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The Comprehensive Guide to Chinese Face Reading (2022)

Chinese face reading, Mien Shiang, or Chinese physiognomy, is the feng shui art of reading people’s facial features to determine their personality traits, fortune, and character. By reading the face, a face reader can tell if a person is sexually strong, lucky in business, or will be taken care of in old age.

The ancient Taoists teach that our faces are the representation of who we are from the inside. That is, if you are strong in character and have a positive attitude, you will have your facial traits correspond to these characteristics.

Therefore, if you want to change your face to be more beautiful and attractive, you need to change who you are from within.

This method is proven to work because I’ve personally gone through my facial “shape-shifting” by merely changing my character.

You really don’t need cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery to make you look more charming. You just need to be willing to change your inner self, which is related to your thoughts, attitudes, and emotions to have the desirable face that you want to have.

The ancient art of reading faces is really a powerful tool because you can tell almost EVERYTHING about the person, from the person’s fortune, personality types, emotional states to health issues.

Some common applications of the Chinese face reading are:

  • Relationship: To see whether a person is fertile, sexually strong, sensual, loyal to her partner, luck in marriage, able to bear many children, etc.
  • Business: To know if a person is fair, disciplined, hard-working, smart in business, lucky in business, great business partner, etc.
  • Personality: To determine a person’s inner constitution, character, personality traits, etc.
  • Life: To see whether a person’s life is generally lucky or unlucky.
  • Career: To understand which career opportunities and career prospects are best suited for the person.
  • Fate: To recognize good fortune, good luck, and subtle signs of success.

If you want to advance in this art, I would suggest you to study the meanings of moles on your face and the meanings of moles on your body because they are related to your destiny and fortune.

In this post, I will guide you through the complete art of Chinese face reading, organized as follows:

  1. Face Shapes
  2. Foreheads
  3. Hairlines
  4. Ears
  5. Earlobes
  6. Eyebrows
  7. Brow Bones
  8. Eyes
  9. Cheeks
  10. Cheekbones
  11. Nose
  12. Philtrum
  13. Mouth
  14. Lips
  15. Chin
  16. Jaw


Remember that, in face reading, we don’t read only one facial feature to determine a person’s total character and personality. We need to read their faces as a whole because some traits can compensate for other traits.

Moreover, some people have a mixed-mode of some facial attributes.

For example, a person may have both square and rounded facial shapes. Therefore, we need to combine the meanings of these 2 attributes to understand the true meaning behind his face shape.

There are also different theories when it comes to the Chinese secrets of face reading. These things include Chinese philosophy, Chinese face reading chart, ancient Taoist knowledge, and deeper aspects of face reading through oral tradition.

My post is not limited to any particular ancient Chinese art, but I’ve actually compiled all of the fascinating knowledge from different books of face reading. Hence, my face reading analysis will be comprehensive, reliable, and trustworthy.

I’ve included a link to a detailed analysis of each facial trait under each heading.

Please follow the link to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and hunger for wisdom.

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Face Shapes

In Chinese face reading, your face shape is like the frame of the pictures rather than the picture itself. That is, your general character and personality traits can be read through your facial shapes, but the details of your character belong to smaller facial features, such as your eyes, noses, ears, etc. With the understanding of the shapes, a person’s life story will be revealed in his or her own face.

A face shape may be quite difficult to interpret because most people’s faces are a combination of shapes. Your face shape can also be changed easily just by gaining or losing weight.

Therefore, when we determine the shape of the face, we need to look at the bone structure of the face for the best results.

There are 8 common face shapes that we usually see in our daily lives:

  1. Square
  2. Rectangle
  3. Round
  4. Oval
  5. Triangle
  6. Trapezoid
  7. Inverted Trapezoid
  8. Diamond

When you look at other people’s faces, look at both the right side and the left side and draw a horizontal line in the middle. According to the ancient China, the left side of the face represents the past while the right side of the face indicates the future. They could also mean the private face and the public face respectively.

If you see these 2 sides of the face are balanced, then the person is genuine with his or her feelings. However, if you see an asymmetrical shape of their face, such as the left is more distorted than the right, then the person is not happy from the inside while showing a happy face to the public. There is not a single diagnostic tool of human emotions better than a person’s face.

2. Foreheads

Albert Einstein has a broad forehead
Albert Einstein has a broad forehead

The forehead is regarded as the Heaven Palace and the Parents House in Chinese face reading. It is also the Career House, indicating your career fortune, career prospect, and luck in general.

As the forehead is the upper part of the face, we can determine their issues related to childhood, inheritance from parents, intelligence, perception, and the way they think.

Parental inheritance is not only limited to material things, but it is also related to ability, skill, and manner.

