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The Complete Guide to Eyes in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In the Chinese art of reading faces, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the eyes are the window to the soul. In fact, the light of the eyes is related to the fire element, which reflects the quality of the shen – the spirit.

The clearer and shiner your eyes are, the stronger and healthier your shen.

Thus, bright and sparkling eyes are signs of intelligence, quickness of the mind, and openness of the heart. You don’t need to be proficient at face reading to know other people’s emotions and feelings by looking at their eyes.

The Taoist masters also say that the more open your eyes are, the more you receive information emotionally and spiritually from the outer world. You, in turn, express much love to the surrounding environment from your heart and soul.

When reading the eyes, we should also need to consider the eyebrows as they are closely related to each other.

In this post, I will guide you through my detailed analysis about the eyes in Chinese face reading:

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Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

  1. Size
    1. Large Eyes
    2. Small Eyes
  2. Shape
    1. Round Eyes
    2. Almond Eyes
    3. Rectangular Eyes
  3. Depth
    1. Protruding Eyes
    2. Deep-set Eyes
  4. Set and Position
    1. Wide-set Eyes
    2. Close-set Eyes
  5. Angle
    1. Upward-slanting Eyes
    2. Downward-slanting Eyes
  6. Moles on Eyes
  7. Bonus

1. Size

Chinese face readers regard the size of the eyes to the openness of the heart.

Large Eyes

Large eyes are the epitome of the ideal beauty.

People with large eyes are said to have a lot of fire energy. They are emotional and often have trouble controlling their feelings. They are likely to feel before thinking.

Large eyes indicate the intelligence and strength of a person with a sincere character. They are reactive and expressive in nature. These people can change their emotions quickly. Because they also have the ability to absorb other people’s feelings, their moods can change suddenly and they often feel emotionally overwhelmed.

It is no doubt that people with large eyes have a secret sex appeal or peach luck to the opposite sex. Women with large eyes are regarded as experienced playmates who are willing to experiment. People are drawn to them because of their erotic charisma.

Small Eyes

Small eyes, little eyes, or narrow eyes all indicate that a person has the ability to control his emotions. People with small eyes tend to be ambitious and they like to think rather than to feel. In fact, small eyes demonstrate the quality of carefulness, ambition, and rationale.

These people think twice before they act and are careful at how they express themselves. Their minds are very logical and rational. In reality, people with small eyes often appear cold and aloof, but in fact, they just don’t know how to express themselves emotionally.

Moreover, these people are introspective and cautious. It is likely that they don’t put their trust in other people due to the tendency toward skepticism.

2. Shape

Round Eyes

In Chinese face reading, round eyes are considered the most emotional and expressive kinds of eyes. These people are courageous and can easily speak their minds.

If you have round eyes, you are alert, caring, bright, and sexually attractive. The rounder your eyes, the happier you are. You also have a tendency to go to the extreme and do things in a reckless way.

Generally, people with round eyes are short-tempered and are prone to mood swings. However, their charming quality can offset these negative characteristics.

Almond Eyes

People who have almond eyes are said to be disciplined enough to not get swayed away by their sensuality. Almond eyes usually have eyelids curving slightly on the top and bottom, which intensify their exotic quality.

An almond eye indicates a sense of mystery. People with this kind of eyes are very sensitive and warm-hearted, yet they don’t suffer mood swings like people with round eyes. They know why, when, and how to express their feelings as they have some control over their emotions.

People with almond eyes are both open and cautious at the same time. They can easily communicate with other people but still pay enough attention to analyze what they have received in the conservation.

Rectangular Eyes

Rectangular eyes belong to people who are highly intelligent and like to work with their minds. In Chinese face reading, people with rectangle-shaped eyes are great business people. They prefer using logic to feeling to solve problems in the world.

In private life, what they probably value most is security. Everything needs to be planned out and carefully calculated, even in a relationship. It is very hard to influence these people because they don’t let much in.

