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The Complete Guide to Mouth in Chinese Face Reading (2022)

In Chinese face reading, physiognomy, or Mien Shiang, the mouth is the most important part of the face besides the eyes and the nose. The mouth reveals important information about a person’s intellect, sensuality, and health.

Similar to the lips, the mouth is the center of our physical desires. As we eat our food through our mouth, the size of the mouth shows our appetite. That is, the bigger the mouth, the more desire a person has to eat food.

In the art of face reading, the mouth is also related to the way we express our emotions, our sensuality, personality, and the ability to give.

When considering the meaning of the mouth, we need to combine many different traits, such as its size, shape, angle, etc.

In this post, I will guide you through the meaning of your mouth based on the Chinese art of reading faces:

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Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

  1. Size
    1. Large and Full Mouth
    2. Small Mouth
  2. Length
    1. Wide Mouth
    2. Narrow Mouth
  3. Angle
    1. Upturned Mouth
    2. Downturned Mouth
  4. Characteristics
    1. Crooked Mouth
    2. Opened Mouth
    3. Closed Mouth
  5. Moles on the Mouth
  6. Bonus

1. Size

Large and Full Mouth

A large and full mouth indicates someone who is generous and willing to give. This person has a lot of earth energy. People with large mouths usually buy gifts for other people in both personal and work relationships. They are so generous that they even give things to strangers.

These people are individuals who have large personalities. They also have a large appetite and can overindulge in eating food.

A large and full mouth is also a sign of enhanced sexuality. If someone has this kind of mouth, she loves being the center of attention and is attracted to any fun activities. In fact, women who have large and full mouths are very sexy and attractive.

This type of mouth usually goes together with full upper and lower lips. When we consider the mouth in Chinese face reading, we also need to look at the lips because the meanings of these 2 features are closely related. Generally, people with large and full mouths or lips like to be teased and can be excellent playmates.

Small Mouth

Face reading suggests that a small mouth means small personality and appetite. People with small mouths don’t eat very much. They also don’t have much desire for pleasure.

A small mouth doesn’t mean that a person is stingy. Rather, it means that they are so conscious about what and whom to give. That is, they do give out things to others, but normally, the gifts are selective and conditional.

Small mouths also belong to people who find it difficult to understand others’ points of view. These people are self-centered and strong-willed. However, if they don’t learn to control their hypersensitivity about not getting what think that they deserve, their strong sense of self can negatively become selfish tendencies.

2. Length

Wide Mouth

In Chinese face reading, a wide mouth is considered an auspicious sign. People with wide mouths are generous and tend to be happy throughout life. Men with this kind of mouth are capable of marrying a good wife who can even provide financial support to them.

People with wide mouths like to laugh a lot and can make very loud sounds when they do so. They are active and sensual people who need to be loved. The most apparent traits associated with wide mouths are optimism, liveliness, and happiness.

However, these people have a tendency to become jealous. They may also have trouble with mood swings, which account for many short-lived love affairs.

Narrow Mouth

People with narrow mouths prefer thinking to feeling. These people have their heads ruling over their hearts, so they are more practical and logical rather than passionate and emotional.

In life, you will often see people with narrow mouths smile. These people prefer speaking one-on-one with someone rather than speaking in public. Their positive traits are sincerity and truthfulness.

3. Angle

Upturned Mouth

Mien Shiang tells that a mouth that has its corners turned up is a lucky sign. An upturned mouth gives up the impression of pleasures and happiness. If you are aware, when people are happy or smiling, their mouths turn upward.

Optimism is another trait associated with this type of mouth. People with upturned mouths are said to have simple life journeys. They have the gifts of imagination and adaptability, which help them to live in comfort throughout life.

Men with upturned mouths are considered playboys in Chinese face reading. If this trait is on a woman’s face, she can be a great sexual playmate who is also romantic.

Downturned Mouth

In contrast to a mouth that has its corners turned upward, a downturned mouth is an inauspicious sign in Mien Shiang. That is, a downturned mouth indicates someone who is pessimistic about life. These people are also prone to have problems related to their stomach and digestion.

Usually, people with downturned mouths tend to be victims of many complicated situations, especially during their adolescent years. They are usually loners who often get discouraged when facing life challenges. It doesn’t mean that they can not be successful, it means that they need really need discipline, patience, and perseverance to achieve what they want.

Yet, people with downturned mouths are actually intelligent. They just don’t have enough drive and optimism, so they rarely find satisfaction in any area of life. If you have a friend who has this type of mouth, he is likely to be sad, depressed, and unhappy most of the time.

4. Characteristics

Crooked Mouth

A crooked mouth is definitely not a good sign in Chinese face reading. This mouth is a symbol of someone who constantly stretches the truth, so their mouths are stretched as well. People who have crooked mouths are dishonest and crafty.

There is a popular saying in Chinese: “Crooked mouth – Crooked thoughts!” These people have trouble with shutting their mouths off as they are very talkative. Due to this trait, their interpersonal relationships are not very good.

People who have crooked mouths can be positive in a sense that they can put many different pieces to form a big picture. Yet, they need to exert a great effort to convince others of their honesty and sincerity.

The ancient Chinese also say that both men and women who have crooked mouths do not find happiness in long-term relationships. They have no staying power in love and tend to be alone throughout life.

If the crookedness is on the left of the mouth, then we have someone who is depress-oriented, passive, and easily gets tired. If the mouth is crooked on the right, the person is quick-witted, yet he tends to be involved in unnecessary quarrels, especially in marriage.

Opened Mouth

If your mouth is half or slightly open, it means that you are a generous and open person. This is not a bad sign because it indicates the quality of warmth, friendliness, and energy. People with opened mouths are also said to have the ability to understand other fellow human beings emotionally.

However, if the mouth is opened larger than usual, then we have someone who has poor living habits. This person lacks energy with insufficient courage and insight to achieve what they want.

Closed Mouth

A tightly closed mouth in Chinese face reading means a person who is careful about what he speaks. That is, he tries to hold tightly his thoughts, emotions, and words in reserve. A closed mouth usually belongs to someone who was not allowed to speak the truth in childhood.

This kind of mouth usually goes together with pursed lips, which indicates the blockage of true voice expression. People with closed mouths find it difficult to express themselves truly and they are often victims of mental health problems.

5. Moles on the Mouth

Moles on the mouth have very similar meanings as moles on the lips.

When you have a mole appearing above the mouth, you may give birth to twins.

When the mole is below the mouth, this indicates a high activity in moving from one place to another. However, if the mole turns out positively depending on other factors of the face, the person will live a comfortable life.

If the mole is on the right side of the mouth on the philtrum in a woman’s face, this indicates that she has difficulty giving birth. She is also not flexible and adaptable enough to live in a new environment. Her life is often restricted in some ways.

If the mole is in the right area below the mouth, we have someone who lacks willpower. However, he is blessed with the ability to think deeply and make decisions quickly.

6. Bonus

This section here is where we can all benefit from each other!

When we learn the art of face reading, it is always best to study this art with REAL examples in life.

So, if you know someone who can be great examples for this post, please let everyone else know in the comment section. I will update my post with the best examples I find in the comment!

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