The ideal forehead is the forehead that is equally domed and rounded while protruding a little. This kind of forehead belongs to people who are highly intelligent, analytical, and imaginative. People who have this forehead are likely to be successful in the future in areas that require high mental processing.

If you see many horizontal lines on the forehead, it may not mean a bad thing at all. Instead, if these horizontal lines are also deep lines, they represent knowledge, wisdom, and profound thinking.

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3. Hairlines

Kim Jong-un has a square hairline
Kim Jong-un has a square hairline

The Chinese interpret the hairlines to hold similar meanings with the foreheads.

That is, the hairline also shows what had happened in childhood and adolescence. It corresponds to the maternal influence rather than both father’s and mother’s influence as in the case of the forehead.

Chinese face interpreters say that the more even your hairline is, the less trauma you had in childhood. Rounded hairline belongs to people who are kind-hearted and love donating to charity while a square hairline is a sign of reliability and of a tendency to stick to the principles.

Therefore, messy lines belong to people who have faced many difficulties at an early age. However, this doesn’t mean that they will suffer in their middle ages though. Remember that we have to look at other facial features as well to determine the fortune of a person.

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4. Ears

The ears are correlated to the water features in Chinese alchemy, indicating the tolerance for risk, longevity, fertility, sexuality, the strength of the reproductive system, the basis of physical health, and the amount of kidney Jing.

According to professor Lillian Bridges, the founder of the Lotus Institute, the bigger the ears, the more risky a person is.

That is, a big and large ear belongs to gamblers or entrepreneurs who have great tolerance for taking risks, especially with money.

The smaller the ears, the more cautious attitude towards taking risks. People with small ears are often very well-mannered and prefer to live safely.

The ears are one of the most important features of a face. You can even tell an entire life story of a person only by looking at their ears because each location is associated with a specific age.

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5. Earlobes

In the Chinese art of interpreting faces, the earlobes represent longevity, health, wealth, and wisdom. The lobes also reveal a person’s ability to hold on to an investment and good health in later years.

The longer, thicker, and larger the earlobes, the more wisdom, health, and security in old age. People with large earlobes tend to plan far ahead for the future. Many prominent investors have long and large earlobes, which indicates their ability to grow and win in the long term. These people can delay pleasures to attain the payoffs in the future.

In contrast, people with small earlobes are more present-oriented. If they want something, they want it now. Therefore, these people don’t usually plan ahead but are interested in instant gratification. Patience is the main lesson for people with small earlobes throughout life.

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6. Eyebrows

In face feng shui, the more prominent the eyebrows, the higher tolerance to alcohol a person has. In fact, people with weak eyebrows cannot handle alcohol and drugs well at all! In the middle of the eyebrows is the Life House, representing a person’s fortune for the whole life.

Mien Shiang tells us that the eyebrows indicate the general constitution, ability to express anger, hopes, and goals of an individual. As it corresponds to the alcohol tolerance level, the eyebrows show our current state of health and potential problems as well.

Large, bushy, and thick eyebrows belong to people who have a great amount of liver Qi. These people find it easy to express themselves emotionally. However, they are prone to being too aggressive and stubborn.

People with small and thin eyebrows are usually shy and passive. They seem to lack the needed energy to carry out their work, so they often do not fish what they start.

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7. Brow Bones

Brow bones are the bone structure under the eyebrows. This is the feature that some people have while others don’t.

In the art of reading faces, brow bones indicate issues with control, dominance, leadership ability, and authority.

If someone has prominent brow bones, he will not like to take orders and will automatically resist authority. People with strong brow bones are very independent and ambitious. They may also be blessed with great leadership skills.

Weak brow bones don’t necessarily mean weak. Instead, weak brow bones indicate someone who is easy-going and diplomatic in nature. They don’t want to stand out from the crowd, yet they are very good at dealing with people.

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8. Eyes

You may have heard this saying since ancient times: “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.

Indeed, by looking at the eyes, the face readers can determine a person’s nature of the mind and heart. One thing very special about the eyes is that they reflect the lightness of our spirit, which is called Shen.

Therefore, when you see someone who has sparkling and large eyes, these eyes correspond to the openness of the heart and the quickness of the mind. She is receptive in nature and can take in emotional information from other people.

In contrast, small eyes show that a person likes to use the head instead of using the heart. Thus, people with small eyes are cautious, careful, and rational.

The length of the eye also reveals their true self and the person’s personality type. Your face-reading skill will improve a lot if you know how to read other people’s eyes.

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9. Cheeks

Selena Gomez has round cheeks
Selena Gomez has round cheeks

Chinese physiognomy says that the cheeks are an indication of the self-confidence level, ability to enjoy life, and function of the immune system.

If you have rosy, chubby, and full cheeks, you have a promise of a good and happy life ahead. You are also confident, sensual, and love having fun.

