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The Complete Guide to Eyebrows in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the eyebrows indicate the general constitution, current state of health, hopes, and goals of an individual. People with strong eyebrows are said to handle alcohol very well.

The most important trait related to eyebrows is their size. Eyebrows that are large, bushy, long, or thick show an abundant amount of liver Qi. It also indicates the ability to express anger, passion, and drive.

In contrast, people with fine, short, or soft eyebrows are flexible, easy-going, and tend to go with the flow.

When reading the eyebrows, we need to consider their shapes, sizes, positions, etc. to make the right conclusion about a person’s character. We also need to interpret the brow bones because they are in the same place.

In this post, I will talk about the eyebrows and their meanings in Chinese face reading, organized as follows:

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  1. Position
    1. High-set Eyebrows
    2. Low-set Eyebrows
  2. Length
    1. Long Eyebrows
    2. Short Eyebrows
  3. Width
    1. Wide-set Eyebrows
    2. Close-set Eyebrows
  4. Thickness
    1. Thick Eyebrows
    2. Bushy Eyebrows
    3. Thin Eyebrows
    4. Sparse Eyebrows
  5. Shapes
    1. Unibrow
    2. Curly Eyebrows
  6. Eyebrow Arch
    1. Downward Sloping Eyebrows
    2. Upward Sloping Eyebrows
    3. Straight Eyebrows
    4. Naturally Curved Eyebrows
    5. Highly Arched in The Middle
  7. Moles on Eyebrows
  8. Bonus

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Position

High-set Eyebrows

In Chinese face reading, people with high-set eyebrows are aloof, formal, and sensitive. The higher the eyebrows, the more intensified these traits become.

Even though these people look cool outside, they are caring inwardly. These people are comfortable keeping ideas to themselves even though they don’t literally hide their thoughts.

People with high eyebrows are devoted to their family, warm, and sweetheart. They tend to achieve something early in their life.

Low-set Eyebrows

Low-set eyebrows belong to people who love to help others, but they would show you exactly how to do it. If you are willing to listen to their advice, they will get you to the top with them.

Low eyebrows also indicate that the person is a spontaneous taker. He may be happiest when they work in a career that values quick-witted quality, such as being a host of a talk show. Yet, these people usually don’t think twice before they speak.

People with low eyebrows are often successful in things related to spontaneity, expressiveness, and personal involvement.

Unfortunately, Chinese face readers tell us that these people are materialistic and often troubled with family affairs. They desire instant gratification over long-term benefits.

2. Length

Long Eyebrows

The longer the eyebrows, the more sibling supports that a person receives in their childhood. This trait can also denote supports from peers and coworkers later in life.

In Chinese physiognomy, people with long eyebrows are dedicated to their loved ones. They enjoy many benefits associated with this yang feature, such as longevity, strength, and endurance. These people have a high energy level and don’t give up on their goals.

The ancient Chinese believed that the longer the eyebrows, the more friends a person is capable of having. Thus, these people are usually good friends and are easily forgiven when they make a mistake.

Short Eyebrows

Short eyebrows belong to someone who is intense, highly active, and temperamental. They often have trouble controlling their emotions, so their feelings are like roller coasters going up and down.

Moreover, short eyebrows denote poor sibling support in early childhood. Due to this reason, people who have short eyebrows are usually independent and do not usually ask for help. They are easily hurt, relentless, and experience loneliness regularly.

These people need to learn to be open because they don’t trust other people. Therefore, they don’t have many friends in life

3. Width

Wide-set Eyebrows

In Chinese face reading, people with wide eyebrows are loyal and generous friends. They possess great commonsense and are able to give excellent advice, only if you ask them. These people only need a little amount of effort to be loved by other people.

People with wide eyebrows have a hidden desire, which is a genuine and lasting relationship, even though they are usually shy away from sex.

Wide-set eyebrows are also a sign of hesitancy. These people have issues with asserting themselves due to their lack of confidence. Even when they climb to high positions at work, they would still feel uncertain about success.

The Chinese regard wide-set eyebrows as a masculine trait. People who have this kind of eyebrows are impulsive, active, and like to know the bottom line rather than trivial details.

Close-set Eyebrows

Eyebrows that are closed to each other depict a person who is positive and is always ready for challenges. People with close-set eyebrows are genuine and self-confident. Yet, they are quick to anger and resentment.

These quick tempers usually result from people who don’t want to do things in their ways. It is said that people with close eyebrows are spontaneous and inclined to volatility. They are detailed-oriented, passive, and sometimes indecisive.

These people literally believe that they can achieve everything, even though it is against all the odds.

There is always a danger of jealousy behind their personality. People with close-set eyebrows do not usually react positively in partnerships.

4. Thickness

Thick Eyebrows

Chinese face reading tells us that people with thick eyebrows are generous and emotional. They certainly tend to fool around, yet they are also attracted to action and adventure. These people are able to use new ideas spontaneously for their own advancement.

Thick eyebrows also indicate assertiveness. When this trait is accompanied with the bushiness of hair, we have a person who only takes yes for an answer. Such people could be viewed as pushy, or even oppressive.

People with thick eyebrows are courageous as they will fight for what they believe in. Furthermore, eyebrows that are full and think reveal the high-strung temperament of these people.

