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8 Face Shapes and Their Meanings in Chinese Face Reading (That Are True)

In Chinese face reading, your face shape represents the general characteristics of your personality. The details of your character are related to other facial features such as eyes, ears, nose, etc.

In other words, your face shape is the frame of the picture, rather than the picture itself.

According to Lillian Pearl Bridges, the author of “Face Reading in Chinese Medicine”, most people’s faces are a combination of different shapes.

Therefore, you need to combine various facial shapes to determine the total characteristics of your personality.

Moreover, your face can change its shape very easily just by gaining or losing weight. Thus, it is important to determine your facial shape first before analyzing your facial features.

In this post, you will learn about the 8 common face shapes and their meanings in Chinese Face Reading:

  1. Square Face Shape
  2. Rectangle Face Shape
  3. Round Face Shape
  4. Oval Face Shape
  5. Triangle Face Shape
  6. Trapezoid Face Shape
  7. Inverted Trapezoid Face Shape
  8. Diamond Face Shape

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Square Face Shape

Square faces in Chinese face reading mean strength, stability, and activity. If you have a square face shape, you are strong-willed, determined, and persistent.

Sometimes, square face is called “earth face” because of its down-to-earth and practical quality attached to this face shape.

Having a square face shape means that you are loyal to hell. You love to follow laws, rules, and principles. You probably like the game called “chaos and order”, for every disorder causes much disturbance in your inner world.

Square-faced people are characterized by high energy and stamina, who are action-oriented. They like things to be under control. These people possess intelligent, analytical, and decisive minds which make them great leaders of the world. In fact, there are many leaders of the world who have a square face shape.

Present Xi Jinping of China makes a great example of a square face person.
Present Xi Jinping

People with square-shaped faces also appear much in sport for they love outdoor activities and can take physical risks if necessary.

As square-faced people are gifted with the ability to work productively, they can be great business people. According to a case study about face shape done by researcher Elaine M. Wong at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, CEO with square faces do better jobs than CEO with rectangular faces.

However, people with square faces suffer issues related to domination and aggression. They can appear to be very stubborn because they like to do things in their own way.

In Chinese face reading, it is not so wise if you want to challenge square-faced people. They have a special type of peach blossom luck that expresses power and authority.

2. Rectangle Face Shape

In Chinese face reading, rectangle face shape is a smaller version of the square face shape with reduced characteristics. That is, rectangle-faced people are also authoritative, determined, and persistent just like people with square faces, but their traits are much lessened as rectangle shape is longer and narrower than square shape.

People with rectangle faces are really managers and aristocrats of the world. You will see this type of face shape very often in politics and business. A prime example of this demonstration is Donald Trump.

An example of a rectangle face person is Donald Trump.
Donald Trump

Rectangular face shape also holds the same meanings as the “oblong face shape” in traditional face reading in China.

People who possess rectangle face shapes are idealistic and far-sighted. They are gifted with the ability of vision which helps them see clearly through the working of things. These people usually think before they act, so they are very intelligent beings.

Rectangle-faced people have long been known for the “royal” characteristics associated with them. The ones who possess this face shape are really lucky because they would look like either king or queen.

By being around these people, you would probably feel a strong boost of confidence and inspiration. You would also likely to become a better person as people with rectangle face really loves to help others to achieve their goals.

3. Round Face Shape

Round-shaped face people are strongly recognized for their honesty, friendliness, and easy-going nature in Chinese physiognomy. People with round face shapes are in love with comforts and happiness.

When your face shape is round, you are a natural salespeople or partier. Even though your chubby cheeks may not be due to overweight, people love looking at your face as it possesses a feeling of innocence and childlike traits.

Selena Gomez is the typical round-face shape person example.

Round face shape is usually associated with cartoon characters because they are cute, amiable, and likable. So are you!

Moreover, people with round faces are outgoing, friendly, and open. Thus, you attract a lot of friendships into your life.

In face reading, the larger the features of your round face, the more ambitious you are.

4. Oval Face Shape

Similar to the relationship between the rectangle and square face shape, oval-shaped face is a subdued version of the round face shape.

