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The Complete Guide to Earlobes in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the earlobes are a sign of wisdom. As a part of the ears, earlobes correspond to the water element, which is related to longevity, wealth, and the ability to hold on to investments.

Buddha’s ears are very long, large, and thick because they all indicate everlasting wisdom and eternal life.

Many prominent investors of the world usually have large earlobes. These are an indication of financial security in old age.

This is the reason why you see the old Chinese people often pull their grandchildren’s earlobes. They all want their grandchildren to be wiser and enjoy a good life.

In this post, I will reveal the meanings of your earlobes based on the Chinese interpretation of faces, organized as follows:

  1. Long Earlobes
  2. Big, Large, and Fleshy Earlobes
  3. Small and Short Earlobes
  4. Attached Earlobes
  5. Moles on Earlobes
  6. Bonus

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Long Earlobes

Long earlobes are a sign of long life. People with long earlobes are blessed with wisdom and great wealth potential.

If the long lobes are also thick and dangling, this means money will come easily. That is, people with this type of lobes are very lucky at making money. Yet, they have a tendency to be extravagant.

Sometimes, the source of money comes suddenly, such as through winning the lottery or inheritance. This is a good sign if the person knows how to manage money and a bad sign if he doesn’t know how to spend it wisely.

Remember that long, thick, and dangling earlobes only indicate the abundance of money, not the ability to handle a large amount of money. Therefore, this opportunity can lead to financial disaster if the money is in a hand of a gambler or money-waster.

2. Big, Large, and Fleshy Earlobes

Big, large, and fleshy earlobes belong to people who have exceptional planning skills. They plan for their future far ahead to make sure they can attain security in old age. People with large earlobes are wise and have the ability to grow things, especially investments.

These people are blessed with patience as they can delay gratification for a future payoff. If you have large and fleshy earlobes, you should try to learn about long-term investments, such as real estate and stocks.

Due to their long-term planning, these people usually plan to work until they die. They are independent, sensual, and have strong earth energy.

3. Small and Short Earlobes

People with small and short earlobes are present-oriented rather than future-oriented. They are interested in instant gratification and usually do not plan far ahead. Therefore, these people are impatient prone to emotional upheaval.

Small and short earlobes also indicate money problems because they likely do not save much for the future. Even if they do, they usually have to catch up to retirement plans. Thus, they are prone to being jealous or greedy when they do not have enough money.

If the earlobes are also soft, we have someone who has a refined mind, but insufficient vitality. People with small, short, and soft earlobes prefer to live in fantasy instead of living in reality. Yet, they can be great lovers due to their romantic nature.

4. Attached Earlobes

Attached earlobes mean attachment to family in Chinese face reading. People who have attached earlobes can either love or hate their parents so much. In either case, it means a strong attachment to the birth family.

Therefore, people with this kind of lobes do not like to move away from their family physically. They like to be around their parents and tend to be dutiful, devoted, and dedicated.

If the earlobes are detached, it means that the person may feel indifferent to his family members. He is likely to live far away from his parents.

The best kind of earlobes may be the one that is partially attached. This kind of earlobes indicates a healthy relationship with family members while it also denotes an ability to make like-minded friends.

5. Moles on Earlobes

Chinese face reading tells us that if there is a mole on earlobes, it signifies a good reputation and character.

As the earlobes represent the relationship with one’s family, a mole on the right earlobe enhances the person’s commitment towards his family.

According to moles’ meaning on the ears, if the moles are on both earlobes, then the person is blessed with high intelligence and longevity.

6. Bonus

In this bonus section, we can all learn from each other by sharing our knowledge!

If you know someone whose earlobes can be an example for our post, especially celebrities and famous people, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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