In contrast, if you have bony or hollowed cheeks, this is an inauspicious sign for you as this kind of cheeks indicates bad luck, stress, and suffering.

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10. Cheekbones

The Taoists view the cheekbones as the shoulders of the face.

Cheekbones are the areas under the cheeks. Therefore, when we read someone’s cheekbones, we also need to determine the quality of his cheeks.

In the art of Chinese face reading, the cheekbones give you a basic knowledge about a person’s attitude towards authority and pride. Large and prominent cheekbones correlate with strong metal energy in the inner constitution. Thus, people with large cheekbones are ambitious, independent, and strong-willed.

When someone has a small cheekbone, it means that she values peace more important than confrontation. She wants everyone to get along and seek cooperation in most situations.

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11. Nose

J.P. Morgan has a big and fleshy nose
J.P. Morgan has a big and fleshy nose.

The nose is called the “reservoir of wealth” in the art of feng shui. Among the 12 houses of the face, it is located in the Wealth House. By looking at the nose, we can determine a person’s ability to spend or make money, luck in acquiring health, sexual power, and leadership qualities.

As a general rule, the bigger the nose or nostrils, the greater the ability to make money and spend money. The big, large, and protruding nose also corresponds to many positive qualities, such as leadership ability, strength of character, and drive.

This is the reason why you see many bankers or rich people usually have big noses due to their ability to generate massive wealth.

Small noses belong to people who are less driven ambitious. These people want to blend in rather than stand out from the crowd. Thus, people with small noses are easygoing and prefer comfortable life.

A person with a straight nose is devoted, disciplined, and fair. This person is endowed with an elegant and majestic appearance. According to Chinese face interpretations, a straight-nose person tends to have a lot of positive energy in their personal life, which helps him or her a lot in making much money and acquiring material possessions.

In Chinese medicine, you can even look at the nose tip to determine someone’s state of health.

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12. Philtrum

Philtrum is the groove lying in between the nose and the mouth. It is a great sign of sexual power, fertility, and creative ability.

When you see a deep, wide, and well-defined philtrum in a person’s face, you are looking at someone who is very creative and sexually powerful. Women with this kind of philtrum can raise a large number of children.

If the philtrum is narrowed and not clear, this means poor health and problems with money. These people are not lucky when it comes to children and are likely to suffer lifelong poverty.

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13. Mouth

As the mouth is what we use for ingesting food, it symbolizes our appetite level, such as the desire to eat good food. Therefore, the larger the mouth, the bigger the appetite.

In Chinese face reading, the mouth is one of the most important areas to consider. Besides appetite, the mouth also shows us about a person’s intellect, sensuality, ability to give, and health.

Large mouths belong to people who love to give even to strangers that they barely know. In contrast, small mouths do not mean that a person is stingy, but it means that there are some conditions related to his giving. They give because others deserve their gifts, not to strangers like people with big mouths.

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14. Lips

The lips should be interpreted together with the mouth. Chinese face readers say that the lips are related to our emotional nature, sensuality, and earthy pleasures.

Someone with a bigger upper lip than the lower lip has a strong yearning for emotional experience. They are romantic and fun-loving creatures.

Big, full, and thick lips are definitely a sign of an attractive woman, but it is absolutely a bad sign for a man. In general, the bigger the lips, the more emotionally expressive a person is. Hence, thin lips are generally regarded as a better sign for men because they indicate their ability to control emotions.

The lips also correspond to our level of sensuality. This is the reason why you see many women using lipsticks to thicken their lips so that they look charming and sexually attractive.

By looking at someone’s lips, we can even tell whether a person will be an excellent playmate in bed or not!

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15. Chin

In Mien Shiang, the chin indicates willpower and character. In other words, the stronger the chin, the stronger the will. A Chinese face reading says that people with long, large, and broad chins are very powerful. They can live a long life while are capable of doing many great works.

As the chin is a masculine sign, we will often see strong chins in men rather than in women.

Thus, small chins belong to people who demonstrate feminine qualities, such as gentleness and easy-going nature. They are cooperative and can be great friends due to their excellent teamwork skills.

This lower part of the face is also helpful to understand about a person’s courage and willingness to fight.

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16. Jaw

As the jaw is located close to the chin, these 2 features should be read together when we interpret people’s faces.

In the Chinese art of reading faces, the jaws are a sign of determination, willpower, and anger.

When we see someone who has a strong, large, and broad jaw, this is a big sign of a great fighting attitude. This person will fight for whatever he believes in, doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong. You will see this kind of jaws very common in the faces of soldiers, fighters, and disciplined weightlifters.

On the other hand, small and narrow jaws belong to great mediators who will avoid conflict in any case. This person is also said to be easily influenced by others. She may face trouble with emotional upheaval and low confidence as well.

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