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Spiritual Meaning of Letter F

Letter F attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolFeather, Peg, Nail
Spiritual meaningTruth, divine and human relationship, ladder, connection, fulfilment
Numerology value6
Stand forFaith, Forward, Face, Future, Family, Friends
Spiritual meaning of letter F

Meaning of Letter F

The sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet (Vav) corresponds to letter F in English. Vav is a symbol of Peg, or Nail, which is the link between the human and the Divine.

In the Tetragrammaton (YHVH), Vav connects 2 He, linking the water below to the one above the firmament. It is that which establishes 6 physical dimensions on earth: right-left, front-back, top-bottom.

Vav, as well as F, whose numerical value is 6, representing the six days of the creation of the world. It is drawn with a vertical line, symbolizing the latter of Jacob to the heavens. Altogether, they represent reunion, connection, and perfection.

F (6) represents the hexagram
F (6) represents the hexagram

We can also see the joining quality of F in the symbol of the Hexagram. It is the symbolic representation of the universal law: “As above, so below”.

The upward triangle shows the heavenly world and the downward triangle signifies the material world. That is, what happens on the earth is the manifestation of what occurs in the heaven.

When you have any health problems, make sure to check BOTH your thoughts and your actions, not your food.

The spiritual meaning of F is also related to procreation, harmony and love because it is the link between the masculine and the feminine aspect of nature. Yet, F means either love or lust.

If F evolves spiritually, we will have Fun. If F devolves spiritually, our brain will only think about F*ck.

In the esoteric school of Egypt, F represents Feather, which is the Feather of Truth (Maat) held up against the weight of our heart on the Scale of Justice.

On the Day of Judgement, if our heart is heavier than the weight of the feather, which is caused by the burden of sins, we will be eaten by a crocodile-like animal. If not, we will be admitted to enter the spiritual realm in heaven and live forever.

Maat is the Egyptian goddess of Truth and Justice.

The Egyptians used the feather to represent the balance and fairness of Maat because Maat’s law is the law that will never change. Thus, Mathematics, Math’s law, or Maat’s law was, is, and will be the never-broken law.

According to Resurrect Isis, the Feather of Truth symbolizes the shaft of an arrow, whose function is to increase the accuracy and trueness (Maat) when we shoot an arrow. This is how we come up with the word “F”, which originally come from the sound of a flying arrow – fffff.

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Meaning of Letter F in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with F, you are Flexible, Fabulous, Fair, and Friendly in personality. As F has a numerical value of 6, people with F in their names are a responsible person who cares much for your Friends and Family.

The vibration of letter F is of service. F people enjoy being helpful and useful to others. You take an active role in helping as many people as you can. Under number 6 energy, F people are spiritually oriented, open-minded, and artistic in nature.

You may be endowed with the sixth sense which enables you to see through the spiritual world. You deeply care about the well-being of others and have a strong, committed, and peaceful personality.

Negative Traits

Negatively, if the 6 energy is out of balance, your character will change from “mothering” to “smothering”. Because you wish to express your beauty intensely, you may demand too much attention and appreciation from others.

You can be very tyrannical, bossy, and authoritarian. F people are usually stubborn in a way that they think you are always right.

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