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Spiritual Meaning of Letter U

Letter U attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolWell, cup
Spiritual meaningSacred womb, water, divine knowledge
Numerology value21/3
Stand forUltimate, Utilise, Use, Up
Spiritual meaning of letter U

Meaning of Letter U

The shape of letter U resembles the form of a cup. A cup is used to hold “water”, which symbolically represents “divine knowledge”. Therefore, U receives the spiritual knowledge from the above, which makes it receptive in nature.

There are many different spiritual meanings related to water. In one sense, it is the divine knowledge from heaven. Yet, in another sense, it is the natal water coming out of the womb of women.

In the Egyptian spiritual teachings, letter U represents the shape of a jar or the Uterus of Isis, according to Resurrect Isis. The water coming out from the jar is symbolic of letter Q, which symbolizes the natal water of the Mother goddess.

This is why Q and U usually go together in many words such as quench, quite, quality, etc. because they represent the womb of Isis.

The shape of U looks like one of Q without the upper top and the lower rod coming out.

The image of U also resembles a well, which is the source of life in ancient times. Therefore, they both symbolize the womb because they are both the source of life.

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Meaning of Letter U in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with U, you are Upheaval, Unstable, and Understandable in personality. The numerical value of U is 3. Therefore, people with U in their names are creative, enthusiastic, and artistic in nature.

As U vibrates with the 21 vibrations, you have the executive ability while being tactful and sociable. You are sensitive in nature and can feel others before they speak. You may also be able to gain spiritual understanding due to your high receptivity.

As letter U shows 2 directions, you are dual in character, which means that you have 2 different personalities from within yourself. You can either go spiritually or materially. It’s your choice.

Negative Traits

On the negative side, U people can become Unaccountable, Unable, and Ungrateful. People with U in their names are prone to become overemotional as you are highly sensitive in nature. The negative traits of U can be expressed as being critical, sarcastic, quarrelsome, and nervous.

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