Anger and resentment are their challenges. They need to learn how to channel these negative energies into positive passions.

Bushy Eyebrows

If you have bushy eyebrows, you have the same traits as people with full and thick eyebrows. The difference is that you have the intensified version of these traits. In Chinese face reading, people with bushy eyebrows are likely to succeed in life because of their noticeable character.

The main characteristics associated with bushy eyebrows are anger, stubbornness, high energy, generosity, and courage.

If your eyebrows are bushy and messy altogether, you have such a violent personality.

Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows belong to people who are timid and shy. In contrast to thick eyebrows, thin eyebrows indicate a lack of self-confidence and scattered energy. These people usually don’t have enough energy to finish what they had started.

People with thin and fine eyebrows tend to go with the low. They have such an easy-going nature and are usually perceived as gentle and quiet. Their liver Qi may not be powerful, so they are not often involved in physical exercises.

Sparse Eyebrows

Sparse eyebrows are an indication of weak liver Qi in Chinese physiognomy. People with sparse eyebrows can be high-strung when exhausted, but they overcome it quickly. Arguments drain their energy the most as these people like everyone to get along.

An indirect or indecisive person who is fearful of being wrong usually has sparse eyebrows. Although they are helpful and caring, they need to learn to stand up for themselves. These people always strive for peace and cooperation and have very low tolerance to drugs and alcohol.

Generally, sparse eyebrows reveal the easy-going nature, passive personality, and low passion of the owner.

5. Shapes


Unibrow is defined as long eyebrows connected together in the middle. They are also known as monobrows or single eyebrows, which is a sign of extra aggression in Chinese face reading. People with unibrow are easily hurt and need to exert a great amount of energy to control their tempers.

Positively, people with connected eyebrows are good at sports. When the fiery energy is transformed into passion, these people usually find success in what they pursue. Therefore, if their emotions are out of control, it is recommended that these people take physical exercise to reduce their anger.

Curly Eyebrows

In the art of face reading, curly eyebrows indicate unsystematic thinking and behavior. Although people with curly eyebrows are clever and intelligent, they often have strong egos.

These people work systematically for their goals. They are endowed with the gift of patience, consistency, and determination.

One of their negative traits is the lust for power. They may also don’t find much happiness in their love life due to this reason. If the eyebrows are both curly and messy, this means an unusual mind which usually belongs to mad scientists.

6. Eyebrow Arch

Generally, the stronger and higher the arch of the eyebrows, the more action-oriented a person will be.

Downward Sloping Eyebrows

Downward sloping or downturn eyebrows indicate a pessimistic attitude and a high expectation of others. People with downward sloping eyebrows are discouraged easily and always face the feelings that they should give up before they reach their goals.

They often set high expectations for themselves as well, which may attribute to their feelings of overwhelming. They work best when someone encourages them regularly.

Unfortunately, this set of eyebrows is regarded as an inauspicious sign in Chinese face reading. This shape indicates a lack of ambition and determination. Moreover, eyebrows that slope downward reveal a tendency of melancholy and depression.

However, in the positive light, these people are trustworthy and reliable even though they look extremely shy.

Upward Sloping Eyebrows

In Chinese art of reading faces, people with upward-sloping eyebrows are usually fortunate and successful in life. Thus, this shape is considered an auspicious sign.

These people possess a positive outlook and tend to work hard for their success. They are very quick to seize opportunities. Such people are generally dynamic, ambitious, and outgoing individuals who love to make things happen.

However, the negative traits associated with upward-sloping eyebrows are impatience and irritation. They often quit halfway through. A tendency to feel stressed or take on too much work is very common.

Straight Eyebrows

Straight eyebrows signify good physical health and down-to-earth quality of the owner. People with straight eyebrows work methodically and systematically to achieve their goals. Rules, standards, and principles are what they adhere to.

Imagination is not one of their strengths. However, their pragmatism and optimistic attitude can compensate for this shortcoming. Due to their insightful about financial matters, these people usually face any financial difficulty throughout life

Naturally Curved Eyebrows

Eyebrows that are naturally curved and rounded are called “courtesan’s eyebrows” in Chinese face reading. This trait is predominantly seen in females rather than males. Usually, women who have this kind of eyebrows are very pleasant to look at.

These people often possess excellent communication skills, which make them great diplomats and peacemakers. It is very hard to resist the attraction coming from them because of their charming quality.

Highly Arched in The Middle

Highly arched in the middle or upside-down-V-shaped eyebrows signify someone who is very decisive in nature. These people are quick to react to situations, even though they should spend some time thinking before acting.

They are very action-oriented and their movements are fast and forceful. Their actions usually contain aggressive quality.

7. Moles on Eyebrows

Moles on eyebrows have different meanings related to specific locations. The table below demonstrates some general characteristics of moles appearing on eyebrows

Mole’s locationMeanings
On eyebrowsFortunate in money, success, power, and courage to face difficulty.
Above eyebrowsIssues with current money matters, such as not having enough money for daily expenses.
Near the middle of eyebrowsProblems with money matters in the future, like having no money for retirement.
Hide behind eyebrow’s hairThe person is careful and is capable of achieving great things.
Between eye and eyebrowsSign of frustration in sharing family property.
At brow tipIndication of problems with controlling emotions.
Moles on Eyebrows Meanings

8. Bonus

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