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Metal Face Meaning in Face Reading

In Chinese face-interpretation, people with metal faces are sharp, quick-witted, and intelligent. They can quickly react to things and are decisive in making decisions.

Many great writers, speakers, or even politicians around the world have metal faces. This is due to their ability to use words precisely. However, they can be sharp-tongued because their words are truly their power.

In this post, I will talk about the characteristics, personalities, and talents of metal-faced people.

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

How to Determine a Metal Face

When you have these facial characteristics on your face, you may possess a metal face:

  • Angular face shape, such as diamond face or triangle face
  • Sharp and high cheekbones
  • Prominent eyebrows
  • Sharp eyes
  • Narrow or pointed nose and chin

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A metal face shape is the most popular face shape among people who are highly intelligent. They have the gift of hiding their feelings better than any other facial shape. These people are self-driven and love to learn new things.

In fact, they are very curious and usually come up with lots of questions in their heads. They tend to be alone unless they can find someone who has similar interests.

In Chinese face reading, metal-faced people have a strong sense of justice. They will fight for whatever they believe is right. This is one of the main reasons why they often appear so pragmatic and attractive to others.

The quickness of the mind is another gift that these people possess. They like to surprise others and vice versa. Anything related to speaking or doing things on the go is their natural talent. They can make quick decisions that are highly accurate and decisive.

Among the 5 facial elements, there is a sense of humor associated with metal-faced people. The Chinese say that these people can accumulate a large amount of wealth unexpectedly. At work, they tend to be leaders who are at the top of the organization.

Their words are to-the-point and as sharp as a knife. It will turn out very positive if they know how to use their words to inspire others. These people are also known for their detail-oriented quality.


In contrast, people with metal faces tend to be very arrogant. Because of their high intelligence, they often look down on someone else. At worst, they can use their most gifted power, which is the power of words, to criticize others.

There is also a tendency to achieve selfish desires in metal-faced people. They are indifferent to others’ needs and can turn out to be greedy in later life. This may lead to an accomplishment based on the expenses of others.

More often than not, people with metal faces love to indulge themselves in instinctual pleasures. In a relationship, they can be tense and stubborn. They are also likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and sadness.

If these people do not achieve their goals, they will have a tendency to be impatient and jealous. Wickedness is also one of their main negative traits.


People with metal faces possess these innate talents based on the above analysis:

  • Sharp mind
  • Ability to use words precisely
  • High intellectual power
  • Excellent decision-making skill
  • Leadership

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