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The Complete Guide to Chin in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the chin signifies character and willpower. As a rule, the stronger the chin, the more powerful the will. It is related to the water element and can tell us about the health of the kidneys.

The ancient Chinese regard the chin as the earth while considering the forehead as the heaven. That is, the chin tells us how a person is likely to be in old age while the forehead signifies a person’s childhood.

Determination, power, and vitality can all be related to the chin. According to the Chinese interpretation of faces, a nicely rounded and smooth chin will take care of you for the rest of your life.

When interpreting the chin, we need to pay attention to its size, length, shape, etc. We should also pay attention to the jaw as these 2 features have very similar meanings.

In this post, I will talk about the meanings of the chin based on the Chinese art of reading faces:

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Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

  1. Size
    1. Large and Broad Chin
    2. Small Chin
  2. Length
    1. Long Chin
    2. Short Chin
  3. Shape
    1. Square Chin
    2. Round Chin
    3. Pointed Chin
    4. Receding Chin
    5. Jutting Chin
    6. Cleft Chin
    7. Double Chin
  4. Moles on Chin
  5. Bonus

1. Size

Large and Broad Chin

A large and broad chin is a sign of a strong will and longevity. It signifies a person who desires to work and live long till old age. This is a righteous and honest person who strongly believes in himself. People with broad and large chin find great pleasure in work.

These people are determined to finish what they start. Success seems almost inevitable for people with this kind of chin. Not only people with broad chins are blessed with abundant energy, but they also possess a great sense of justice. These types of people are ideal candidates for superheroes movies.

However, one of their negative traits is stubbornness. They are not willing to listen to others and can even be aggressive. They are not really fun to be with as they take things seriously. If someone mistakenly amuses their chacracter, this act is proven to be destructive to the amuser.

In Chinese face reading, if a person has an extremely broad and large chin, we have an archetype of a tyrant.

Small Chin

Small Chin
Small Chin: Ariana Grande, January 2020 (Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images)

A small chin belongs to someone who is gentle and easy-going in nature. People with small chins usually don’t have enough willpower to work in old age. This kind of chin is commonly found more in women than in men.

They are cooperative and have excellent teamwork skills. People with small chins make great friends because they are tolerant towards others. They may not be as strong as rock like people with large chins, but they are as powerful as water. In fact, water can even cut down the rock if we know how to use it properly.

However, if someone has a very small chin, this indicates a lack of strength in character. These people need to stand up for themselves against life challenges. They may also be viewed as weak due to their helpful nature.

2. Length

Long Chin

In Chinese face reading, people with long chins are said to have “horse faces.” This is because of their tendency to gamble, which often becomes an uncontrollable addiction. They want to look “sufficient” in front of others, so they usually adorned themselves with many luxury things.

This makes others wonder if they have legally acquired the money or possessions. Long-chinned people are rarely lonely. They attract many friends due to their warm and affectionate nature. Yet, they are prone to be exploited financially by others (because they expose their wealth openly!)

People with long chins have a talent for management and organization. “Possibility” is their motto as these ambitious people will aim for whatever is possible. Although these people are not lucky in gambling, they find fuck in love. Both men and women who have long chins are very attractive to the opposite sex.

Short Chin

In the Chinese art of interpreting faces, people with short chins are more sensitive than others. They are prone to emotional fluctuation and tend to be introverted. These people can’t resist negative words thrown at them, and they will express themselves emotionally if someone goes beyond the limit line.

People with short chins are not quite as social as people with long chins. Therefore, they can be lonely in later life.

It is also said that these people lack staying power so they hardly achieve what they want. More often than not, a short chin indicates that the individual is indelicate and impatient.

3. Shape

Square Chin

When we read a person’s face, a square chin shows emotional strength and practicality. This chin really belongs to a fighter who is willing to fight for what he believes. He is full of energy and vigor, but sometimes he can be combative and aggressive.

People with square chins do not mind life challenges. They are restless, relentless, and constantly strive to achieve their goals doesn’t matter the difficulties. These people may be inherently born for climbing the ladder of success. They love to plan and usually have great discipline to carry out their plans.

A square chin also indicates a high ideal and standard of life. Square-chinned people are responsible for what they do. We rarely see these people face financial difficulties due to their strength in overcoming challenges.

However, people with square chins can be unforgiving for any mistake done to them. They cannot deal with defeat and disrespect. If someone has an extremely square chin, we have an example of a great soldier and warrior.

