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Spiritual Meaning of Letter M

Letter M attributesMeaning and Specification
Astrological signScorpio
SymbolMother, water, womb, feminine nature
Spiritual meaningMoses, Magic, Mantra, Maya, Mana, Man, Mind, Death
Numerology value13/4
Stand forMountain, Millionaire, Message, Mars
Spiritual meaning of letter M

Meaning of Letter M

Letter M correlates with Mem in the Hebrew alphabet, which is the 13th letter whose element is water. Water is the foundation of everything, representing the Mother.

“We made everything from water. Will they not then believe?” (Quran 21:30)

The shape of letter M looks like the lower midsection of a woman. That’s why we see in most languages the word Mother starts with M: Mẹ (Vietnamese), Mere (French), Ma (Chinese, Japanese), Madre (Spanish), and Mor (Swedish) because this is where we come out.

Thus, the spiritual meaning of letter M is related to the feminine nature and the motherhood of the earth. When we reverse M, we have letter W, which is the sacred womb that bears everything on this planet.

According to Resurrect Isis, the ancient Egyptians regarded letter M as the womb of Isis where she spread out her seeds to the world. In the Bible, the book of Genesis literally means the book of “Genes of Isis”. As M also resembles the Water, it is symbolically the natal water that comes out of a woman when she gives birth.

The lowercase “m” represents the woman breast, also signifying the feminine nature.

Letter M is also a symbol of the 13th Tarot card, which is the “Death”. Death doesn’t mean to die. Rather, it means to change.

When you transform from the lower consciousness to the higher consciousness, you “die” and are being born in a new awareness. In spiritual terms, your ego has to die for your higher self being elevated into the heavenly realms to attain enlightenment.

Letter M symbolizes the continual transition between life and death, light and dark, wisdom and ignorance.

In astrology, M is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio, and Scorpio is the ruler of sexual areas of both man and woman. Therefore, we can see a close connection here.

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Meaning of Letter M in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with M, you are motherly, mindful, and mature in personality. Because its numerical value is 13/4, people with M in their names are good Managers whose Mind is organized and focused.

As M is pronounced with a closed mouth, you prefer silence over noises. Letter M is related to Meditation, secrets, and the depth of the ocean. Women whose name starts with M make exceptional homemakers while men make excellent home managers.

You may also be endowed with the Mystic and spiritual ability due to your high sense of sensitivity. People with M in their names pay great attention to detail and possess a practical approach to life.

Negative Traits

The negative traits of M can be expressed as unapproachable, rigid, and inexpressive in personality. M people may appear to be dull, cold, inflexible, and unaffectionate.

Due to your tendency to overwork, you usually forget to relax and to enjoy what you have achieved. You really don’t mind working 9-5 to get what you want.

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