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Spiritual Meaning of Letter C

Letter C attributesMeaning and Specification
ElementAir (*)
Astrological signGemini (*)
Spiritual meaningThe Word, Riches, Communication, Christ, Spiritual Seeing and Hearing
Numerology value3
Stand forCreativity, Circle, Cycle, Clarity
Spiritual meaning of letter C

*This fact needs more evidence. I put it there because C means 3 and the third sign of zodiac is Gemini. C is a symbol of word, and Gemini is blessed with the power of Word and Intelligence (Air).

Meaning of Letter C

Gimel is the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning camel, corresponding to letter C, or G. Both are good with words because their numerical root is 3. Gimel is associated with riches because camels were often laden with many rich possessions.

In esoteric teachings, Gimel is the Ternary Law that arises to resolve the opposite of the Monad (A-1) and Duad (B-2). It is the symbol of the Holy Trinity of Will, Wisdom, and Love. It connects and harmonizes Aleph and Beth together. C is the first letter of Christ, representing the spiritual consciousness within its nature.

Spiritually, C also symbolizes the Word of God. Every cell in our body reacts to the things that we say. In occult science, words literally cast spells, which is the reason why we have the word “Spelling”.

When the Romans borrowed the glyph of Gimel (G), they created a second symbol C for “K” sound, to distinguish the pronunciation.

C is pronounced “sea”, whose shape is the half-moon, representing our subconsciousness and the Mother (moon). C also sounds like “see” and is facing the right. Therefore, C has psychic ability to see the future.

In Egypt, C stands for Circle of gods, which are the Company of gods standing on the Day of Judgement, according to Resurrect Isis. When we double the C, we have letter O, which is symbolic of the Council Circle. That’s why when the legislators of the U.S sit in a formal meeting, they usually sit in a Circle, or the round table.

The symbol of C is similar to that of our outer ears. C represents our spiritual faculty of hearing, which is the ability to hear the sounds of silence, the voice of God, and the vibration of higher realms.

The Egyptians believe that letter C is an emblem of Noah’s Ark, which is related to the Arc of Osiris. This is why the shape of the rainbow also has the curve of letter C, representing the Sign and Power of God.

Note: If you want to understand deeper about the esoteric knowledge of letters and numbers, I would strongly recommend you read The Secret Science Of Numerology. I use this book as a reference for this article, so check this out!

Meaning of Letter C in Your Name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your first name with C, you are Creative, Changeable, Confident, Communicative, and Capable in personality. C looks like an open mouth, so you are spiritually endowed with the talents of singing, speaking, writing, and painting.

As the numerical value of C is 3, its energy is scattered rather than concentrated. Thus, C people love doing many things at the same time. It is difficult for you to save money as you tend to be extravagant in spending money.

C is the symbol of a smile when we turn on its side. Therefore, you are happy, joyful, and cheerful in character. You are a fun-seeking whose personality is spontaneous, playful, and adventurous. C stands for Character, which means that you also focus much on your virtues and morality. Only by righteous deeds, C people can ascend to the scale of spirituality.

Negative Traits

However, when C turns negatively, you can be irresponsible, critical, and intolerant. C people are prone to use the power of words to criticize others as they are naturally verbal. You often do not take things seriously and it is hard to keep you committed to a cause.

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