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Spiritual Meaning of Letter J

Letter J attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolHands, divine power, beard of Osiris, power of speech
Spiritual meaningJesus, Jabob, Jeremiah, John, Joseph, Jews, Joshua, Jehova
Numerology value10
Stand forJudgement, Joy, Justice, Jewel
Spiritual meaning of letter J

Meaning of Letter J

Letter J corresponds to Yod in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning hands. It is the hands of God who created all things.

Yod is the symbol of the only One God. It comes with the image of a dot, representing God – the Oneness and Unity within everything.

It is the cause of all causes because every Hebrew letter is made up of letter Yod. It is described as “a finger pointing towards heaven”, showing the power of heavenly spirit that guides the earthy matters.

Being the 10th letter, J’s numerical value is 10, symbolizing God’s power (0) within Man (1). In esoteric teachings, all manifestations come from the One (1) and will eventually return to the same source (10 = 1+0 = 1).

Therefore, J is symbolic of magnificence, perfection, and completion. This is why in the Bible there are so many messengers start their name with J: Jesus, Jacob, John, Joseph, etc. because they are spiritually endowed with God’s power.

Yod in Hebrew alphabet
Yod in Hebrew alphabet

J is also the divine spark of light in each of us as the image of Yod resembles a flame. The word “enlightenment” means that receiving the light (flame of fire) that dispels falsehoods, illusions, and darkness.

When Greek people borrowed this concept of Yod, they changed the letter to “Iota”, which later become “I” in the English alphabet. I, whose numerical value is 9 in numerology, also represents completion, accomplishment, and perfection.

I also means the spiritual “eye” that sees beyond the 3-dimensional world.

In the Egyptian school of esotericism, letter J represents the beard of Osiris. Symbolically, the beard represents status position as the maker of laws.

Osiris is known in Egyptian mythology as the Judge on the Day of Judgement.

Resurrect Isis said that the beard is attached to power because it will move whenever one speaks. Therefore, it resembles the power of speech. The King is always powerful in speech because his words are laws and his judgments are ultimate.

According to Egyptian teachings, men vowed oaths by the beard of Osiris. This tradition is also similar to the one from ancient Islam, where people swore by the beard of Prophet Muhammad, representing the final words that will not change.

In a basic sense, letter J mystically refers to the power of judgment related to one’s virtues and integrity.

Moreover, Letter J is closely related to the secret of Jesus. In occult science of Egypt:

Jesus = J + Isis

Therefore, Jesus is symbolic of the beard of Isis. During his first missing 30 years of life, he was alleged to be the occult student in Egypt under the esoteric school called “Essene”.

Essene means “Isis-sons”. It is also worthy to note that the beginning of the Bible starts with the Book of Genesis. Metaphorically, “Genesis” stands for “Genes of Isis”, which means that the Christian religion is really a duplication of Egyptian religion.

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Meaning of Letter J in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with J, you are Jovial, Joyful, and Just in personality. As J’s numerical value is 10, people with J in their names are usually religious and spiritual. The face of J is on the left; thus, you are good at memorizing things and retaining knowledge.

J people take inspiration from the heaven and manifest it on earth. Under number 1 vibration, you are initiative, individual and inventive in nature. You are also highly ambitious who love to set goals and accomplish them.

Spiritually, you are blessed with intuitive power that guides your action. You rarely ask others for advice, but you have total self-assertion and rely on the inherent divine power from the within.

Negative Traits

Negatively, J people can be too critical, stubborn, and Jealous. Because J is related to “self”, you are prone to be self-centered, self-important, and egocentric.

One of your main lessons is to find balance in life and be aware of your selfish tendency. If you do not align yourself spiritually, you are prone to become a destructive leader.

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