Round Chin

If you need someone who has good listening skills to hear your problems, people with round chins may be the best option for you. In Chinese face reading, a round chin indicates generosity, friendliness, and high intuition.

People with round chins are said to be very attached to their families. If there is any conflict arising, they make an exceptional role of mediators. They are not very ambitious like people with square chins, but they do take responsibility for what they do.

Moreover, a round chin represents good work ethics with great cooperative skills. Although people with round chins tend to craft out their careers very early, they may lack a single point of focus when planning.

If a round chin appears on the face of a woman, she is considered to be devoted to family and emotionally expressive. This can also be a good sign for fertility. Men can easily satisfy women with round chins in bed.

Pointed Chin

In Chinese face reading, pointed chins belong to people who are sharp and intelligent. They need to be around others in order to be happy. These people are very friendly and social in nature, which is the reason why they have many friends and admirers.

A pointed chin signifies emotional problems because the owner is prone to suffer mood swings and oversensitivity. Especially, people with pointed chins really love to gossip and have a tendency to deceive others. Therefore, although they are socially active, their relationships are often short-lived.

Chinese masters say that a pointed chin is a great indication of supernatural understanding. They are excellent people in business who have the gifts of quick decision-making and technical abilities.

Interestingly, it is said that women with pointed chins have erotic voices that attract their mates. However, both women and men who have this type of chin have difficulty sorting out their feelings. Thus, there may be many misunderstandings happen in intimate relationships.

Receding Chin

People with receding chins are not very ambitious according to Mien Shiang. These people can become popular because of their calmness. Yet, they are prone to be ruled by others as their will is not very strong.

A receding chin suggests a strong desire for a peaceful life. It also predicts that there will be a significant change in financial matters between the ages of 35 and 50. During this period, they need to learn to overcome their weaknesses, such as indifference and submissive attitude.

As you can see, the personality of people who have receding chin is not suited for enterprising works. Instead, these people do best in a teamwork environment where people cooperate with each other to achieve a single goal.

Jutting Chin

If you have a jutting chin, you are extremely strong-willed in nature. You have a rock-solid confidence in yourself to achieve whatever you want. But, a jutting chin also indicates there is an excess of self-importance and aggression.

Should these negative tendencies appear, you are powerful enough to transform these negative energy into positive works by merely using your willpower. If you can do so, you may find success when you are young, especially in areas of business.

In fact, many great entrepreneurs and managers have jutting chins on their faces. These people are usually in leadership positions. Women with jutting chins are considered to be very mindful about their careers.

Especially, women of this kind have wonderfully beautiful breasts. They find it easy to pick out the right man to satisfy their many different needs. However, they can be very extravagant with money.

Cleft Chin

In Chinese face reading, a cleft chin is a chin divided in the middle, which belongs to down-to-earth people. These people have a thirst for adventures and will restlessly be on journeys for new challenges.

People who have cleft chins are viewed as attractive people. They enjoy being the center of attention and can be a good mate. Usually, they will have many love affairs in life. With each intimate affair, they fall in love seriously and deeply each time.

These people are great playmates as they know how to have fun in bed with their partners. But we should not expect faithfulness in these people.

They are constantly searching for perfection, even in their love stories. According to the Chinese interpretation of faces, men and women with cleft chins both have good appearances. Yet, one of the great setbacks is infidelity.

Double Chin

Double chin means late happiness in the Chinese art of reading faces. As a rule, they usually get double happiness after the age of 60.

Double chin is regarded as a feminine trait. Therefore, people with this chin know how to enjoy life and take care of themselves. These people are famous for their eloquence in speech and discussion.

People with double chins also have a passionate nature. If men have this kind of chin, this is an auspicious sign as it indicates fortune in making money. They can be generous with their wealth as well.

4. Moles on Chin

Moles located on the chin are usually a sign of work ethics and self-assertive quality.

If there is a mole appearing in the middle of the chin, this is a sign of recognition, praise, and special honor at work.

When the mole is on the right side of the chin, this signifies an analytical mind and diplomatic nature.

When the mole is located on the left of the chin, we have someone who is straightforward and honest.

5. Bonus

As a matter of fact, it is always best to study Chinese face reading with REAL life examples.

Thus, if you know any famous people whose chins can be an excellent example for this post, please share your thought with other people.

This section is called “Bonus” because it is where we can all benefit from each other.

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