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Spiritual Meaning of Letter V

Letter V attributesMeaning and Specification
Astrological signTaurus
Astrological planetVenus
SymbolPeg, nail, eye
Spiritual meaningVulva, Aldebara
Numerology value22/4
Stand forVision, Vortex, Vitality, Velocity, Vas
Spiritual meaning of letter V

Meaning of Letter V

Letter V corresponds to Vau (Vav) in the Hebrew alphabet meaning peg or nail. Peg or nail is the link connecting the human and the divine.


The Tetragrammaton is the Hebrew name for God (YHVH). When we look at the image of the words, Yod is the First Principle of all things.

Vav connects the 2 He: one from spiritual realm and one from material world. It is that which creates 6 physical dimensions on earth: right-left, front-back, top-bottom.

In astrology, V is associated with Aldebara, which is the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus called “The Eyes of Taurus”. Similar to the concept of a peg, Taurus is the builder of the material world who collects and links things together.

Spiritually, the eye is the symbol of the spiritual insight that guides us towards the path of enlightenment:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22)

The eyes here are referred to as the third eye, which is our pineal gland. By awakening the pineal gland, it fills up our body with light, which enables us to enter the realm of light – the world of the unseen.

Eve, whose consonant is V and numerical value is 22, symbolizes the Master Builder in numerology. She is the “Mother of all living things”, which means that she is the “Principle” that gives birth to all creatures on earth. When God took out the rib of Adam, he took the vertical line from A and reverse it. Thereby, we have V or Eve.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of V is related to the feminine and masculine aspects of nature. When we join A and V together, we get a shape of the hexagram, which is the symbol of procreation, divine union, and harmony.

In the esoteric school of Egypt, while letter M symbolizes Isis, letter V represents the daughter of the Virgin Goddess. Daughters of Isis are the ones who carry the Book of Genesis, which stands for “Genes of Isis”.

They were sent to different royal families in the world as “gifts” so that they could form a central alliance of the same bloodline of “Genesis”.

Letter V, M, and W are closely related to each other
Letter V, M, and W are closely related to each other

According to Resurrect Isis, the Egyptians believe that Venus is one of the daughters of Isis. Her symbol is related to sex as she was given as “gift wives” to continue Isis’s descendants.

When we look at letter V, it symbolizes the Vulva of a woman, and if we turn it upside down, it shows the erected penis of a man. Together, they produce the symbol of the hexagram – the spiritual harmony between Adam and Eve (masculine and feminine).

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Meaning of Letter V in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name starts with V, you are sensitive, motherly, and sociable in personality. As its numerical value is 22/4, people with V in their names work very well with others.

22 is the number of Master Builder in numerology. Therefore, you love to collect, build, and organize things. V is pointing upward represents your receptive nature. V people are opened to the spiritual realm as well as the material world.

You are also the “divine mother” of things because you want to take care of people around you. As V stands for Victory, you know how to achieve the goals and plan for long-term success.

Negative Traits

When V turns negatively, you can become stubborn, insecure, and restless in personality. People with V in their names are prone to become materialistic as they are gifted with the power of physical manifestation.

Thus, you should turn inward and spiritually. When you are out of balance, your major negative traits are selfishness, suspicion, and carelessness.

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