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Spiritual Meaning of Letter S

Letter S attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolTooth, fang
Spiritual meaningSpirituality, Serpent, Sex, Soul, Self, Mercy, Justice, Truth
Numerology value19/10/1
Stand forStrong, Sensitivity, Society, Sun, Stars, Solar, Success
Spiritual meaning of letter S

Meaning of Letter S

Letter S is associated to 21st letter Schin (Shin) in the Hebrew alphabet, which is the letter of fire and transformation. Being the 21st letter (2+1=3), Schin (Fire – S) is a part of the Holy Trinity with 2 other elements: Air (Aleph – A) and Water (Mem – M).

In Kabbalistic teachings, Schin literally means tooth. Tooth symbolizes the process of chewing, grinding, and breaking down food for assimilation while fire provides heat for cooking, healing, and purifying.

Thus, both of them refer to the process of transformation from the raw material into the essence that is usable. In other words, S is symbolic of the transforming process of the gross substance of materiality into the essential spiritual form to prepare one to advance to a higher spiritual realm.

Schin (Shin) in Hebrew
Schin (Shin) in Hebrew

The original glyph of Schin depicts the 3 branches of flames. It is a symbolic representation of 3 pillars of the Tree of life: Mercy, Justice, and Truth. Thus, the spiritual meaning of letter S represents Christ’s principle in his esoteric teaching:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

In Christian mysticism, however, Jesus did not say “I am” but “my teachings”. Therefore, the original translation of this verse is: “My teachings are the way, and the truth, and the life“.

This makes a big difference in the later translations of biblical verses because Jesus did not say “through Me” that you could go to heaven.

In fact, he never claims he is God, but the translators mistranslated the word “I” and “I am” with the word “my teachings”. That is, what he said was to learn from “my teachings” because those teachings are endowed unto him by the only One God.

According to esoteric Egyptian teachings, letter S is spiritually symbolic of the sacred serpents (asps) of Isis. As Isis is the “double-wise” goddess, she is usually depicted with 2 serpents on both sides, representing the duality principle of nature.

Resurrect Isis said that the serpent “hisses” to produce sound “s”. Therefore, Isis’s name comes from the double “hiss” sound of the serpent.

This can explain why when we add “S” after a noun in English, it becomes “two or more” nouns. This concept resembles the “double-wisdom” of Isis.

This picture here resembles the Egyptian Holy Trinity: Isis, Osiris and Horus:

  • Isis = 2 serpents
  • Horus = the wing
  • Osiris = the red dot in the center. It can also resemble Ra, the Sun God.

The dragon is also a winged serpent, which originally comes from the concept of goddess Isis. We see dragons in many cultures of the world such as China, England, Mexico, etc.

They are all descendants of Isis, originated from “Genesis” or “Genes of Isis”. When you read about the Children of Israel, they are symbolic of the Children of “Is-ra-el”, who are children of Isis, Ra, and El.

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Meaning of Letter S in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with S, you possess Strong, Supportive, and Self-driven personality. As the numerical value of S is 1, people who have S in their name are the alpha and the omega – the one who starts and finishes.

S stands for self. Therefore, anything related to self belongs to your characteristics: self-confidence, self-reliance, self-assertion, etc. S also symbolizes success. You are likely to be a great achiever who loves to share your talents to help the world.

Yet, you work best when you are alone. Because S is Serpent and Serpent is Wisdom, you rely on your own wisdom and spiritual intuition to guide yourself rather than follow other people’s commands. S people can be spiritually endowed with the gift of vision due to their sensitivity to spirituality in nature.

*Here is a list of positive words that start with S if you’re interested.

Negative Traits

When S turns negatively, you can become egocentric, selfish, and jealous. S people need to watch over their self-centered tendency as S represents the Self. Your life is usually flexible and changeable.

Thus, you may be offered so many choices in life, so make sure you make the wisest choices that are beneficial for both you and others.

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