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Fire Face Meaning in Face Reading

In the Chinese art of reading faces, people with fire faces are hot-headed, charming, and energetic.

There are 5 elements of the face and fire faces belong to people who are charismatic. In fact, women with fire faces are known to be very attractive and sexy in nature. They can be excellent playmates in bed as they know how to satisfy their partners.

In this post, I will show you the characteristics, personalities, and talents of people with fire faces.

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

How to Determine a Fire Face

To see whether you have a fire face or not, look for these traits in your facial features:

  • Broad forehead
  • Pointed chin
  • High cheekbones
  • Sparkling, bright eyes
  • The face shape looks like an upside down triangle

One version of the fire face is that it resembles the shape of the oval face but with a pointed chin.

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In Chinese face reading, fire-faced people are generally intelligent, expressive, active, and passionate.

Similar to the triangle face, people with fire faces are very fiery in nature. They are spontaneous people who have outstanding and impressive intelligence. These people have a lot of ideas in their heads, but they must work very hard to achieve success.

People with fire faces can make quick decisions. They often laugh a lot and they have a tendency to join large parties, especially when they are young.

When we look at the fire face, there are always charming and charismatic qualities associated with this facial shape. They are quick in intelligence and very adventurous. They will grab every opportunity to explore and learn about the outer world.

Life experience is very valuable to fire-faced people. These people really enjoy sports and outdoor activities. In fact, it would be very boring for them if they decide to stay at home. They usually planned their careers ahead of them, yet their plans do not last long.

One of their great gifts is the ability to express themselves freely. That is, people with fire faces do not find it difficult in revealing their emotions and desires, especially in love.

These people love to learn new things as it broadens their knowledge. Yet, their energy tends to be scattered rather than focused. Thus, you may see that these people may know a lot of things generally, but do not know a thing deeply.


Despite many positive traits, people with fire faces are prone to making wrong friends because of the impression of appearances.

Fire-faced people make decisions very quickly, so their decisions are not deep enough to dig through the outer surface of the problems. In fact, they often make decisions based on the outer appearance of things instead of the true value of things.

There is also a tendency to be shameless and exaggerated in fire-faced people. These people do not have much power to control their emotions. They often get carried away by their own dramatics, which makes them overly sensitive in personality.

Sometimes, people with fire faces will trick others just to show that they are better at what they do. While they can enter a relationship easily, their relationships do not last long because of their hypersensitivity.


With the personalities analyzed above, people with fire faces have these talents:

  • Making decisive and quick decisions
  • Atheletic abilities
  • Creative abilities

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