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5 Elements of the Face in Chinese Face Reading

There are 5 elements or 5 phases in nature, which are wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. Thus, in Chinese face reading, there are 5 types of face shapes based on these elements, which are the wood face, fire face, earth face, water face, and metal face.

Remember that the elements of the face are not the same as the facial features.

Elements of your face are the quality associated with your face while the facial features are the details on your face, such as your eyes, noses, and lips. Each facial feature has its own unique characteristics, which I have included in my Complete Guide to Chinese Face Reading.

If you have moles on your face, there are important meanings attached to them as they can reveal a lot about your luck, wealth, and health.

In this post, we will focus on the 5 elements of the face and their meanings:

  1. Wood Face
  2. Fire Face
  3. Earth Face
  4. Water Face
  5. Metal Face

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Wood Face

Wood faces are commonly seen in businessmen and politicians around the world. These people are blessed with the power of discipline and patience. “No pain, no gain” is their motto.

Once wood-faced people determine to achieve something, it is likely that they will pursue it until the end. It is very interesting that they can delay gratification for future payoffs. Present benefits are not very interested to them as these people have the gift of vision which enables them to see the future.

However, people with wood faces can appear arrogant and unapproachable. They constantly pursue power and success so that they forget to nurture their relationships with other people.

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2. Fire Face

As its name suggests, people with fire faces are very hot-headed according to Chinese face reading. They are spontaneous and able to make quick decisions with high accuracy.

These people are known as partiers because they love having fun. Fire-faced people are also adventurous and love to explore the world. Life experience is so valuable to them that they will take any opportunity to go outdoors to learn new things.

Yet, people with wire faces are prone to impatience and hyperactivity. Although they have a lot of energy, they can get burned out quickly. These people are also not detail-oriented and tend to just skim over the surface.

Therefore, they may not develop a deep understanding of a particular subject while having a general knowledge of so many other subjects.

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3. Earth Face

In the Chinese art of interpreting faces, earth faces belong to people who are managers and leaders of the world. These people are very committed and loyal. They have a strong attachment to rules and discipline.

Because of the earth element, these people are earthy in nature and will often seek earthy pleasures to satisfy their desires. They also possess a down-to-earth quality that is proven to be very effective when it comes to organizing a corporation.

During the midst of chaos, people with earth faces have the ability to calm themselves down. They can appear quiet and unfriendly though. Moreover, it is said that it is very hard to change an earth-faced individual’s attitude once he sets his mind on something.

Therefore, these people are also known for their stubbornness and unwillingness to change.

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4. Water Face

Water faces are most commonly seen in women than in men. Many women who possess this kind of face have very soft, delicate, and smooth skin, which is proven to be attractive to men.

In face reading, people with water faces are very sensitive to other people’s emotions. They can sense what other people feel even without speaking directly to them. Due to their high sensitivity, most people with water faces prefer to have a clear boundary because they don’t want to be emotionally overwhelmed.

Their moods can change quickly and they are prone to emotional upheaval. Water-faced people are blessed with the gifted of intuition and an imaginative mind. You may see them daydream a lot as they love to live in fantasy or read fictional books.

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5. Metal Face

People with metal faces are best known for the power of using words. That is, they know how to use their words precisely and to the point. However, they can turn out to be sharp-tongued, which is proven to be destructive.

They can either use words to destroy a person’s life or inspire him to be a better version of himself. Metal-faced people are also sharped-minded and love to have friends who resemble their characteristics.

These people have a strong intellectual tendency and love to explore the world. They are basically curious about most things in life. Furthermore, people with metal faces like to do things off their feet.

They do not usually plan ahead. So if their plans turn out negatively, these people can be jealous, greedy, and selfish.

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