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Spiritual Meaning of Letter Y

Letter Y attributesMeaning and Specification
SymbolFire, Fork, Flame
Spiritual meaningHawk, eagle, Horus, wisdom
Numerology value25/7
Stand forYearn, Yes, Yielding, Youth, Year
Spiritual meaning of letter Y

Meaning of Letter Y

Letter Y corresponds to Yod in the Hebrew Alphabet, meaning fire. The image of Yod is similar to that of a flame. In esoteric school, fire is the light of spiritual understanding within us. Thus, seekers of truth are the seekers of light.

Letter Yod in Hebrew
Letter Yod in Hebrew

Yod symbolizes the only One God. It looks like the picture of a dot, representing the Oneness and Unity of God in all living things. It is the foundation of all foundations because every Hebrew letter is made up of letter Yod.

Spiritually, Y is symbolic of the “forking of the ways”. The right side of Y shows the spiritual wisdom and the left side of Y represents the earthly wisdom. So whoever follows the left following the lower nature of man, and whoever directs himself to the right following the divine path towards heaven.

Letter Y and the Eagle
Letter Y and the Eagle

In the school of Egyptian esotericism, the letter Y symbolizes Horus, which is the Hawk god. When you look at the shape of letter Y, it looks exactly like the shape of the hawk or eagle on the back of the U.S one-dollar bill.

According to Resurrect Isis, this symbol represents wisdom because in ancient religions, any animal which has sharp eyesight is the symbol of wisdom.

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Meaning of Letter Y in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name or your vowel starts with Y, you are quiet, mystical, psychic, and reserved in personality. As Y has numerical value of 7, people with Y in their names are deep thinkers whose interests are mysticism and the secrets of the world.

As letter Y show 2 directions, there is a crossroad in your life that you will face. That is, you have to make a choice to choose which path to take, usually between material and spiritual options. People with Y in their name have deep learning interests towards the understanding of human nature.

You may be endowed with psychic powers that help you to activate the third eye chakra, thereby, you are able to see real world of spirituality.

Negative Traits

However, if Y people don’t focus on the spiritual path, they often turn out negatively. The negative characteristic of Y is that you are prone to be unsociable, unapproachable, and overly secretive.

You are moody, restless, and at times uncertain because you don’t know which ways to go. As you require rest for your life, you can become highly critical of others if they annoy you.

A Seeker Of Truth - A Student Of Life - A Master Of Self


  • Andy Nguyen

    It would still imply that you will face a crossroads in your life, such as hesitation on which life’s path to take. However, since your name is Alysha, you should focus more on the letter A rather than the letter Y.

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