People with rectangular eyes are also slow to make changes. They are aware of monetary matters and social status. These kinds of people usually feel a block of sexual expression from within themselves and are vulnerable to envy.

3. Depth

Protruding Eyes

Eyes that are protruding are a sign of extroverted quality. In the Chinese art of reading faces, protruding eyes belong to people who are extremely egotistical and untrustworthy. However, these people are strong-willed and sharp-minded.

They tend to become successful in life. Their main lesson is to not become selfish in achieving their goals. They also have a strong sexual desire and will try anything to satisfy their lust. Interestingly, women with protruding eyes are interpreted with the quality of innocence.

Deep-set Eyes

In Chinese face reading, deep-set eyes belong to people who are thoughtful and romantic in nature. They often possess a look of mystery, which makes them subconsciously attractive.

Deep-set Eyes
Deep-set Eyes

As the name of the set suggests, people with deep-set eyes are very deep in character. They are contemplatetive and can be critical. Yet, in life, they attract many lovers due to their extremely romantic personality.

They often share about themselves with their partners, so their affairs are often short-lived.

4. Set and Position

Wide-set Eyes

Wide-set eyes indicate openness and courage to face life’s challenges. People with wide gaps in between the eyes are prone to mood swings. They often have high expectations, but they seem to lack energy to achieve them.

People with this kind of eyes can see the big picture in any situation. They are blessed with good memory and naive outlooks. These people are open to learn new ideas, but they are vulnerable to unstable psyche.

Both males and females with wide-set eyes can expect happiness in the relationship with their partners.

Close-set Eyes

People with close-set eyes are detail-oriented and are likely to be introverted in Chinese face reading. They have such calculating nature, and at worst, a narrow mind.

Close-set eyes are an indication that a person is social and entertaining. They are gifted with the ability to focus on details that people usually miss. Their egos are proven to be very powerful, so they usually don’t give up on their goals.

In reading the faces of people with this kind of eyes, we should pay attention to how they perform at work as this is the area they usually find success in. Politics and commerce may be the best fields for them due to their ability to adapt to new environment.

5. Angle

Upward-slanting Eyes

Upward-slanting or upturned eyes belong to people who are very optimistic about the future. In Chinese face reading, eyes that are sloped upward are the perfect ideal of beauty. This kind of eyes indicated an emotional person who also has intellectual discernment and a wonderful constitution.

People with upward-slanting eyes are curious and ambitious. They can be opportunistic because they are quick to seize opportunities. The other traits associated with the upward-slanting eyes are entertaining, witty, and clever.

Downward-slanting Eyes

People with downward-slanting or downturned eyes are pessimistic in nature. These kinds of eyes are associated with sadness and soft-heartedness. They usually feel discouraged in whatever they do and are easily hurt.

If you have downward-slanting eyes, you should be aware of people who want to take advantage of your softness. You are blessed with the gift of kindness and compassion, but you should learn how to use them wisely.

6. Moles on Eyes

In the Chinese art of reading faces, moles around areas of the eyes are considered auspicious signs, especially if the moles are inside the eyes.

A mole on the eye socket indicates a person who seeks peace.

Although a mole appearing in the upper eyelid signify good luck and fortune, a mole located below the eyelid indicates bad luck and difficulty.

If you have a mole on your right eye, you are said to amass wealth quickly in life. You are also blessed with a quick-learning ability.

If you have a mole appearing on the left eye, this is a sign of arrogance and you can be involved in extramarital affairs.

7. Bonus

The fact that you read my post until the end means that you are really interested in the Chinse art of face reading!

I call this section “Bonus” because this is where we can learn from each other!

As you recognize that it’s better to learn this art with the REAL person, you would naturally realize the importance of contributing REAL life examples to the art of face reading.

Therefore, if you know any famous people whose eyes can be great examples for our post, please let me know in the comment section down below.

I will update this post with the images of these famous people so we can all grow and prosper TOGETHER in the ancient art of face reading!

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