Master Number 22: Spiritual Meaning

What Does Master Number 22 Mean in Numerology?

In numerology, master number 22 means balance, organization, and the divine mother. 22 is called the “Master Builder” as it has double the energy of number 2. Master number 22 is able to create structure, laws, and foundation on the physical Earth.

22 is the “So below” number because it is feminine, receptive, and nurturing in nature. It is a master at injecting peace, calmness, and harmony in daily activities, yet, it is one of the greatest builders among the master numbers. 22 is able to build roads, houses, hotels, buildings, businesses, etc. whether they are online or offline.

Master number 22 is endowed with the receptivity to receive the divine wisdom from the higher realm and channel it into physical reality. Some numerologists regard 22 as the most powerful master numbers due to its skillful capacity. It has the root number 4, which increases its ability of planning, dedication, and discipline.

Spiritual Meaning of Master Number 22

Spiritually, master number 22 represents letter V, which is the 22nd letter of the English alphabet. There is also a total of 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, so master number 22 represents the complete circle of creation.

In esoteric teachings, V means “Eve” without the vowels, symbolizing “the Mother of all things” or the “Master Builder” of the material world. The story of creation in the Garden of Eden is the symbolic story that should not be taken literally.

When God took the rib from Adam, He took away the “rib” of letter A and reverse it. Therefore, we get V or “Eve” who is the Mother of All. This is the spiritual concept because “the Mother of all things” signifies that Eve is also the mother of trees, animals, and lands. Under the vibration of master number 22, Eve is able to build all things in the physical planet by harmonizing with Atom (Adam).

In fact, when we join Eve and Adam (A & V) together, we get the symbol of a hexagram, which is the symbol of procreation, divine union, and harmony.

Master Number 22 Characteristics

Positive: practical, organized, disciplined, achievable, dynamic, enthusiastic.

Negative: aimless, frustrated, indifferent, moody, nervous, inferior.

Master number 22 spiritually symbolizes both numbers 2 and 4, which is correlated to letters B, K, T and letters D, M, V.

So, you should absolutely check out these letters to broaden your knowledge about master number 22.

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