Spiritual Meaning of House Number 7 – Symbolism of Your Address

In this post, I will show you the REAL meaning of your house address.

I will tell you whether your house is suitable for you or NOT suitable for you, depending on the spiritual meaning behind it.

Are you looking for a house that is best for starting a business? For family activities? Or for attracting more luck and abundance to your life path?

I will help you to answer these types of questions in my post!

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I will absolutely satisfy your thirst for wisdom.

Number 7 House Address Spiritual Meaning

AttributesHouse Address Number 7 Spiritual Significance
MeaningSerene environment, spiritual orientation, mystical vibration
Ideal forLife path number 1, 5, 7, 9
Not recommended forLife path number 2, 5, 6, 8
HealthNumber 7 home increases chance for depression, kidney problems and nervous disorders.
House number 7 meaning in spirituality

Number 7 spiritually symbolizes planet Neptune in numerology. In spirituality, seven is a symbol of mysticism, secretiveness, and contemplation. Thus, house number 7 address is a sacred place for philosophers, occultists, and readers.

Anyone whose interests are related to spiritual subjects is welcomed in a 7 home. 7 house address attracts mystical, intellectual, philosophical, and imaginative due to its vibration. It is the best home for those who are the seekers of truth.

Most Suitable For

Spiritually, number 7 addresses are peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. If you are looking for an environment for study purposes, personal development, and spiritual orientation, this is a home for you. Noise must be kept minimum under 7 vibration to not disturb peace.

Sometimes, sudden events can bring transformation to this house. Wishing wells, ponds, fountains, and pools enhance its serenity. House number 7 is an ideal place for rest, sleep, retreat, and quiet contemplation. Thus, it is a great home for life path number 2, 5, 6, 8.

Least Suitable For

In spirituality, a 7 home is perfect for a single person, not for families or couples. Those who enjoy traveling, activity, and movement should not choose this house to live in. Number 7 house will bring luck to your spirituality but not materiality.

7 can be considered an unlucky number for manifesting financial abundance. No parties should be held in this house.

The negative traits of 7 houses are social aloofness, pessimism, and aloneness. Therefore, if you have life path number 2, 5, 6, and 7 in numerology, this house address is inappropriate for you.

Is Number 7 Lucky or Unlucky?

Unfortunately, 7 is an unlucky house number. Like number 4, house number 7 will not bring luck and fortune to your finance, material success, and money.

Is 7 a Good House Number?

Yes, 7 is a good house number for readers, philosophers, thinkers, and metaphysicists. Number 7 is an ideal house for anyone who wants a quiet environment, retreats from the outside world, and is interested in esoteric pursuits.

Why is Number 7 Special?

House number 7 vibration increases education, introspection, and observation. 7 is special in the sense that it makes you look back to the past to learn from your experiences, thereby you gain wisdom and knowledge.

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