Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry: Taking Action Together

Mars is the planet of action, desire, and primal energy. It rules Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which is known for its boldness and pioneering spirit. When you think of Mars, think of fire, drive, and determination. It’s the spark that gets things moving and the force that pushes us to pursue our goals.

Disclaimer: Astrology suggests potentials and possibilities. I have 500+ synastry aspects in total, so you should check your whole synastry chart instead of one aspect within it.

1. Passion Runs High

When Mars conjuncts Mars in synastry, passions run red hot! You may feel a fiery, powerful attraction towards each other right away. As Mars is the planet of libido, the sensual chemistry is just explosive. You can’t keep your hands off each other and enjoy intense physical intimacy.

This is an energetic, adventurous pairing. You both love action and motivate each other to push limits, take risks, and pursue thrills. As a couple, you’re always on the go and up for anything active or competitive together. It’s a lively, passionate union full of drive.

At times, this fiery conjunction can be combative too, since you both have feisty Mars energy. But the bottom line is you excite and stimulate each other tremendously. Things may get theatrical between you two, but they’re never boring!

2. Your Sex Life Is Exciting And Experimental

Sexually, Mars conjunct Mars synastry sizzles with red-hot passion and a thirst for adventure. You share an enthusiastic, daring approach to intimacy. You’re both passionate, direct, and not afraid to take the lead.

Your sex life is anything but dull. You crave excitement and are willing to try creative, experimental things together. Pushing boundaries in the bedroom thrills you both. You ignite each other’s hidden desires and feel keen to explore them.

You may enjoy role-playing, seducing or being seduced, or engaging in playful, thrilling sexual encounters. Together you build intense anticipation and urgency. Your chemistry makes every union feel naughty and cosmic.

Overall, you activate powerful desires in each other that can be delightfully fulfilling. However, Mars-Mars conjunction indicates you might not be patient enough to wait until marriage to be intimate with one another. This can bring karmic consequences into your love/marital life in the future.

3. You Have Tons Of Physical Energy

When Mars aspects Mars, you’re both blessed with nearly inexhaustible supplies of energy and vitality. You’re an active, high-energy couple who loves being on the move. Sitting still is tough for you two!

You motivate each other to push any limits, physically and mentally. Together you may take up intense exercise programs or pursue thrilling hobbies like rock climbing or martial arts. You inspire each other’s inner daredevil.

Your abundant energy also translates into shared ambition. You have the stamina and vigor to maintain an active life. You’re energizing, not draining for each other. This vitality can enhance your intimacy on all levels.

If you want a relationship where you’re always vigorous and challenged, Mars conjunct Mars synastry provides it. You thrive on momentum and activity together.

4. You Have Lots Of Enthusiasm

Your shared Mars energy creates tremendous enthusiasm as a couple. You both may get excited easily and know how to motivate each other to take action.

You’re passionate about each other’s interests, even if they differ from your own. For example, one of you may get really into business while the other loves creative arts. But you enthusiastically support each other’s hobbies regardless, or you collaborate to run an online art business.

When you set goals together, you’re great cheerleaders for each other. You celebrate accomplishments and milestones, and encourage perseverance during challenges. Your mutual faith inspires you both to keep reaching higher.

With this aspect, you just enjoy life more as a pair. Each day offers new exciting adventures and possibilities when you’re together. Everything feels more colorful.

5. You’re Both Assertive And Direct

Since Mars represents straightforwardness and direction, this aspect makes you an outspoken, assertive couple. Neither of you is passive or indirect when you want something. You boldly pursue your desires together as a team.

In discussions, you’re both straightforward about your viewpoints and needs. You appreciate each other’s directness; hints or manipulation don’t fly with this pairing. You’d rather be honest than beat around the bush.

This mutual boldness helps you actively create the relationship you want. You shape your future together through initiative and fearless action, rather than waiting for things to happen. You go for what you want.

6. You Can Be Combative At Times

The downside of Mars conjunct Mars synastry is occasional heated arguments and power struggles. You’re both feisty and used to getting your way. When you clash, it can be explosive.

Impatience and anger can flare quickly between you two. Especially under stress, you’re prone to fighting over who is right or who should take charge of a situation. Neither of you backs down easily. Competitiveness may also creep into the relationship and breed hostility.

The good point is you spur each other towards pursuing goals and taking bold risks. Stagnation seems impossible together. You serve as tremendous motivational forces in each other’s lives, even when those forces are confrontational at times.

7. You Protect Each Other

In mythology, Mars represents the courageous warrior. Thus, Mars conjunct Mars synastry fosters a desire to protect and defend each other when necessary. You feel protective of one another.

You can make each other feel safe to be vulnerable and express your softer sides. When the world gets harsh, you have each other’s backs. Mars energy isn’t just combative; it can also be profoundly loyal and supportive.

You may quite literally protect each other in challenging situations, like stepping in during a confrontation or rescuing each other from harm. Alternatively, your protection may be more emotional by nature.

Either way, you defend each other fiercely and create a haven of trust and loyalty. You’re teammates through thick and thin.

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