straight noses belong to people who are loyal, disciplined, and fair. They are gifted with the look of elegance and regal. These people value relationships and have a great potential for success in work. In fact, success seems to come easily to straight-nosed people.

These people have a sense of justice, even though they are impatient sometimes. In the art of reading faces, people with straight noses are career-wise and can climb to the top when doing business.

3. Length

Long Nose

A long nose is a sign of ambition in Chinese face reading. The longer the nose, the more pride a person has. People with long noses are oriented to do business with great ambition. People usually respond to them positively and they are usually in positions of leadership.

These people have great instincts. Their main problems are related to resentment as they demand appreciation from others for their efforts. If someone looks down on people with long noses, he may make a big mistake.

Short Nose

People with short noses are said to be loyal and compassionate. Yet, they are not ambitious, so they are usually content with what they have. Luckily, short noses indicate healthy egos.

However, due to their lack of drive, these people have difficulty committing to a cause. They may want several things but are short on stamina to achieve them.

4. Position

High-set Nose

In the ancient art of reading faces, people with high noses are ambitious, proud, and energetic. They are trendsetters, warriors, and leaders. They can climb very high with their ambitions, especially the ones that benefit other people.

These people have abundant energy to attain what they want. People with high-set noses are also said to be righteous and confident enough to fight against hostility and injustice around the world. This is a revolutionary nose rather than a conforming-to-rules nose.

Low-set Nose

Chinese face readers state that people with low-set noses are not much ambitious. They don’t like to become leaders, but want to work with others. Thus, people with low noses can be great teammates who are very loyal.

In fact, there are many low-set-nosed people who are the “right hand” of powerful leaders around the world.

Yet, they have a tendency to depend too much on other people. If their leaders do not have good morals, people with low noses may follow the wrong ways.

5. Nose Tip

Generally, nose tip size relates to financial security. Thus, chunky nose tips mean that a person’s major concern is saving for the future, which holds the opposite meaning with the tiny nose tips.

Rounded Tip

A rounded nose tip means financial pleasures in both men and women. They are not greedy, but they do find pleasures with what money can buy. People with rounded nose tip appreciate things with values and want the best out of the things they can buy.

Fleshy Tip

If you have a fleshy nose tip, you love good quality food and drink. Yet, if you don’t pay enough attention to your diet, you have a tendency to indulge in junk foods. Otherwise, you are a great person to be asked to choose the menus when you go to restaurants with your friends.

Split Tip

As its name suggests, a slip nose tip means a slip of feelings about love of things and food. There is some guilty associated with the things you do to enjoy yourselves. People with slip nose tips are also likely to become overweight.

6. Nose Bridge

Generally, nose bridge is associated with how much money can come in or how much energy that the owner has to use.

A straight nose bridge is better than the crooked one. People with straight nose bridges with wrinkle are likely to be busy throughout life, yet they often find difficulty in amassing wealth. Moreover, if the straight nose bridge has grey mole or any shadow, this means a bad sign for health and family. If there is a black mole, then it indicates unfortunate in marriage, such as quarrel and divorce.

A bump on the bridge of the nose is a sign of a person who wants to be in charge. This bump can also indicate pride and leadership ability, yet the person may not have many followers.

Chinese face readings reveal that people with a wide nose bridge have great physical strength and stamina. Money flow into their pockets abundantly as they can make money in large amounts. This is also a sign of someone who has a very strong spine.

If the nose bridge is narrow, it bears the opposite meaning to the wide bridge. Thus, a narrow nose bridge signifies a person who has less physical energy and tends to make money in smaller amounts. Their spine is not strong as well.

7. Nose Wings

In Chinese face readings, nose wings that are rounded and fleshy indicate success in early life and good social skills. People with this kind of nose wings have talents for making and managing money. If the nose wings are thin, this is not an auspicious sign as it suggests failure and bad financial management.

If the nose wings are accompanied with a mole, this indicates financial losses in the old age. This mole also reveals the suffering from chronic stomach disease of the owner.

8. Nostrils

Chinese face readers regard the nostrils as the second moneybox.

Wide and large nostrils belong to people who spend money and energy easily. “Easy come, easy go” is be the best saying to describe these people.

If the nostrils are narrowed, we have someone who is careful about spending money. They tend to value their money and put them into saving accounts. The things that they like most are free stuff and discounted things.

Small nostrils show a person who doesn’t want to spend. It doesn’t mean that they are cheap, but it means someone who is extremely careful about the ways they spend their money. Yet, they can be stingy sometimes.

9. Moles on Nose

Moles on the nose indicate things related to self-esteem and respect. That is, if you have a mole on the nose, this is a sign of high respect coming from your friends and family.

If a mole appears on the nose bridge, you will constantly have troubles with your health, money, and marriage.

A mole on the nose tip reveals that you are an extravagant person. You spend money more than what you make due to your short-tempered nature. Therefore, saving money is your problem and you will usually have problems with financial security.

When a mole is on the wings of the nose, this suggests financial insecurity in old age, especially when you are around 50 years old.

A mole on the right side of the nose is a good sign. If you have this mole, you are passionate to others, yet you possess a very strong sexual drive.

10. Bonus

I call this section “Bonus” as this is where we can benefit from each other.

It is always better to study face reading with REAL life examples of famous people. So, if you know someone who can be a perfect example for this post, please share your ideas in the comment section.

I will update my post with the best example, so we can really help each other in this journey.

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  • Shiren

    Hello, thank you for your content.
    I love the face reading knowledge!

    What are your thoughts on nose piercings?
    Do they make a dent in the age palaces on the nose? Or affect wealth in any way?

    Appreciate your insight.
    Thanks again!

  • Wisdom Tavern

    I believe that face reading is based on the original shape of the face. But things like cosmetic surgery or nose piercing may affect you in some ways. It is more about internal changes rather than external. For example, if after the cosmetic surgery the person feels good about herself, then changes will start from the inside and manifest outside, which eventually affects the way the person thinks, behaves, and believes about herself. So in the end, this may affect wealth/fortune in some ways, but it all has to happen from the inside and manifest to the outside.

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