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Earth Face Meaning in Face Reading

In Chinese face reading, people with earth faces are practical, logical, and earthy in nature. These people are also said to be down-to-earth and very disciplined.

In fact, many earth-faced people become great managers and leaders in the world due to their exceptional management ability.

In this post, I will reveal to you the characteristics, personalities, and talents of people with earth faces.

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

How to Determine an Earth Face

There are 2 versions of the earth face in face reading depending on its facial shapes:

The first version is a squared face shape with a high forehead, big nose, strong jaw, and straight eyebrows. If the facial shape is rectangular, this is also an earth face, but the traits are lessened compared to the squared shape.

The second version of the earth face is recognized by its narrow forehead with very broad and strong jaws. The chin and the cheekbones are also pronounced, which makes it looks similar to people with inverted trapezoid-faced shapes. The face can be muscular as well.



In the Chinese art of interpretation of faces, people with earth faces are characterized by their grounded personalities. They are calm during the midst of chaos, so they can control their emotions very well.

There is a tendency towards achieving power and success during the early life of these people. In Chinese face reading, “earth” means “doing”, so earth-faced people are doers who are always ready for action. Yet, they do not rush into decisions but will take time to consider possible outcomes.

In fact, planning and organizing details are their advantages. They have the ability to wait until things are due while delaying their instant gratification. Yet, these people are very sensual in nature. They love to pursue earthy pleasures, such as eating good food or sleeping in comfortable bedrooms.

Among the 5 facial elements, people with earth faces are known for their discipline, determination, and concentration. They do not scatter their energy but their energy is grounded and concentrated into a single point of focus.

These people can be slow to take action sometimes. However, when they do, their actions are firm and grounded. It is very hard to change their determination once they have decided to stick to a cause.

Therefore, whether in life or in a relationship, you will see that earth-faced people are very committed and loyal. If a male possesses an earth face, it is likely that he will create long-term stability for his family even at the expense of his hard work.


In spite of the positive traits, people with earth faces are prone to be very stubborn. These human beings do not like to change once they have set their mind on something. Sometimes, even though they know that they are wrong, they will not admit it.

Therefore, earth-faced people are also self-centered and have a certain bossiness in their personalities. They may not be willing to take orders, even if they do, they will show their attitude.

The Chinese say that people with earth faces often have a difficult childhood. They need to learn to develop patience and discipline when they were young. Thus, their early lives are often filled with struggles and hardships.

If someone decides to disrespect an earth-faced individual, he will have to pay a hefty price as people with earth faces react violently to insults and lack of respect.

Moreover, due to their forceful nature, people with earth faces tend to impose their beliefs on others. They believe that there is only one way to solve the problems, which is their way. So, more often than not, an earth-faced individual will tell you and want you to do exactly as he says.


With the analyzed personality above, people with earth faces have these innate talents:

  • Strength to overcome hardships
  • Patience and discipline
  • Organization
  • Management
  • Ability to control emotions

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