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4 Unique Meanings of Square Face in Face Reading (That Are True)

Do you know that having a square-shaped face means that you are a logical, strategic, and practical person?

In Chinese face reading, people with square faces are strong-willed, trustworthy, and don’t like to be challenged. When your face shape is square, you are instinctive in nature and love to adhere to principles.

In this post, I will talk about the 4 unique meanings of the square face in Chinese physiognomy.

These meanings are divided into 4 sections, so please jump ahead to any heading that appeals to you the most.

  1. Square Face Characteristics
  2. Personality Traits
  3. Talents
  4. Famous People with Square Faces

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Square Face Characteristics

To determine whether you have a square face or not, look to see if you have these traits in your facial features:

  • Face’s width equals length
  • Squared jaw or chin
  • Wide forehead and jaws
  • Broad face
  • Strong bones structure

The shape of a square is very similar to the form of a rectangle.

The difference between a square face and a rectangle face is that a square-faced person has the facial width same as length, while a rectangle-faced person has a longer face.

Moreover, since a person’s face is a combination of shapes, you should learn about the trapezoid face and inverted trapezoid face to understand the complete characteristics of the square face.

2. Personality Traits

The main personality traits of people with square faces are:

  • Action-oriented
  • Strong-willed
  • Determined
  • Practical
  • Logical

In this section, I will categorize their traits based on the positive and negative qualities of the square face.

Positive Traits

Square face is sometimes known as “earth face” in Chinese face reading because of its practical and down-to-earth nature. People with squared faces are logical, concrete, and emotionally strong.

Although people with square-shaped faces appear to be physically strong due to their high stamina, they can actually be excellent healers because of their earthy quality.

People with square faces are very determined and persistent to achieve their goals. They don’t like to think much because they value doing things more. Thus, anything related to strategic and practical plans looks appealing to them.

Square-faced people are also recognized for their high energy and stamina. They often do very well in sports. Thus, square-faced people are usually called “leaders and athletes”.

The best trait of a square-shaped face is the ability to make money and build things. People who have this kind of face really find pleasure in money and things that money can buy. They have a talent for management, which helps them build great projects in the world.

Therefore, people with square faces love to be in charge and demand everything to be under control. In fact, stability is worthier than gold for these people.

There is also an element of “following the rules” attitude associated with square-faced people.

When these people say that they are loyal to you, it means that they will stick with you through thick and thin. This makes a person with squared face one of the most trustworthy friends in Chinese physiognomy.

Negative Traits

On the negative side, square-faced people don’t like to take orders, and they often appear to be possessive.

Their possessive tendency sometimes goes to the extreme that they impose their own beliefs and values on others. Sometimes, you have to agree with them because they believe that they are always right.

In the process of decision-making, people with square faces usually don’t hear much of what others say. They are very stubborn and willful as they don’t like to change.

A square-shaped face also gives the person a strong earthy attachment to things. That is, when they decide that they will do something, they will stick with that thing until the end, doesn’t matter if the thing is good or bad.

Therefore, if something goes wrong or some methods do not work out, they would still stick to these negative tendencies even when they know that what they do is wrong.

Another weakness of a person with the square-shaped face is the tendency to eat sweet foods. Indeed, they are susceptible to overweight issues and high blood sugar problems due to this toxic habit.

3. Talents

With the personality traits listed above, people who have square faces possess these innate talents:

  • Leadership
  • Management/Organization
  • Money-making ability

4. Famous People with Square Faces

There are many areas where you will see people with square faces more often, such as military, sports, and politics.

One of the best examples of a square-faced person is Winston Churchill.

With his squared jaw, Winston Churchill’s face resembles the face of a bulldog. This trait adds to his personality a significant boost of brave, bold, and forceful qualities.

Another great example of a square facial shape is the face of Chinese Present Xi Jinping. He is now known as one of the most authoritative and powerful politicians in China.

When it comes to women, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would be a typical model for the square-faced shoe. She is the wife of President John F. Kennedy, who is the 35th president of the United States.

If you know other celebrities or famous people who have square faces, please comment down below the name of the person.

By simply sharing your thoughts, you will naturally be a better face reader because we are here to learn and grow TOGETHER!

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