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The Complete Guide to Brow Bones in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the brow bone is a sign of masculinity and is related to control, dominance, and leadership ability. The more prominent the brow bone, the more aggressive a person may be.

Brow bones appear more common in men than in women. The development of brow bones is strongly related to the function of our testosterone level, which is why it is considered a masculine sign.

This is the only feature that some people have while others don’t in face reading. When we talk about the brow bones, we do not talk about the eyebrows. Instead, we are talking about the bones lying behind your eyebrows.

In this post, I will guide you through the ancient art of Chinese face reading on brow bones:

  1. Prominent Brow Bones
  2. Flat Brow Bones
  3. A Dip in the Middle of the Brow Ridge
  4. Moles on Brow Bones
  5. Bonus

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Prominent Brow Bones

As brow bones are related to masculinity, people with strong brow bones usually have issues with dominance and control. There is no doubt that these people are very ambitious and like to take control over everything.

Brow bones signify an automatic resistance to authority. Therefore, people with prominent brow bones have trouble following other people’s commands. They tend to be independent and want to solve problems in their own way. Therefore, these people possess great leadership skills.

In Chinese face reading, prominent brow bones are signs of power. In fact, you can feel tremendous powerful energy when you are physically around people with strong brow bones. They can also be related to rigid and dogmatic thinking.

Physical exercises and outdoor activities are needed for these people. Many face readers say that “strong brow bones do not belong to the weak” as these people are very athletic and strong.

People of this type like to be superheroes who will come to rescue humankind. They may be happiest when they are in a high position of power.

However, prominent brow bones indicate that a person wants to be superior than others. He wants to be above other people and may impose his belief and opinions on someone else. He believes that there is only one way of solution, which is his way.

Due to their desire to be in charge, men with strong brow bones are likely to have issues with women who have large cheekbones.

2. Flat Brow Bones

A flat brow bone doesn’t mean that the person is weak. Rather, it indicates a lack of passion and the desire for power and dominance. Thus, many people have weak or flat brow bones due to their feminine nature.

These people tend to go with the flow and don’t have issues with control. They can make friends with others easily. Peace and harmony are invaluable to these people.

However, flat brow bones may indicate that the person does not have enough exercise. It also demonstrates that a person needs more power and assertion to stand up for what he believes in.

3. A Dip in the Middle of the Brow Ridge

If someone has a dip in the middle of his brow bones, he still has some problems with being told what to do, but this trait is reduced. Specifically, how he is asked is more important than what he is asked.

For example, “remember to do your garbage” and “can you please take out the garbage for me” can make a big difference for these people. What they like most is about being asked nicely.

Due to the dip in the middle, the brow bones are less pronounced. Thus, these people are easier to persuade and enjoy being helpful. They would still show an unwilling attitude at following orders unless they respect their superiors.

5. Moles on Brow Bones

If you have moles on the browbones or eyebrows, you should check out my post on the meaning of moles appearing on eyebrows for further interest.

Generally, a mole on the brow bone indicates issues related to money, success, and fortune.

6. Bonus

This Bonus section is for those who want to learn from each other.

Therefore, if you know any REAL people who can be great examples for this post, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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