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Spiritual Meaning of Letter I

Letter I attributesMeaning and Specification
Spiritual senseTaste
SymbolFishing hook, fire, Djet – spinal column
Spiritual meaningI AM, Intuition, Initiation, Insight, Intelligence
Numerology value9
Stand forIdeas, Income, Interest, Intensification
Spiritual meaning of letter I

Meaning of Letter I

Tzaddi 18th letter in Hebrew alphabet, meaning fishing hook, corresponding to letter I. In spiritual teachings, fish is symbolic of esoteric teachings. Thus, letter I, as the fishing hook, represents the force that draws human beings into esoteric knowledge (Intuition).

When we catch the fish, it symbolizes the activation of Christ’s consciousness from within us.

Originally, letter I means “Yod” in Hebrew. The image of Yod is similar to that of a flame. Therefore, it resembles that heavenly light that manifested upon earth.

All seekers of truth are the seekers of light, because without light, we cannot see, and thereby, wander in darkness.

Yod in Hebrew
Yod in Hebrew

Letter I means “Io” in Latin. The occultists refer to “I” as the higher self or divine nature while “me” is regarded as the lower self or ego. When the Greeks took this concept, they changed the name to “Iota”.

Later, it became “I” in the Roman empire, whose numerical value is 1.

In fact, letter I looks like number 1. In the Bible, when God said to Moses “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14) and later declared “I am the Existing One”, He meant that there is only One God.

It is clearly stated in the First (1) commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. Letter “I” represents the unity within everything while “am” refers to the state of being whole, full, and united.

Thus, “I AM” is the affirmation that God is existing in everything.

In Egyptian mysticism, letter I represents the Djed, symbolizing the backbone of Osiris. It is our spinal column where if we raise the kundalini serpents from the base of our spine, we will “resurrect the dead”, which are the inactivated chakra in our body.

Djet, or letter I, is the backbone of Osiris
Djet, or letter I, is the backbone of Osiris

Resurrect Isis believes that Djed means “pillar” in Egypt because that’s what letter I looks like. The lowercase “i” resembles the image of a person.

When we say “I”, it sounds like “eye”. Thus, it is symbolic of the spiritual “eye” that sees beyond the physical world.

This is the reason why letter I stands for Information, Intellect, Intelligence, and Insight because it can enable to you enter the spiritual realm of the Unseen.

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Meaning of Letter I in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with I, you are Idealistic, Individual, Inspired, and Intuitive in personality. As its numerical is 9, letter I blesses you with the power of understanding, spiritual abilities, and compassion. The vibration of I also increases your intuition, spiritual strength, and sensitivity.

You are highly creative and possess an aesthetic sense for music and art. As I is a letter of knowing and wisdom, you can decipher the meaning of abstract ideas and gain insights about spirituality and many works of art.

I is like 1, so people with I in their names are initiators and doers. You are also a humanitarian who loves to care and being helpful to others.

Negative Traits

When the energy of I turns negatively, you are intolerant, moody, and arrogant. Your character will be on the opposite side of wisdom, which is Ignorance. Being too critical of self and others is another negative trait of letter I.

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