People with oval face shapes are certainly social people, but they are much less outgoing compared to the round-shaped face.

When your face shape is oval, you are either a “host or a diplomat”. You have a talent for understanding other people’s feelings and needs. You always strive for peace and cooperation.

People with oval-shaped faces are said to have a strong mother influence in the Chinese art of face reading. They have a gift of feminine nature, which makes them easily see other people’s points of view. These people also have excellent manners and are very skillful in relationships.

Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of a person with an oval face shape.

Furthermore, it is not a surprise that oval-faced people love to be involved in charitable causes.

However, these people are prone to give up their own individuality and opinions for the sake of peace. Having an oval face shape means that the person doesn’t want to fight. Thus, they can agree with others even though they hold a very much different point of view.

5. Triangle Face Shape

Triangle faces in Chinese face reading mean high mental ability and concentration. Triangular face shape gives the person a boost of curiosity, skillfulness in words, and ability to organize things.

There is no doubt that people with triangle faces are drawn into serious study and intellectual pursuits. Most of them are introverted, who can be very individualistic and independent. Many triangular-faced people are also attracted to philosophy and arts.

The triangular face shape has the fiery energy as it is a fire face. Thus, triangle-faced people are often spontaneous and charismatic.

The best example for this illustration is Scarlett Johansson, whose facial shape resembles the shape of the triangle. You can see the fire (hot) element when we look at her face.

Warning: Look at her face, please…

However, when you possess a triangle face shape, you can be sharp-tonged and hold critical attitudes towards others. You believe that your ideas are right and will fight any opposite opinions to defend your beliefs. There is a danger that you will take things to the extreme doesn’t matter the consequences.

6. Trapezoid Face Shape

Trapezoid face shape is similar to the triangular shape, but trapezoid-faced people are more social and action-oriented. These people do not live only in their mind, because they love to take ideas down from the mental plane and manifest them in the physical world. They have the ability to take something invisible and make it visible.

In fact, many people with trapezoid face shapes are inventors and performers. You will see this face shape very common in engineering and entertainment industries.

One great example of a trapezoid-faced person is Walt Disney. He built the whole world of cartoon and made millions of dollars out of his own imagination.

Walt Disney is an epitome of a trapezoid face person
Walt Disney

Trapezoid face shape gives a person the ability to brainstorm and solve problems. They are really creative geniuses who are able to build concrete things from their mind.

7. Inverted Trapezoid Face Shape

In Chinese physiognomy, inverted trapezoid face shape means that the individual is a dictator who loves to control things and dominate others. Not only having issues with domination, but people with inverted trapezoid face shapes are also most likely to engage in self-indulgent activities, such as sex or any excessive physical activities.

You can see this kind of face very common in very forceful leaders of the world, such as Mussolini, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein.

A person with an inverted trapezoid face shape is Benito Mussolini.
Benito Mussolini

These people are often very materialistic. Their goals are always about power, success, money, and fame.

It is recommended that you should not offend people with inverted trapezoid faces as they will take their resentment into hell. If you hinder their ways, for sure you would need to prepare for a long fight as they will not give up until they win.

In life, people whose face shape is trapezoid often fulfill their intellectual pursuits. They can appear to be selfish and can use forceful tactics and bribery to persuade others.

8. Diamond Face Shape

Chinese face reading indicates that diamond-shaped face people belong to high-strung and temperamental people. The diamond face shape is seen more commonly in women than in men. This face is sometimes referred to as the “heart-shaped face”.

People with diamond face shapes are certainly beautiful and charming people, which is a bonus point that guarantees their success.

They hold a very high standard for themselves and others. Everything must be perfect and absolutely perfect!

Taylor Swift is the best example of the diamond face shape. She is popularly known for having regular tantrums, but people also recognize her for her passion, beauty, and musical talent.

Diamond-faced people can be aggravating and intensely frustrating sometimes. Yet, they can forgive others easily and do not hold their anger for a long period of time.

According to Jean Haner, the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, the diamond facial shape gives the person good communication skills, which teach he or she how to use words precisely and sharply.

On the outside, these people may act superior to others, but from the inside, they need support and really appreciate it if someone decides to help them.

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