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4 Unique Meanings of Trapezoid Face in Face Reading (That Are True)

Do you know that having a trapezoid face shape means that you are an ambitious, action-oriented, and powerful person?

In Chinese face reading, trapezoid face shapes mean power. People with trapezoid-shaped faces are characterized by problem solvers of the world. Most of them are likely to be businessmen, as one of their great talents is the ability to physically manifest what is in their minds.

In this post, I will talk about 4 unique meanings of the trapezoid face in Chinese physiognomy.

These meanings are divided into 4 sections, so please jump ahead to any heading that appeals to you the most.

  1. Trapezoid Face Characteristics
  2. Personality Traits
  3. Talents
  4. Famous People with Trapezoid Faces

Disclaimer: The knowledge in this article suggests possibilities, not facts.

1. Trapezoid Face Characteristics

To determine whether your face’s shape is trapezoid or not, look to see if you have these traits in your facial features:

  • Broad face and forehead
  • Blunded, rounded, or squared chin
  • Facial features look similar to triangle-faced people
  • Prominent cheeks and cheekbones
  • Strong jaw
  • Lower part if the face is bigger than the upper face

Trapezoid-faced characteristics are very similar to the ones of squared faces and rectangular faces. Yet, the difference is that people whose facial shape is a trapezoid have a larger and bigger part of the lower face.

These people are usually recognized for their strong jaws or the extra padding in their throat as these shows the richness in the earth element.

2. Personality Traits

The key personality traits of people with trapezoid faces are:

  • Inventive
  • Realistic
  • Creative
  • Strong-willed

In this section, I will separate their characteristics based on the positive and negative qualities of the trapezoid face:

Positive Traits

Trapezoid-faced people are people of manifestation according to Chinese face reading. They are talented in a way that they can manifest whatever they want from their mind.

To people with trapezoid faces, “imagination” means “image-nation”. Thus, trapezoid-shaped face people can manifest anything they want from their “image-nation”. This creative energy makes them become great innovators of the world.

Together with the power of will, these people usually become leaders in their own industry. There is no doubt that people with trapezoid-shaped faces are independent since early life. They are ambitious, self-driven, and individualistic.

In the industry of ars and engineering, there is a high probability that these people will become bright stars. In fact, the entertainment industries are crowded with trapezoid-faced people as this is the field of creativity and manifestation.

Any activity related to building and organizing appeals to these people the most. Even though people with this kind of face like to think, they prefer actions to think as they realize that thoughts are just thoughts if they are not being used.

This is the reason why trapezoid face shape is associated with the earth face in Chinese physiognomy due to their practicality, logic, and earthy approach to life. If you want to turn something from intangible form to tangible products, you would need a trapezoid-faced friend in your life.

Negative Traits

Due to the fact that people with trapezoid faces are very earthy, they have a strong tendency to be attached to material things. To them, money spells power and they would probably do anything they can to acquire material possessions in life.

People with trapezoid-shaped faces usually have a few friends. Even if they have, trapezoid-faced people enter a relationship only if there are some material benefits to them. However, when they understand the value of friendship, they become extremely loyal to their friends.

If you have a friend who has a trapezoid face, you will see that he is one of the most stubborn human beings in the world. Trapezoid-shaped face people don’t like to change, and once they make up their mind to do something, there is 90% that there is no way to change their path.

3. Talents

According to the above analysis, people with trapezoid faces have the following talents:

  • Building
  • Organization
  • Physical manifestation
  • Art and Creativity

4. Famous People with Trapezoid Faces

People with trapezoid-shaped faces are very rare in this world. We usually see these people in many creative industries such as entertainment, art, and engineering.

One of the best examples of a person with a trapezoid face is Walt Disney. Although his face somehow resembles the traits of an inverted trapezoid face shape, many face reading experts indicate that his facial shape is actually a trapezoid.

Walt Disney is an example of a trapezoid-faced person
Walt Disney

Walt Disney clearly demonstrates the powerful ability of trapezoid-shaped face people, which is the ability to create tangible products out of his wonderful imagination.

As a person’s face is a mixture of different shapes, Winston Churchill’s face shape is both square and trapezoid. Thus, when we see his face, we need to interpret the combination of both facial traits. Yet, his facial characteristics all point to the same conclusion that he is a powerful, ambitious, and self-driven person.

Winston Churchill has both square and trapezoid facial shape.
Winston Churchill

Another person who possesses a trapezoid face shape is Kelly Osbourne. By looking at her strong jaw, we can immediately she is a strong person who would fight for what she believes in.

If you know other celebrities or famous people who have trapezoid faces, please comment down below the name of the person.

By simply sharing your thoughts, you will naturally be a better face reader because we are here to learn and grow TOGETHER!

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