Spiritual Consequences of Cheating and Adultery

The spiritual consequences of adultery are not as simple as you think. If you commit a wrongdoing, you will have to pay it back, if not in this life then in the next. The law of the universe indicates you are held accountable for your own actions, because there are always karmic consequences for any action you take.

A lot of people have suffered the same fate according to what they did to others. What goes around comes around. When you commit adultery, you intentionally cause harm and suffering to your spouse, doesn’t matter what the reason is, as you break the vow of your marriage.

The spiritual consequences of committing adultery are not limited to the break of trust, the end of the relationship, or the suffering for your children, but they also demonstrate the pain and desolation that you must face in this relationship/marriage or the next.

You can’t run away from the Effects of your actions because you are the Cause of your actions. If you don’t want to lose, you will be forced to lose, for this is an immutable law of the universe.

According to Tech Report, the number of women who have committed adultery has increased by 40% since 1990, and infidelity caused 57% of divorces to happen. The workplace is where 60% of emotional affairs start.

General Social Survey also indicates that 44% of men cheated with someone in the work environment from 2010 to 2016, making the workplace a common ground for infidelity.

The energy of cheating and adultery are associated with the planet Mercury in astrology, whose symbol is the caduceus, the symbol of the medical corps.

Hence, you may find that you have to endure unexplainable health problems, incurable diseases, and sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, breast cancer, AIDS, and other sexual dysfunctions.

Mercury also rules the mind, so your mind may not be at peace and always feel worried, fearful, and paranoid. You may find that your work, business, trade, and commerce do not go as well as usual, because Mercury rules over these areas in astrology.

Children are often the unseen victims of adultery. The selfish actions of parents can cause deep emotional trauma in children that lasts well into adulthood. Adultery often leads to bitter divorce battles, be it legal, mental, or emotional, which take a heavy toll on children.

Your children may have to face insecurity, constant fear, lack of trust, problems with commitment, and tendencies toward destructive behavior if you commit adultery. The infidelity of parents surely visits the children of future generations, because they likely repeat what they see in their parents.

Committing adultery also means compromising one’s moral values, principles, and integrity. To pursue an affair, you have to become deceitful and dishonest. Hiding things from your spouse, covering your tracks, and living a double life may soon become second nature.

Over time, you may find it difficult to recognize your own reflection in the mirror. You have caused deep hurt to those who trusted you the most.

The shame and lack of self-respect can be overwhelming. You may try filling the inner void with more unhealthy relationships or addictions, which only further harm you.

Do you truly feel happy when you commit adultery? Or are you actually filled with paranoia, insecurity, and feeling of emptiness? You will have to discern fulfillment and emptiness in this sense.

If there is a mistake that you would never want to do it again, that would be cheating and adultery in relationships. You basically dig two graves for you and the involved person because your marriage/relationship will not be stable and peaceful in the future.

Your soul will be contaminated, your marriage(s) will be ruined, your family will be disappointed, your sex life won’t be satisfied, your spouse will not forgive you, and your children will suffer.

The law of karma does not miss anyone, after all.

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